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Notebook Soundtrack Mix - Bernard Herrmann, Sleep Little Lush, Trespassers Will Be Eaten, Hyper Sleep


Izvrsni miksovi filmske muzike. 
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Notebook Soundtrack Mix #4: "Fragments of the Mirror: The Music of Bernard Herrmann"

This kaleidoscopic compilation of soundtracks by Bernard Herrmann scored for film, television and radio presents a feature-length overview of this incredibly unique composer's wide-ranging and distinctive style. Working with directors such as Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock and Martin Scorsese, during a career that spanned over forty years, Herrmann created scores of such innovative and emotional magnitude that notions of sound and music in cinema have never been the same. The breadth and scope of Herrmann's ingenious composing, arranging and orchestrating talent is on full display here, from the use of the theremin in The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951), to the all-string "black & white" sound for Psycho (1960), and the whistled main title of The Twisted Nerve (1968). Despite a well-charted, stormy history of personal and professional battles, Herrmann could work effortlessly in many musical idioms, seemingly without pause, whether it be within the Romanticism of Jane Eyre (1943) and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1946) (his own favorite of his film scores), or in an austere, serialist format for the chilling radio drama, The Moat Farm Murders (1944). Herrmann's music can at times be confused with sound effects, for instance with the crashing timpani during the erupting volcano climax of Mysterious Island (1961). In fact, he sought to fuse all of the sonorous elements of the soundtrack—voice, sound effects and music—into "…something that comes out of the screen and engulfs the whole audience…. The screen itself dictates musical forms."* I've loosely arranged this 80 minute mix into four sections that showcase a few, but hardly all, of the facets of this composer's visionary music.

*Herrmann quoted in E. W. Cameron's Sound and the Cinema: The Coming of Sound to American Film.
Part of our on-going series, Notebook Soundtrack Mixes.

Stream the mix below or download it hereTotal running time: 80 minutes.


1. North By Northwest (1959), "Overture" (0:00)
2. Taxi Driver (1975), "Thank God For the Rain" (2:15)
3. Taxi Driver (1975) "Assassination Attempt" (edit) (3:51)
4. The Three Worlds Of Gulliver (1960) "The Tightrope" (edit) (4:19)
5. The Night Digger (1971) "Scene Seven" (edit) (4:39)
6. Vertigo (1958) "Scotty Tails Madeline #2" (edit) (5:36)
7. Marnie (1964) "Obsessions: (edit) (6:11)
8. Cape Fear (1962) "After The Dream" (edit) (7:22)
9. Vertigo (1958) "The Letter" (edit) (8:21)
10. Psycho (1960) "Marion and Sam" (edit) (9:50)
11. 5 Fingers (1952) "Departure 1" (edit) (11:29)
12. The Wrong Man (1956) "Stork Club" (13:19)
13. North By Northwest (1959) "The Airport" (13:46)
14. Sisters (1972) "Clean-up, The Search" (edit) (14:43)
15. The Night Digger (1971) "Scene Three" (edit) (15:42)
16. Marnie (1965) "Morning After" (edit) (16:19)
17. The Twilight Zone (1960) "The Lonely" (edit) (17:28)
18. The Wrong Man (1957) "Police Van" (18:16)
19. On Dangerous Ground (1951) "Snowstorm" (edit) (18:48)
20. The Kentuckian (1955) "Night Sounds" (edit) (20:14)
21. The Night Digger (1971) "Scene One" (edit) (21:10)
22. Fahrenheit 451 (1966) "Freedom" (edit) (21:38)
23. Fahrenheit 451 (1966) "The Vase" (edit( (22:09)
24. The Battle of Neretva (1970) "Retreat" (edit) (22:25)
25. The Snows of Kilimanjaro (1952) The Hyena" (edit) (22:50)
26. Marnie (1964) "A New Job" (edit) (24:13)
27. Marnie (1964) "The Return" (edit) (24:26)
28. Marnie (1964) "The Color Red" (edit) (25:03)
29. Marnie (1964) "The Despair" (edit) (25:32)
30. Twisted Nerve (1968) "Main Title" (edit) (25:47)
31. Twisted Nerve (1968) "Jazz" (edit) (26:22)
32. Taxi Driver (1976) "End Credits" (edit) (27:15)
33. The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad (1958) "The Roc" (edit) (28:10)
34. The Three Worlds of Gulliver (1960) "Pursued by Giants" (edit) (30:00)
35. Mysterious Island (1961) "Escape To The Clouds" (edit) (30:46)
36. Collector's Item (1950's) "Suite" (edit) (32:04) unsold pilot for television
37. Torn Curtain (1966) "The Corridor" (edit) (33:11) unused score
38. Beneath The Twelve-Mile Reef (1953) "The Marker" (edit) (34:21)
39. The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) "The Visor And The Ray" (edit) (35:56)
40. North By Northwest (1959) "On The Rocks" (edit) (37:36)
41. Collector's Item (1950's) "Suite" (edit) (38:15) unsold pilot for television
42. Garden of Evil (1954) "The Chasm" (edit) (38:48)
43. The Kentuckian (1955) "The Rope" (edit) (39:09)
44. Mysterious Island (1961) "Escape From The Island" (edit) (39:48)
45. The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) "The Robot" (edit) (40:47)
46. The Moat Farm Murders (1944) "Suite" (edit 1) (41:42) for radio
47. The Moat Farm Murders (1944) "Suite" (edit 2) (42:17) for radio
48. The Moat Farm Murders (1944) "Suite" (edit 3) (43:04) for radio
49. The Twilight Zone (1959) "Where Is Everybody?" (edit) (44:16) television episode
50. Sisters (1972) "Phillip's Murder" (edit) (45:06)
51. Taxi Driver (1976) "Sport and Iris" (edit) (47:08)
52. A Hatful of Rain (1957) "The Sidewalk" (edit) (48:00)
53. Cape Fear (1962) "The Girl Is Found" (edit) (48:40)
54. Cape Fear (1962/1991) "Rape and Hospital" (edit) (48:53)
55. The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad (1958) "The Return" (edit) (49:55)
56. Garden of Evil (1954) "The Quarrel" (edit) (50:22)
57. Obsession (1976) "The Ferry" (50:46)
58. Fahrenheit 451 (1966) "Fire Station" (edit) (53:25)
59. The Three Worlds of Gulliver (1960) "The Crocodile" (edit) (54:18)
60. The Wrong Man (1956) "The Cell ll" (edit) (54:56)
61. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947) "Thee Apparition" (edit) (56:15)
62. Vertigo (1958) "The Forest" (edit) (57:08)
63. Psycho (1960) "The Murder" (edit) (57:39)

64. The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad (1958) "The Princess" (edit) (58:35)
65. North By Northwest (1959) "Interlude" (edit) (59:41)
66. The Battle of Neretva (1971) "Pastorale" (1:00:54)
67. Taxi Driver (1976) "I Still Can't Sleep" (edit) (1:02:52)
68. Hangover Square (1945) "Concerto Macabre for Piano and Orchestra" (edit) (1:03:44)
69. The Egyptian (1954) "Prelude/The Red Sea" (edit) (1:05:46)
70. Jane Eyre (1943) "Selections from the film" (edit) (1:07:45)
71. Obsession (1976) "Memorial Park" (edit) (1:08:38)
72. Citizen Kane (1941) "Snow Picture" (edit) (1:09:56)
73. The Kentuckian (1955) "Suite" (edit) (1:10:30)
74. Fahrenheit 451 (1966) "The Novel/David Copperfield" (edit) (1:11:33)
75. The Night Digger (1971) "Scene Seven" (edit) (1:12:48)
76. The Magnificent Ambersons (1942) "Ostinato" (edit) (1:13:25)
77. Garden of Evil (1954) "Night Scene" (edit) (1:14:54)
78. The Trouble with Harry (1955) "Tea Time" (edit) (1:15:59)
79. Walking Distance- episode from The Twilight Zone (1959) "Elegy" (edit) (1:17:36)
80. Citizen Kane (1941) "Rosebud/Final" (edit) (1:18:03)
81. Vertigo (1958) "Beauty Parlor" (1:20:40) 


Notebook Soundtrack Mix #2: "Sleep Little Lush"

Above: Image from Maurice Binder's title sequence for Diamonds Are Forever (1971).

This follow-up to the previous soundtrack mix, Hyper Sleep, is very much the same animal: a chance gathering of mesmerizing music tracks, carefully arranged to focus on the interstitial character of film music—its ability to distill into hallucinatory moments, the most sensual or emotional qualities of a film’s nature, and amplify these sensations to increase their temporal impact. With this idea of music as intoxicant in mind, the passing this year of John Barry was a loss of one of the great “perfumers” of film composing (for more on music as perfume, see Daniel Kasman’s “Herrmann’s Perfume”). The beautiful themes that Barry scored for the world of 007 that open this collection set the spell for a kaleidoscopic (largely) 60s and 70s sample of some of the best film music written by Ennio Morricone, Jerry Goldsmith, Quincy Jones, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Philippe Sarde and others, of impossible fantasies, lush atmospheres, epic operas, sophisticated seductions, and even a shampoo commercial: the kind of scoring John Barry once described as “million dollar Mickey Mouse music.”

Part of our on-going series, Notebook Soundtrack Mixes.

Stream the mix below or download it here. Total running time: 61 minutes.

1.  John Barry, Goldfinger, “Into Miami” (0:00)
2. John Barry, Thunderball, “Underwater Ballet” (edit) (0:53)
3. John Barry, Thunderball, “Street Chase” (edit) (1:43)
4. John Barry, You Only Live Twice, “James Bond in Japan” (edit) (2:45)
5. John Barry, You Only Live Twice, “Spectre and Village” (edit) (3:45)
6. John Barry, You Only Live Twice, “James Bond- Ninja” (edit) (4:24)
7. John Barry, Diamonds Are Forever, “Plenty, then Tiffany” (edit) (5:01)
8. John Barry, The Specialist, “You Bastard” (edit) (6:02)
9. John Barry, BOOM!, “The Shock of Each Moment of Still Being Alive” (edit)(6:44)
10. John Barry, Cotton Club, “The Depression Hits” (edit) (7:27)
11. Steven Sondheim, Stavisky, “Main Title” (Générique) (8:33)
12. Francois De Roubaix, Tante Zita, “Le monde est fou” (10:41)
13. Ryuichi Sakamoto, Snake Eyes, Tyler and Serena (edit) (13:01)
14. Quincy Jones, The Deadly Affair, Main Theme (15:03)
15. Philippe Sarde, Le train, “La nuit” (17:14)
16. Gato Barbieri, Last Tango in Paris, “It's Over” (19:00)
17. Alex North, Sanctuary, “Sleep Little Lush” (22:12)
18. Henry Mancini, Two For The Road, “Congarocka” (23:24)
19. Jurgen Knieper, River's Edge, Sleepytime Montage (26:33)
20. Jerry Goldsmith, Outland, “The Bug” (27:28)
21. Jerry Goldsmith, Planet of the Apes, “The Searchers” (edit) (28:26)
22. Ennio Morricone, Once Upon a Time in the West, “The First Tavern” (29:15)
23. Ennio Morricone, Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!, “Leave Me Alone” (edit) (30:50)
24. Philippe Sarde, Cesar et Rosalie, “Après sete” (edit) (31:33)
25. Stanley Myers, Insignificance, “Forever (What the Hell)” (32:58)
26. Ennio Morricone, Giù la testaDuck, You Sucker!, “Mesa Verde” (35:20)
27. Vic Mizzy, The Night Walker, “Car Radio” (37:00)
28. Ryuichi Sakamoto, Femme Fatale, “Blouse Off Shoulder” (37:34)
29. Ennio Morricone, Once Upon a Time in the West, “Morton” (40:32)
30. Jerry Goldsmith, In Like Flint, “Ladies Will Kindly Remove Their Hats”(42:06)
31. Eric Peters, The Prisoner (television), “Speedlearn Broadcast (Electro Mind)” (44:26)
32. John Barry, "The Girl with the Sun in Her Hair", (commercial for televison) (45:06)
33. Quincy Jones, The Deadly Affair, “Ridiculous Scene” (47:58)
34. Guido & Maurizio De Angelis, I corpi presentano tracce di violenza carnale / Torso, “Back to Life”/ End titles (edit) (49:34)
35. Jerry Fielding, The Outfit, “Casino Heist” (edit) (50:36)
36. Fred Myrow, Soylent Green, “Furniture Party” (edit) (51:01)
37. John Barry, "The Persuaders Theme, (for television)" (53:01)
38. Toru Takemitsu, Clouds at Sunset, “M11” (55:07)
39. Bernard Herrmann, The Night Digger, “Scene Three” (edit) (55:34)
40. Bernard Herrmann, The Trouble with Harry, “Afterbeats” (edit) (57:16)
41. John Barry, Diamonds Are Forever, “007 & Counting” (57:48)  

Notebook Soundtrack Mix #3: "Trespassers Will Be Eaten"

Above: A rack focus in Bullitt.

Perhaps a less eye-grabbing, but still “driving” title for this third MUBI soundtrack mix should be Shifting Gears...as such, it’s a free-falling, propulsive survey of scores focusing on the thriller in all of its manifestations: detective procedurals, bank heists, neo-noirs, spy films, psychodramas, giallos, chases, races, and sci-fi mind-games. Featured also are a few composers better known for their more famous musical projects. Police drummer Stewart Copeland’s metallic, rhythmic score for Rumble Fish, gamely taunts the self-conscious black and white street theatre of Francis Ford Coppola's film. So-called fifth Beatle, producer George Martin’s funky Shaft-influenced Live and Let Die score ushers in a more leisurely 70s-era James Bond, as incarnated by Roger Moore. Epic crooner visionary Scott Walker’s fatally romantic melodies for Leos Carax’s inventively faithful Melville adaptation Pola X is remarkably subdued and lush. Finally, Godzilla’s sonic frontman, Akira Ifukube offers up a lovely calm for Josef von Sternberg’s set-bound island of the mind film, The Saga of Anatahan.  Curious collaborations include jazz legends Stan Getz and Ornette Coleman improvising over the title sequences for Eddie Sauter’s Mickey One and Howard Shore’s Naked Lunch soundtracks: the first being an Arthur Penn French New Wave-styled vision of Amerika, the second an artful Cronenberg adaptation of Burrough’s beat collage fever-dream. Amidst all of this, listeners may note that the breakneck swing of Michel Legrand’s Le Mans is punctuated by a sneeze! Who goes there?!
Part of our on-going series, Notebook Soundtrack Mixes.

Stream the mix below or download it here. Total running time: 71 minutes. 

1. Henry Mancini, Charade, “Metro Chase” (edit) (0:00)
2. Michel Legrand, Le Mans, “The race, first laps” (edit) (1:29)
3. George Martin, Live And Let Die, “Trespassers Will be Eaten” (edit) (3:06)
4. Vic Mizzy, Don’t Make Waves, “Daybreak at Malibu” (4:21)
5. Lalo Schifrin, Bullitt, “Shifting Gears” (6:32)
6. Roy Budd, The Black Windmill, “The Plant” (edit) (9:45)
7. Quincy Jones, The Split, “Funny Money” (edit) (12:52)
8. John Barry, The Man With The Golden Gun, “Scaramanga’s Fun House” (edit) (17:14
9. Stelvio Cipriani, La polizia chiede aiuto, “La Polizia Chiede Aiuto” (edit) (18:14)
10. Paul Glass, Bunny Lake Is Missing, “End Title” (19:29)
11. Michel Legrand, La Piscine, “Suspicion” (edit) (20:39)
12. Nelson Riddle, A Rage To Live, “Kiss Me Pumpkin” (21:35)
13. John Barry, Body Heat, “Searching For Matty” (edit) (23:51)
14. Miklos Rozsa, Jungle Book, “Suite” (edit) (24:57)
15. Eddie Sauter/Stan Getz, Mickey One, “Once Upon A Time” (edit) (25:37)
16. Henry Mancini, Experiment In Terror, “Main Title” (29:35)
17. Jerry Goldsmith, The Detective, “Joe’s Decision” (31:50)
18. Nelson Riddle, Lolita, “Lolita Ya Ya” (34:08)
19. Johnny Dankworth, Fathom, “Fathom’s Arrival” (edit) (37:29)
20. Michel Legrand, The Thomas Crown Affair, “The Boston Wrangler” (38:57)
21. Goblin, Deep Red, “Mad Puppet” (edit) (41:40)
22. Stewart Copeland, Rumble Fish, “Brothers On Wheels” (46:00)
23. Francois De Roubaix, Le vieux fusil, “La Mort” (edit) (50:07)
24. Francois De Roubaix, Maquette de travail inédite, “Reverie” (52:00)
25. Ennio Morricone, Frantic, “Six Short Interludes” (edit) (54:32)
26. Akira Ifukube, The Saga Of Anatahan, “Suite” (edit) (55:22)
27. Bernard Herrmann, The Night Digger, “Scene Seven” (edit) (57:57)
28. Scott Walker, Pola X, “Light” (58:55)
29. Toru Takemitsu, The Face Of Another, “Waltz l” (1:00:52)
30. Howard Shore/Ornette Coleman, Naked Lunch, “Main Title” (1:02:56)
31. Ryuichi Sakamoto, The Last Emperor, “Rain (I Want A Divorce)” (edit) (1:05:23)
32. John Barry, The Golden Child, “The Child Is Taken” (edit) (1:06:48)
33. Francois De Roubaix, Le samouraï, “Le samouraï” (edit) (1:07:12)
34. Franz Waxman, The Two Mrs. Carrolls, “Main Title” (edit) (1:08:37)
35. Hans Zimmer, Inception, “Dream Within A Dream” (edit) (1:09:43)
36. Elliot Goldenthal, Heat, “Of Separation” (edit) (1:10:48)

Above: Jean-Pierre Melville's Le samouraï

Notebook Soundtrack Mix #1: "HYPER SLEEP"

Welcome to the first Notebook Soundtrack Mix—HYPER SLEEP! A word about the mix: There's no thematic thread through this collection, it's a variety of intriguing music. In making soundtrack mixes, I'm drawn to the subjective qualities of association and meaning that arise from experiencing the musical narratives that result from transitions and combinations of tracks in succession. Though there are several favorite films, Seijun Suzuki's Branded to Kill, for one, individual pieces are chosen simply for the music. I haven't seen some of the films. Robert Drasnin, Vladimir Cosma and Antoine Duhamel are represented with curious French T.V. work, rather than with some of their more well known output (The Kremlin Letter, Diva and Pierrot le fou, respectively.) Maybe this is the first of a series…I have several ideas for themed mixes, but wanted to start this way, including work that reflects jazz, classical, experimental and pop influences.
Part of our on-going series, Notebook Soundtrack Mixes.

Stream the mix below or download it here. Total running time: 53.5 minutes.
  1. Michel LegrandThe Go-Between, "Main Title (edit)" 0:00
  2. Dave Grusin, The Girl from U.N.C.L.E., "The Girl from Uncle Theme" 0:47
  3. Robert Drasnin, Lost in Space, "Little Joe's Yes" / "The Curse of Cousin Smith" 3:27
  4. Vladmir Cosma, La double vie de Théophraste Longuet, "Reincarnation (edit)" 4:52
  5. Antoine Duhamel, Belphégor, "Theme de Menardier" 5:21
  6. Serge Gainsbourg / Jean-Claude Vannier, Cannabis, "Premiere Blessure (edit)" 6:38
  7. John Barry, Deadfall, "The Meeting (edit)" 7:42
  8. Lalo Schifrin, THX1138, "Loneliness Sequence" 8:43
  9. John Barry, The Ipcress File, "Goodbye Harry II (edit)" 10:11
  10. John Barry, Thunderball, "Bond with Spectre Frogmen" 10:59
  11. John Barry, The Knack... and How to Get It, "Doors & Bikes and Things (edit)" 12:35
  12. Akira Ifukube, Destroy All Monsters, "The Kilaak's Essence" 13:38
  13. John Barry, Diamonds are Forever, "Following the Diamonds (edit)" 14:36
  14. Francois De Roubaix, Les aventuriers, "Casino Latino" 15:01
  15. Jerry Goldsmith, The Satan Bug, "The Empty Box" 17:00
  16. Lalo Schifrin, Dirty Harry, "Scorpio's View" 17:44
  17. Stelvio Capriani, Baron Blood, "Notturno" 20:21
  18. Stelvio Capriani, Ecologia del delitto (Twitch of the Death Nerve), "Main Title" 21:23
  19. Gil Melle, The Andromeda Strain, "Desert Trip" 23:28
  20. Michael Small, Klute, "Love Theme" 27:43
  21. Jerry Goldsmith, Alien, "Hyper Sleep" 31:30
  22. Michael Small, The Parallax View, "Morgue" 34:16  
  23. Naozumi Yamamoto, Branded to Kill, "Main Title" 35:11 
  24. Ennio Morricone, Machine Gun McCain, "La Ballata di Hank McCain" 36:48
  25. Roy BuddGet Carter, "Carter Takes a Train" 38:47
  26. Jerry GoldsmithSebastian, "The Trip" 41:47
  27. Michel Legrand, The Happy Ending, "Blowout" 44:16
  28. John Williams, The Long Goodbye, "The Long Goodbye" (performed by Jack Sheldon) 46:28
  29. Krzysztof Komeda, Barrier, "Nagrania Do Filmu "Bariera" - XII" 49:59

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