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Anworth Kirk - Shacklecross (2012)

Spuki zvukovni kolaži prizivaju psihoritualnu priču o 12 bogova omotanih VHS-kasetnim trakama koju možete čuti samo na starom, štakorima izgriženom vještičjem parafonografu.

Anworth Kirk (a.k.a. Andy Votel) is named after a location used in the Wicker Man film. And that gives you a good grounding in what this may sound like. Spooky witchy folk music slightly akin to the output of Broadcast and The Focus Group. They have releases on the label 'Pre-Cert Home Entertainment' on their own and alongside Demdike Stare. Anworth Kirk on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL.
Anworth Kirk casts a spellbinding sixth Pre-Cert edition with this mystic invocation of eldritch ritual music. Divining inspiration from myriad and disparate fake-loric sources - the Temperance movement, Egyptology, drug abuse, Early Freemasonry, Carnatic music, Oramics in Ardwick, Kommune Pop and Letterist actions, to name a few - our protagonist projects dank and discomforting electro-acoustic psych-scapes quite unlike anything already in circulation. Reclaimed fragments of degenerated 2nd class sound are dredged from silty memory banks, soaked in ether and draped across a skeletal framework of possessed percussions and concrète bridges, plotting a labyrinthine course through hallucinatory interzones seldom travelled by the sane of mind. Alchemical formulations of sampled textures catalyse noxious atmospheres; unheimlich apparitions bypass liminal dimensions making connections between Electric Smithsonian releases and primitive mechanical industry, muddying the waters of sonic fiction until it's too dense to make sense of anything. Parts of this disc are presented in both Stereo and Mono and it is to be played at 45rpm with a low gram stylus pressure. - boomkat

Blimey, I’ve just gone and listened to more than a side of this record before noticing that I’m playing it at the wrong speed! The creepy electro acoustic drone’n’clatter incantations on this LP do get even creepier when spun at 33rpm, but it’s meant to be on 45! Never mind that, though, because now I’ve got it going on the right speed it sounds bloody great. Lots of robotic synth whooshes and drones with dirty-sounding live percussion and various instruments poking their heads into the mix at certain points.
This is out on Pre-Cert, which is run by Demdike Stare and Andy Votel, and I’m definitely hearing elements of the Demdike Stare sound in what’s happening on this LP, composed largely of disorientating dark ambience with a real physical presence about it. Whether it’s boiling-kettle analogue tones or the madcap Eastern jumble of ‘Copious Opiates’, there’s something grimy and unsettling going on here.
Watery drips and metallic dinks rub up against semi-rhythmic squeaks, like a swing set still rocking in a deserted children’s playground in the middle of the night, but then there’s more astral, shimmering synthesiser tones, and towards the end of the second side (it’s somewhat hard to figure out which track since they all kind of run into one another but I think it’s ‘Follicular Ambrosia’) he pairs live drums and guitars with some creaking, bubbling ambience for a pretty intense passage which then drops down to quite minimal piano and guitar and scrapey weirdness.

There’s always an element of musicality here but with the exception of this end section and the aforementioned crazy Eastern passage on the first side it’s largely veiled by slow, creeping, ominous, electro acoustic ambient dreadscapes. Thoroughly impressive and evocative stuff throughout. - Norman Records

ANWORTH KIRK - Avonwaith image

Avonwaith 2011

Following Applehead's myth-spawning enigmas, the Demdike Stare/Finders Keepers-curated Pre-Cert axis present the second full length record by ambiguous entity, Anworth Kirk. 'Avonwaith' forms a cats cradle of recondite fake-loric references to Early Freemasonry, Egyptology, drug abuse and sound poetry, observing found fragments of sonic pulp fiction and draping them in a framework of non-musical elements such as basic magnetic communication, secular religion and primitive mechanical industry. The latent spirit of the region's long-doomed cotton industry hangs heavy in the air, convecting sideways whispers of corruption in pre-war local industry along the unlit canals and supertemporal aqueducts of cottonopolis used by exotic shellac traders and Letterist renegades. Guided by a perverted outsider belief system, this neo-realist collage of reclaimed folk/pop combines essential influences from Electric Smithsonian releases to basic Carnatic music, Oramics in Ardwick, Kommune pop groups and futen theatre, all with the alchemical innovation of J.P. Massiera or the dreamlike qualities of Zdenek Liska. We think you'll be spellbound and beguiled in equal measures. Parts of this disc are presented in both Stereo and Mono and it is to be played at 45RPM with a low gram stylus pressure. The first two releases on this label sold out in less than a week - hurry if you know what's good and right in the world. - boomkat

ANWORTH KIRK - Anworth Kirk image

Anworth Kirk 2010

First release on this new archival label loosely associated with Demdike Stare and the Finders Keepers crew* Pre-Cert Home Entertainment is a new imprint releasing limited vinyl artifacts of contemporary musical and non-musical material dredged from the collections of a number of hugely respected culture vultures in the north of England. Their obsessive tendencies are channeled into this debut release, a 22 minute collage of acousmatic oddities reclaimed from the ditches of VHS video culture, the dustiest corners of the record racks and places most folk won't allow themselves or their children to go. It's a tribute to the immersive and escapist effect of obscure and exotic film soundtracks and banks of library records, European fumetti and obscure sources which feed into their fabric and enhance their psychedelic potential. We can hear precedents for this aesthetic in the cutups of Position Normal and People Like Us or the surreal melodrama of V/Vm's Twin Peaks tribute 'There Was A Fish In the Percolator', but this particular side is more concerned with the noirish ambient hues, moods and textures which reflect the industrial landscape of its local history. The semi-fictitious protagonist Anworth Kirk melds influence from Letterist poetry to tape loops, found-sound and European folklore in a wonderfully uncertain and unpredictable manner, creating an esoteric narrative between the 12 segued tracks presented in two chapters. The vinyl plays at 45rpm - a nod to late period Indian horror soundtracks - and the artwork depicts a cryptic theme set to unravel and complicate in further episodes, including the forthcoming Samhain Slant Azimuth seasonal sound-collage mix. Limited to 500 copies - highly recommended. - boomkat

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