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Diego Rísquez - Orinoko, Nuevo Mundo (1984)

zjhgx Diego Rísquez   Orinoko, nuevo mundo (1984)

Lirski film (bez dijaloga) o životu u džungli, šamanističkim vizijama i infekciji raja kršćanstvom (konkvistadorima).

This ultra rare Diego Risquez experimental dream-like film features no dialogue, telling the story entirely through images, sound and music. The first half of the film shows idyllic life on the Orinoco before the invasion of the Europeans. Then a shaman has visions of the arrival of Christopher Columbus and the Catholic mission of 1498... Highly recommended if you liked At Play in the Fiels of the Lord, The Mission, Jerico or Cabeza de Vaca. -

Director and art director for numerous commercials and feature films in Venezuela and abroad. In 1980, he began with his first feature film BOLÍVAR SINFONÍA TROPIKAL. This became the first Super-8 film to be selected by the Directors’ Fortnight of the Cannes Film Festival. —
Film Still

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