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Sam Reising & I Care if You Listen

Reising sklada neoklasiku te surađuje u jako dobrom blogu/ iPad magazinu I Care if You Listen.


Sweet Nothings  6′
Two harps, for two harps.
Commissioned by Kristine Sung
First Performance: Kristine Sung and Alix Raspé | Provincetown Playhouse, New York, NY | May 13, 2013

Outward Projections  7′
Horn and trumpet
Commissioned by Kate Amrine and Casey Cronan
First Performance: Kate Amrine and Casey Cronan | Provincetown Playhouse, New York, NY | May 1, 2013
Water-Lilies  3′
Voice and piano
Commissioned by Juliet Morris
Text from “Water-Lilies” by A. A. Milne
First Performance: Juliet Morris and Matt Entwistle | NYU Black Box Theatre, New York, NY | April 13, 2012

Return  6′
Seven percussionists
First Performance: NYU Percussion Ensemble | Frederick Loewe Theatre, New York, NY | October 27, 2011
Tel vir my die sterre  5′
Voice and four electric guitars
Text by Marié Botha
Beneath My Feet  4′
Marimba, four hands

Circumventing the Reducing Valve  6′
Flute, clarinet in Bb, violin, cello, piano
Commissioned by Fear No Music
First Performance: Fear No Music | Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR | April 2010

The Diving Bell  3′
Violin, viola, cello, percussion, piano
Commissioned by Fear No Music
First Performance: Fear No Music | Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR | April 2009

La Vie de Madame Souris  5′
Oboe, bassoon, violin, contrabass, percussion, piano
Commissioned by Fear No Music
First Peformance: Fear No Music | Lewis & Clark College, Porltand, OR | April 2008


She Doesn’t Know  6′
Commissioned by Midori Samson
First Performance: Midori Samson | NYU Steinhardt, New York, NY | April 28, 2013

When You Are Old  5′
Voice and Max/MSP
Text from “When You Are Old” by W. B. Yeats
First Performance: Bernadette Bizer | Divus Prager Kabarett, Prague, Czech Republic | December 5, 2012
Dear To Us  5′
First Performance: Alice Tsui | NYU Steinhardt, New York, NY | April 28, 2013
When We Were Very Young  4′
First Performance: Connor Dionne | World Forestry Center’s Miller Hall, Portland, OR | May 19, 2012
The Quarrel  10′
Double bass
Commissioned by Pat Swoboda
First Performance: Pat Swoboda | Provincetown Playhouse, New York, NY | April 26, 2012

Stage  5′
Amplified cello with pre-recorded cello and electronics


Sur le Vent  3′
3 fl+pic, 2 ob, 3 cl+bcl, 3 bsn+cbsn, 4 hn, 2 tpt,3 tb+btb, 1 tuba, perc, hp, strings


The Mirror  3′
Text from “The Mirror” by A. A. Milne
First Performance: Grant High School Royal Blues | Grant High School, Portland, OR | May 22, 2012


The Crooked  9′
Piano, 2 violin, violoncello
Commissioned by the Youth Movement Collective (YoMoCo)
First Performance: YoMoCo | Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theatre,  New York, NY | May 30, 2012 

Sam Reising is a composer based in New York City and Portland, OR. He is currently studying music theory and composition at New York University and has studied composition with Mary Wright, David Spear, Luboš Mrkvička, and Ezequiel Viñao. Sam’s music has been performed by Fear No Music, the Youth Movement Collective, Cascadia Composers, the NYU Percussion Ensemble, NYU First Stages, NYU Mix Nouveau, and the Grant High School Royal Blues.

Bottled Lightning (2013)
Short film directed by Joshua Levy.
Art Works (2012)
Short film directed by Hila Perry.
A Requiem (2012)
Short film directed by Aaron Kodz.
Irreversible (2012)
Short film directed by David Levinson.
The Roommate (2012)
Short film directed by Michael Keller.
The Toad (2012)
Short film directed by Lili Teplán.
Gogo (2011)
Short animated film directed by Javier Valdez.
Spooks (2011)
Feature film directed by Michael Keller.
Clonehunter (2009)
Feature film directed by Andrew Bellware.
Quantum Age (2009)
Short film directed by Michael Keller.
Harpazo (2008)
Short film directed by James Burns.
Red Gold (2013)
Short film directed by Michael Keller.
Spooks (2011)
Feature film directed by Michael Keller.
A Joker’s Card (2008)
Winning submission in Film Scoring at the 2008 Indie Gathering.
Trailer scored specifically for the 2008 Indie Gathering. Sam did not score the official trailer for the film.

Created in December 2010 by Thomas Deneuville, NY-based French composer, I CARE IF YOU LISTEN was born from the desire to talk about Contemporary Classical Music, or New Music, in lay terms. Other interdisciplinary topics include Art and Technology.

The title is a reference to a famous article by American composer Milton Babbittpublished in 1958 in High Fidelity. Although this article is seen as the epitome of academic/serialist snobbery, its title was not the one that Babbitt intended (it was changed without his knowledge or consent before publication). The title of this blog is not directed at Mr. Babbitt, but more at the creative forces out there that tend to look down on their audience…


This week: concerts in New York (July 1 – July 7, 2013)

Glass Farm Ensemble presents Dolce Tormento

Frederic Rzewski
Frederic Rzewski
The Glass Farm Ensemble presents compositions by Michael Jarrell, Paula Matthusen, Frederic Rzewski, Alfred Simmerlin. Performed by Margaret Lancaster, flute; Eileen Mack, clarinet; Bill Trigg, percussion; and Yvonne Troxler, piano.
Monday, July 1 at 7:30 PM
Tickets $20; Members, Seniors, Students, Children $15
Leonard Nimoy Thalia at Symphony Space, 2537 Broadway New York, NY
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You, My Mother: The Chamber Opera Project | River To River Festival

Yarn/Wire teams up with Theatre of a Two-Headed Calf for a short reprise run of You, My Mother: The Chamber Opera Project. These 2 one-act operas are elusive investigations into the ever-shifting relationships between mothers and their adult children.
Tuesday, July 2 at 8:30 PM and Wednesday, July 3 at 3 PM
Free (RSVP Required)
Pier 17 at South Street Seaport, New York, NY
..:: Website

Maja S. K. Ratkje | Ex-Situ Series Concert

Maja S. Ratkje - Photo by Maarit Kytöharju
Maja S. Ratkje – Photo by Maarit Kytöharju
Maja S.K. Ratkje gives a quadrophonic mix of voices in site-specific sets. She improvises with the acoustics in the room using her own voice as a sound source. With the help of samplers and live electronics, she creates unique soundscapes for each set. Concerts in found spaces with acoustical design by Dave Rife. Architectural Consultant Peter Zuspan.
Sunday, July 7 at 5 PM
Cannon’s Walk, South Street Seaport, New York, NY
..:: Website

Murmuration | Rétes

Classically-based Improvisation with influences ranging from Handel to Hole. Murmuration is: Eric Coyne on cello/piano, Russell Kotcher on violin/piano and Andrew Marsh on vocals/piano. In live performance, lyrics are either fully improvised, based around previously selected material or texts taken on the spot from the audience (books, journals, a few brave cell phones). The selections provided here are all Completely Improvised (often with no prior plan) except for Balance Act, which is the band’s first effort at group composition in collaboration with Mark Zelesky on Saxophone. Quintet features Kate Porter on cello and Rosie Langabeer on accordion. Septet features Misha Marks on accordion, Joshua Machiz on double bass, Chad Brown on percussion, and Rosie Langabeer on spoons.
Sunday, July 7 at 7 PM
Tickets $15
Spectrum, 121 Ludlow Street, Second Floor, New York, NY
..:: Website

This week: concerts in New York (June 24 – June 30, 2013)

Surprising Roles | Music With A View

Matt Siffert
Matt Siffert
Will be moderated by James Moore and features music by Matt Siffert and Pat Muchmore.
Tuesday, June 25 at 7 PM
The Flea Theater, 41 White St, New York, NY
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TILT Brass presents TILT 10: An Anniversary Celebration

To celebrate, the group is presenting TILT 10, a multi-venue Festival of events throughout the month of June 2013. The June 27 Roulette event is the Festival’s flagship concert. In addition to works from TILT’s repertoire, this program includes the world premiere of 5 commissioned works by local and international composers. This extraordinary evening of new brass music is being performed by 3 different instrumental combinations: TILT Brass Sextet, the founding 10-piece ensemble TILT Creative Brass Band, and a new group, TILT Zug Septet.
Thursday, June 27 at 7 PM
General Admission $15, Members/Students/Seniors $10
Roulette, 509 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
..:: Website

Belief: Religion Optional | Music With A View

Will be moderated by Martha Mooke and features music by Paul Pinto and Jeremiah Lockwood/The Sway Machinery.
Friday, June 28 at 7 PM
The Flea Theater, 41 White St, New York, NY
..:: Website

Ecstatic Summer

This year’s Ecstatic Summer event, organized by New Amsterdam Presents in association with Kaufman Music Center, features two full sets of newly commissioned, collaboratively-based music; one for brass and the other for percussion. Part concert and part “happening,” the two sets will be completely acoustic, site-specific events, designed specifically to fill the stunning waterfront plaza of Brookfield Place with over a dozen musicians involved in each set. Composers include Greg Saunier (Deerhoof), Dave Douglas, Susie Ibarra, Seth Olinsky (Akron/Family), with others to be announced, while the ensembles include a mix of musicians from different musical worlds, including members of groups such as Bon Iver, Mantra Percussion, the National, yMusic, Plastic Ono Band, and many more.
Saturday, June 29 at 7 PM
Brookfield Place Plaza, 220 Vesey St., NYC.
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[


This week: concerts in New York (June 17 – June 23, 2013)

Ordinary Objects, Extraordinary Music | Music With A View

Hans Tammen - Photo by Ashok Mehta
Hans Tammen – Photo by Ashok Mehta
Will be moderated by Robert Schwimmer and features music by Joshua Fried/Hans Tammen and Judy Dunaway.
Monday, June 17 at 7 PM
The Flea Theater, 41 White St, New York, NY
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The Ghost of Gesualdo: An Evening with Ensemble Amarcord | Chelsea Music Festival

Set in the General Theological Seminary’s resplendent chapel, this evening juxtaposes works from the enigmatic Renaissance madrigalist Gesualdo di Venosa and his contemporaries such as Marenzio and Verdelot. CMF 2013 Composers-in-Residence Edmund Finnis and Eric Nathan will also present World Premieres of their works inspired by Gesualdo, giving testimony to the legacy left by one of the most poetic and original composers of the late Renaissance.
Monday, June 17 at 7:30 PM
Tickets $35, $25 students and seniors
General Theological Seminary Chapel, 440 West 21st St, New York, NY
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New Music Showdown

The evening will feature original compositions by cellist Pat Muchmore, US premieres by Italian composers performed by Milan’s mdi ensemble, improvisation-heavy chamber music by Quiet City, an electrifying set by Elevator Rose, a two-man political opera by thingNY, and new works by the dynamic ensemble Iktus Percussion.
Monday, June 17 at 8 PM
Tickets $10
JACK, 505 1/2 Waverly Ave., Brooklyn, NY
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[


This week: concerts in New York (June 10 – June 16, 2013)

ePhemera | Unplay Festival

Conrad Tao - Photo by Elizabeth Farmer
Conrad Tao – Photo by Elizabeth Farmer
ePhemera is devoted to electroacoustic music that not only exists within the present but actively operates within some more transient, ephemeral framework. Music by Conrad Tao, Tristan Perich, Sideband, Todd Reynolds, and more.
Tuesday, June 11 at 8 PM
$25 Three-night festival pass, $10 single admission
The powerHouse Arena, 37 Main St Brooklyn, NY
..:: Website

REPlay | Unplay Festival

REPlay is, as its title suggests, a RE-playing of “familiar” works, spanning centuries. Music by Julia Wolfe, Steve Reich, Olivier Messiaen, John Adams and more performed by Face The Music, Sriracha, Conrad Tao, and IKTUS.
Wednesday, June 12 at 8 PM
$25 Three-night festival pass, $10 single admission
The powerHouse Arena, 37 Main St Brooklyn, NY
..:: Website

Hi/r/stories | Unplay Festival

Hi/r/stories is about directly engaging with history. If ePhemera and REPlay both explore alternatives to specific narratives in “classical” music, Hi/r/stories is centered around narrative itself. Music by Frederic Rzewski, Iannis Xenakis, Paul Pinto, and more, performed by ThingNY, Face The Music Pannonia Quartet, and IKTUS.
Thursday, June 13 at 8 PM
$25 Three-night festival pass, $10 single admission
The powerHouse Arena, 37 Main St Brooklyn, NY
..:: Website

Indexed | TIGUE

Elliot Cole – Tigue Trio – HANUMAN'S LEAP @ JACK theater 6/13/13
INDEXED opens with Brooklyn’s ObTuse AbsurdiTies, the solo project of Dennis Sullivan in which he puts forth a nonpareil product rooted in the intersection of music, theater, and analog electronics. Sullivan will perform a selection of works from Alexander Schubert, Georges Aperghis and Vinko Globokar with intent to create a product devoid of genre classification that will appeal to all ears. Elliot Cole will close the night with his project HANUMAN’S LEAP, an experiment in traditional epic storytelling through Cole’s unique melding of Hip Hop, Reggae and Art Rock. Along with members of TIGUE, Cole retells a story from the Ramayana about a monkey’s jump from India to Sri Lanka.
Thursday, June 13 at 8 PM
Tickets $10
JACK, 505 1/2 Waverly Ave., Brooklyn, NY
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[


This week: concerts in New York (June 3 – June 9, 2013)

Guy Barash

Guy Barash | Rehearsal at Carroll Studios | Hang #6
Composer Guy Barash brings his new works to Turtle Bay Music School for a free concert as an Exploring the Metropolis Con Edison Composer-in-Residence. In addition to the world premiere of his first string quartet and a piece for piano and electronics, Barash will present excerpts from his evolving opera Alice Invents a Little Game and Alice Always Wins, based on the play by Nick Flynn.
Tuesday, June 4 at 7:30 PM
Turtle Bay Music School, 244 E. 52nd Street, New York, NY
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Reinaldo Moya, Mark Thome, Matt Welch: New Opera

Three new operas are showcased in excerpts: Generalissimo by Reinaldo Moya, She: An Opera of Adventure by Mark Thome, and The Three Truths by Matthew Welch. Concert presentations of scenes from these three operas will feature Ensemble 20-21, the Lost Dog New Music Ensemble, and the extraordinary singers Blake Friedman, Mary Mackenkzie, Solange Merdinian, Nicole Pantos, Anne Rhodes, Douglas Williams and many others.
Tuesday, June 4 at 7:30 PM
Tickets $10 advance, $15 day of show
Leonard Nimoy Thalia at Symphony Space, 2537 Broadway New York, NY
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Corps Exquis | Daniel Wohl & Transit New Music

Daniel Wohl
Daniel Wohl
Electroacoustic composer Daniel Wohl’s project Corps Exquis incorporates electronics, chamber music performance and video art to create an immersive multimedia experience. Performed by the chamber ensemble TRANSIT with Wohl on electronics, each piece is accompanied by a video created specifically for it by some of New York’s brightest young visual artists: Antoine Catala, Alexis Gambis, Satan’s Pearl Horses, Andrew Steinmetz & Teddy Stern, Brina Thurston, and Yui Kugimiya. Inspired by the “exquisite corpse” parlor game popular in Surrealist circles in 1920s Paris through which a group of artists creates a single piece of art, the visuals blend together disparate aesthetics to create a surprising body of work. See a video preview of Corpus, taken from Corps Exquis.
Tuesday, June 4 at 8 PM
Tickets $15, $10 members/students/seniors
Roulette, 509 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY
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Back in the early nineties there was not much to do on weekends for a teenage boy growing up in Tahiti. Thomas Deneuville got bored of skateboarding or picking ripe mangoes and decided to borrow a friend’s electric guitar in order to teach himself the intro riff of AC/DC’s Hells Bells. Two years later he was studying classical violin and music theory at a local music school in his native Provence and composing his first pieces.
Thomas’s former teachers include Shafer Mahoney, Eric Tanguy and Tristan Murail (composition), Franco Corelli (voice), and Geoffrey Burleson (piano).

Current Contributors

» Lauren’s articles
Soprano Lauren Alfano was a 2010-11 Resident Artist with the Underworld Productions Opera Ensemble and sings with Satori Opera, New York Opera Studio, New York Lyric Opera Theatre, and the Opera Company of Brooklyn. A proponent of new music, she premieres works by composers from the U.S., Europe, and Russia and was featured at the 2011 “Music With a View” Festival in NYC. Ms. Alfano recently made her Carnegie debut with the Remarkable Theater Brigade’s Opera Shorts performance in three contemporary chamber operas and will join members of the early music ensemble, ARTEK to perform Alessandro Scarlatti’s Stabat Mater this spring.
» Richard’s articlesRichard Barnard studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and Birmingham University. He curates the Elektrostatic new music series and is a guest composition lecturer at Bristol University. Recent commissions include a dance score for National Dance Company Wales and a full-length opera for Welsh National Opera. Richard designs and leads education projects with major international musicians including Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Eighth Blackbird and London Sinfonietta. 
Steven Berryman
» Steven’s articles
Steven Berryman is a composer and teacher working and living in London. He is currently completing his PhD in Composition at Cardiff University (2011). After being awarded a first-class honours degree in Music and the John Morgan Lloyd Scholarship Award from Cardiff University his studies continued at Royal Holloway (London). Steven is very passionate about music education. He has taught since 2004 and is currently the Assistant Director of Music at North London Collegiate School and teaches composition and supporting studies at the Junior Department of the Royal Academy of Music. 
Eli Blumm
» Elias’ articles
A native New Yorker, Elias Blumm’s earliest musical memories involve dancing in footed pajamas to Buddy Holly LPs in his parents’ living room. A deeply personal and self-guided relationship with music has led more recently to a tangible journey towards attaining his B.M. from Hunter College. A student of classical guitar, Eli’s keen interest in history and wonderment in the face of music’s greatest masters drive his curiosity to seek out the artists and performers who might be making history today, right down the street. 
Anya-Brodrick» Anya’s articlesAnya Brodrick is a recent graduate from the GSLIS program at Simmons College in Boston, MA. When not shelving books, Anya dreams of being an orchestral librarian and playing the horn once more. She earned a B.A. in horn performance and English literature from the University of Vermont. She is excited and honored to be a Tanglewood Fellow this summer. 

» Evan’s articles
Evan Burke is a bassist and composer living in Brooklyn. Born into a musical family, Evan has been writing and performing music in New York since an early age, from performing at the Amato Opera as a child, to touring with prog-rock and doom-metal bands as a teenager, to scoring independent films and video games today. 

» Don’s articles
Don Clark enjoys both new and traditional classical music with a layman’s passion tinged with a solid education and an open ear. While a student of Labor Relations at the University of Illinois-Urbana, Don also studied music history with noted professors Alexander Ringer, Soulima Stravinsky and Bruno Nettl. Based in Kansas City, MO, he performs regularly as tenor solo and with community choral groups. Since 2005 Don hasblogged concert reviews and writes a column for the Kansas City Symphony website. 
Thea Derks - credit Christine Kempenaar
» Thea’s articles
Thea Derks studied English at Groningen University, and musicology at Amsterdam University. She graduated with honours in 1996 with the thesis Between Diapers and Dishes, on the question why music ensembles founded by women get less attention and opportunities than those started by men. She was singer/songwriter of the new-wave group Tess, gradually developing an interest in contemporary classical music. She lectured on modern music in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw from 2003-2012, gives pre-concert talks throughout the Netherlands, and is a reporter for Radio 4. Presentely she’s writing a biography on Reinbert de Leeuw, due for publication in 2013. 
» Arlene & Larry’s articles
Arlene and Larry Dunn bring a unique audience perspective to their writings as pure amateurs of contemporary music. They are avid followers of many ensembles, performers, and composers. They live in rural northern Indiana and spend their time gardening, traveling to arts events, and pursuing a life-long commitment to social justice activism. Arlene and Larry are frequent contributors to the International Contemporary Ensemble blog. Their personal blog is Acornometrics
» Daniel’s articlesAfter spending the last six years living between Poland, South East Asia and the UK, Daniel Emmerson has currently settled in London, where he juggles documentary filmmaking and music journalism with a day job in the City. A published novelist, he predominantly writes for TinyMixTapes, a website that liberates his unleashed passion for music in covering a range of artists, while working on his next book. Daniel’s major interests extend from an MA in International Relations, which he completed at the University of Wroclaw (2011), and a BA in Media Arts, where he studied sound art and composition under John Matthias at The University of Plymouth (2006). 
Daniel Garrick
» Daniel’s articles
Daniel Garrick is an emerging composer, active performer, writer and creative thinker; working and performing with a variety of different artists from the concert stage to the production studio. Born outside of Savannah, Georgia in 1988, Daniel was raised in Long Island, New York and attended Westminster Choir College of Rider University in Princeton, NJ. He now resides in Jersey City and works at Boosey & Hawkes publishing company in New York. 

» Christian’s articles
Christian Gentry, an Arizona native, writes music for a variety of instrumentation and genres including orchestra, choir, art song, chamber music, film, theater and electroacoustic music. As a music theorist his research centers on the music of György Kurtág, having recently completed his dissertation on selections from Kafka-Fragmente. He holds degrees from Brandeis University, University of Louisville, and University of Utah. He resides in Somerville, MA with his wife Laci, son Berkeley and dog McDuff. 
George Heathco
» George’s articles
George Heathco is a composer, electric guitarist, collaborator, and teacher that lives in Houston, Tx with his wife and daughter. In 2011, he received an M.M. in composition from the University of Houston, where he studied with Rob Smith and Robert Nelson. Mr. Heathco has composed music for Da Camera of Houston, Divergence Vocal Theater, and Scordatura Music Society. His compositions span a wide variety of genres and styles, and often pull from jazz, heavy metal, and Asian influences. 
Aaron Holloway-Nahum
» Aaron’s articles
Aaron Holloway-Nahum (b.1983) is an American born composer currently based in London. Upcoming projects includeThe Deeper Breath to Follow, for the BBC Symphony Orchestra;How to Avoid Huge Ships, for New Dots; and Every Riven Thing,for the English Song Project at Aldeburgh. In addition to composition, Aaron is an experienced conductor of contemporary music, having given more than two-dozen premieres in London and is currently Artistic Director of The Riot Ensemble
Sasha Jones
» Sasha’s articles
Sasha Jones, born and raised in Los Angeles, is a freelance writer and editor. As a Comparative Literature major at Oberlin College, she wrote for and edited a long-form journalism and creative nonfiction magazine, hosted a country, folk and blues radio program for three years, and researched experimental music notation. She has also written for GOOD magazine. Currently, she is based in Brooklyn, NY. More of her work can be found at www.cargocollective.com/sashajones.
Marina Kifferstein
» Marina’s articles
Violinist Marina Kifferstein is pursuing a Masters degree in contemporary performance at the Manhattan School of Music with Curtis Macomber and Laurie Smukler. She has performed across the globe with organizations such as Bang on a Can and the Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra with Pierre Boulez. She currently plays with the Nouveau Classical Project, Tactus Ensemble, and other ensembles. Marina holds dual degrees in Violin Performance and Creative Writing from Oberlin College and Conservatory, where she studied with Milan Vitek.
Adrianne Koteen
» Adrianne’s articles
Adrianne Koteen is a New York City based artist and educator whose interests lie in photography, music, cooperative art, technology, and new educational models for cross-cultural dialogue, storytelling, and civic engagement. Adrianne holds a MA in Arts Politics from Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, and a BA in Visual Arts and African American Studies from Oberlin College. Her experience includes working as a program director, editor and curator with several San Francisco Bay Area based non-profit organizations, as well as teaching her own digital photography and documentary storytelling workshops internationally. 
Daniel Kushner» Daniel’s articlesDaniel J. Kushner is a Buffalo-born arts journalist and music critic whose work has been featured in such publications asOpera News, NewMusicBox, The Huffington Post, Symphony, and The Buffalo News. Daniel’s writings often focus on the contemporary classical music scene, as well as non-classical music and visual art.  He trained as a tenor during his undergraduate studies, and he completed his M.A. at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.  Daniel is also an opera librettist,  having co-created The Fox and the Pomegranate­—a new allegory, in two acts, about the multifaceted nature of love and the ambiguities of infidelity–with Brooklyn-based composer Matt Frey.  The opera will be featured at Fort Worth Opera in May 2013 as part of its inaugural Frontiers showcase. 
Joanne-Lam» Joanne’s articlesJoanne Lam is a 23 year old Canadian born in Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver. She graduated from McGill University in May 2011 with an undergraduate degree in Cultural and Communication Studies, and subsequently went on to study digital media for one year in Sweden. She is particularly keen on exploring the intersection between sound, cultural undercurrents and storytelling which, in essence, is why music appeals to her on so many different levels. Joanne is also an artist and a classically trained musician with an unhealthy bias towards the cello, though she secretly wishes that she was badass enough to play the double bass. 
Chris Ledwidge» Chris’ articlesChris Ledwidge is a guitarist, teacher and broadcaster living and working in Dublin, Ireland. Chris writes about new and emerging artists across contemporary classical, alternative and electronic genres. As well as writing for several websites, he also broadcasts on Arts programmes for Phoenix-FM, a station based in Dublin 15. Chris is a composer and a student of the Leinster school of music. In his own music, Chris merges contemporary classical, alt-folk, ambient, and rock sounds. 
R. Andrew Lee
» Andrew’s articles
Dr. R. Andrew Lee is an avid performer of minimalist and postminimalist piano music and is actively involved in the research of these genres. Based in Denver, he teaches at Regis University and records for Irritable Hedgehog Music. Lee received his DMA in Piano Performance from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and was most recently Artist-in-Residence at Avila University. Watch his growing collection of videos on YouTube
» Matt’s articles
Matt Mendez is a graduate of Harvard University, where he studied music and musicology. He also has masters degrees from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama and the University of Edinburgh. Matt is a musicologist, with articles on John Cage, Joseph Beuys, and Julius Eastman forthcoming. He is likewise active as a critic and occasional program note annotator. Visit Matt’s personal blog at http://soundproofedblog.blogspot.com.

» Paul’s articles
H. Paul Moon is a filmmaker based in Washington, D.C. Under the moniker Zen Violence Films, he profiles performing and visual artists who span boundaries from classical arts to new media technologies. He also creates experimental films in the tradition of wordless environmental cinema. Moon’s award-winning films range from the experimental short El Toro, to the documentary R. Luke DuBois: Running Out of Time. He has created lyrical short films with composers Jordan Kuspa and DuBois, and is currently finishing a feature-length documentary about Samuel Barber.

» David’s articles
David Pearson is a saxophonist residing in NYC. As a performer, his focus is on modern and contemporary classical music, with an insistence that musical innovation and technique be combined with emotional impact and communication with the audience. He is currently pursuing a PhD in musicology at CUNY Graduate Center and holds an MA in music history and performance and a B. Mus. from Hunter College. Outside of the (often insulated) world of academia and classical music, David can be seen performing with hardcore-punk and afro-beat bands and other sounds that get people moving and thinking.
Xenia Pestova
» Xenia’s articles
Pianist Xenia Pestova has appeared at festivals including Archipel (Geneva), Musica (Strasbourg), Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival, Rainy Days (Luxembourg), Royaumont (France), Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music (Belfast) and Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts (Minneapolis). She has a duo with Amsterdam-based pianist Pascal Meyer, widely praised in the international press for their recent recording of Stockhausen’s “Mantra” for Naxos Records. She is currently the Head of Performance at the Bangor University School of Music in North Wales. (Portrait credit: Veronika von Volkova) 

» Neil’s articles
Neil Prufer is a composer and pianist living in New York City, where he was born and raised. After graduating from New York University in 2000 with a BA in music theory and history, he got quite sidetracked with a career in medicine, which still takes up much of his time. He has also studied briefly at Berklee in Boston and at Juilliard in New York. He is currently studying composition under Preston Stahly.
Sam Reising
» Sam’s articles
Passionate about writing music for both the concert hall and film, Sam Reising finds his time divided equally between the two. He collaborates frequently with NYC based directors and musicians and has a style deeply influenced by both film and concert music. Sam’s music has been performed by Fear No Music, the NYU Percussion Ensemble, the NYU Players Club, and the Grant High School Royal Blues. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in music composition at New York University. 
Justin Rito
» Justin’s articles
Justin Rito grew up in suburban Detroit, which is as vapid a place as the name suggests. He recently graduated from Central Michigan University where he studied composition with David Gillingham and Jay Batzner and founded the Contemporary Music Ensemble. Justin also recently founded a chamber duo called “oldNews,” which will begin performing in the spring of 2013. In whatever free time he can find, Justin enjoys running around his home of London, Ontario, reading anything by Kurt Vonnegut, and drinking any beer made by Founders. 
Caitlin Smith
» Caitlin’s articles
Caitlin Smith is a Canadian composer living in Vienna. After completing a BMus in Jazz Studies from Humber College in Toronto, she studied composition in New York on a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts. Since 2005, she has led the 20-piece Tiny Alligator Large Band in Toronto, composing, conducting and producing concerts. She has served as a producer on several jazz orchestra albums (Darcy Argue, Daniel Jamieson). In 2012, she was in residence at the Banff Centre for the Arts and the MacDowell Artist Colony. 
Andrew Tham
» Andrew’s articles
Andrew Tham is a composer and blogger currently living in Chicago. A recent Music and English double major from Cornell College, he spends most of his time between the new music and literary scenes of the city. He works for Access Contemporary Music, a nonprofit dedicated to serving composers and music education. He also writes for the blog An Ear Alone.

» Kelsey’s articles
Kelsey Walsh is a native of Pescadero, CA, who currently resides in San Francisco. She holds a degree in piano performance from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where she spent time as a co-director of the school’s second annual Hot Air Music Festival. Kelsey has had a passion for new music since she first encountered Henry Cowell’s piano music the summer she turned 13, and is currently keyboardist and co-director of the After Everything ensemble (AfterEverything.com). 

» Matt’s articles
Matt Weber, born in 1981 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, started composing in the year 2000 while a student at Simon’s Rock College of Bard with Professor Laurence Wallach. After transferring to Brown University, he became involved in the student-run Original Music Group there. He wrote many pieces for OMG’s concerts and eventually became OMG president. Despite majoring in two fields unrelated to music, Matt took many music classes, including counterpoint, orchestration, and modern music history with composition professor Gerald Shapiro. When Matt graduated, he became the only non-music major ever to earn the Brown Music Department’s Ron Nelson Award for Excellence in Composition. Later, during the 2006-7 academic year, he studied composition with David Del Tredici at City College of New York. Then, Matt enrolled in a Master’s program in Composition at Hunter College, which he completed in the spring of 2010. His composition teachers there were Shafer Mahoney (classical) and Ryan Keberle (jazz). Listen to his music at www.mattwebermusic.com.

» Dana’s articles
Seattle-based pianist and software engineer Dana Wen writes about music, technology, and everything in between. Dana graduated from the University of Washington in 2008 with degrees in piano and computer science. Her work as a software engineer includes stints at Zillow.com and Medio Systems. She currently performs and teaches classical piano in the Seattle area. Dana also plays toy piano with Toy-Box Trio, performing new classical music with a whimsical twist. She is a regular contributor to Seattle news and culture blog The SunBreak, where she writes about new music and emerging artists. 

» Rob’s articles
Rob Wendt completed his Master’s degree in Music Education at Hunter College and his Bachelor’s degree in English Literature at Columbia University. He studies piano with Geoffrey Burleson and has performed classical piano repertoire at various NYC venues. Mr. Wendt has enjoyed working as a collaborative pianist with vocalists as well as chamber musicians, and is accompanist for the Hunter College evening choir. He has composed settings of modern poetry and works for orchestra and solo piano. 
Forrest Wu
» Forrest’s articles
Forrest Wu works behind the scenes at the International Contemporary Ensemble in Brooklyn. He got a Bachelor’s in viola at Indiana, where he also made a living as an excellent barista. Forrest has written for InDigest magazine and blogged for (le) Poisson Rouge, where he also works will call. He now lives caffeine-free and has a virtual pet called Howard. 
Sam Zelitch
» Sam’s articles
Sam Zelitch is a writer and a performer out of Chicago, Ill. He has written for The A.V. Club and The Wall (the OFFICIAL newspaper of North Andover High School [in North Andover, Massachusetts]). 

Past and Guest Contributors

» Jeremy’s articles
For Jeremy Howard Beck, writing music is an integral, urgent part of a life lived in search of extremes, adventures, and adrenaline––lifelong passions for roller coasters and gymnastics have lent his music intense, visceral physicality and emotional immediacy. His music has been performed across the country: at MYTHOS, a concert benefiting Education Through Music-Los Angeles (California); the Bang on a Can Summer Festival at MASSMoCA (Massachusetts); the International Trombone Festival (Austin, Texas); the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival (Connecticut); and New York venues The Cell, Galapagos Art Space, The Tank, and the Gershwin Hotel. He is the recipient of a 2011 ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Award, and his first symphony, Metropolis, was awarded Honorable Mention in the 2010 ASCAP/CBDNA Frederick Fennell Prize competition. Jeremy holds degrees from The Juilliard School (MM, ’10), where he studied with John Corigliano and Christopher Rouse, and NYU (BM, ’07), where he studied with Mark Adamo and Deniz Hughes. 
Elizabeth Kennedy Bayer» Elizabeth’s articlesElizabeth Kennedy Bayer resides in Phoenix, AZ. She received her Masters in Composition from ASU where she studied with Rodney Rogers, Roshanne Etezady, and Glenn Hackbarth. Elizabeth’s works have been heard around the greater Phoenix area at the Phoenix Art Museum, the Desert Botanical Gardens, Jivemind Co-operative Music Labs, and The Trunk Space. Her music has been performed at the Cortona Sessions for New Music, the 2010 and 2011 highSCORE festivals, soundSCAPE Festival, Oregon Bach Festival Composer’s Symposium, Dischord Festival, and the Bang on a Can Summer Festival. Several of her works have been heard on WHUS 97.1 FM’s show Pushing the Envelope. Elizabeth is the winner of the AZ Centennial Composer Competition (Judges’ Award) and the 2009 winner of the Cambridge Chamber Singers’ Annual Choral Composition Competition.
Elizabeth enjoys drinking coffee, running the podcast Train Wreck in Progress, and writing for The Spec, a pop music blog based in Phoenix. Elizabeth’s current projects include a chamber opera narrated by a drag queen and scoring/songwriting for a film about a pop duo who earn money through drug trials. 
Danny Clay
» Danny’s articles
Danny Clay is a composer and general noise-maker from Ohio, drawing upon elements of Americana, genealogy, art education, children’s theater, digital media and everything in between to make music (and sometimes other odds and ends) for himself and the people around him, whether it be writing for the concert hall, recording tunes in his basement, or collaborating with other artists – young and old alike.
David Dies
» David’s Articles
David Dies’s chamber opera, Hills Like White Elephants, adapted from the short story by Ernest Hemingway, is part of several times this fall by the group, Anaphora, in Chicago and nearby areas. His bassoon concerto will be performed by seven first-rate bassoonists throughout the country during the 2013-2014 season. His solo CD, agevolmente, was released in June 2011 on the Albany label. He is a composer, music theorist and educator currently living in Wisconsin. 
Evan Flath
» Evan’s articles
Evan Flath is a Brooklyn-based guitarist who plays mostly folk and rock music. His exposure to contemporary classical music comes by way of composers like Steve Reich and Glen Branca, who have made heavy use of the electric guitar and have both influenced, and been influenced by, popular music. 

» David’s articles
An award-winning composer, David Gottlieb has collaborated with some of the leading artists of our time, including classical guitarist David Tanenbaum, the avant-garde group sfSound, Chicago’s 5th House Ensemble, and the San Francisco Chamber Orchestra. In addition, David has been a champion of fresh contemporary chamber music, being commissioned by multiple young ensembles in the Bay Area and forming a composer collective, @SFNewMusic, of which he is a founding member and artistic director. 
Jay Greenberg
» Jay’s articles
Jay Greenberg is a composer currently residing in New York City. Unfairly tarred with the “child prodigy” brush at an early age, Jay managed to overcome this in time to develop an actual career. One can find Jay’s music at G. Schirmer in printed form and at Spotify, last.fm and instantencore as audio. When not composing, Jay listens to music. A lot of music. Jay probably has more music than you. It’s kinda scary sometimes.

» Paul’s articles
Paul Kilbey writes on music. His obsession with contemporary music began when at Cambridge Unversity, partly as a reaction against a slightly conservative music course, and he hasn’t looked back since then. Now based in London, Paul covers a wide range of events in and around contemporary music for sites including Culture Wars, Huffington Post UK and Bachtrack. He has also written for the Independent and Guardian newspapers. Paul’s enthusiasm for new music comes despite little personal interest in either performance or composition, and he writes in the belief that there might be other people like that too. 
» Tai’s articlesBorn and raised in Texas, Tai Livingston graduated from Cameron University with a Bachelor’s in Music Education in 2004, where he studied composition under Michelle Coletta, Elaine Ross, and Greg Hoepfner. In 2005 he began graduate studies at the University of Texas, where he studied with Donald Grantham, Yevgeniy Sharlat, and Russel Pinkston. 

» Neal’s articles
Neal Markowski is a composer and semi-proficient multi-instrumentalist currently living in Boston, pursuing a Bachelor’s in composition at New England Conservatory. His works involve a lot of tape, electric guitars, computers and power tools. He’s worked closely with composers such as Ikue Mori (with the Callithumpian Consort) and Alvin Lucier. When not doing all of this, you can find him playing in Korean Jeans, Boston’s finest drum/guitar/electronics/tuba duo. 
Will Roane
» Will’s articles
Will Roane loves media, and he loves you too. He conducts numerous video, photo, and social media-based experiments, including a crossmedia/crossplatform project titled “#springbreak2009,” and a blog series under the working title Their Greatest Hits. Roane, who grew up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is also working on a series of documentaries concerning contemporary American culture, a film short titled *GR8*, and a feature-length comedic ‘backstage musical’ film titled O.K. 

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