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Marijuana Deathsquads - Oh My Sexy Lord (2013)

Marijuana Deathsquads
Muzički striptiz ludih izvanzemaljaca uhvaćen zahrđalim antenama u podrumu gdje bolesni bodibilder vježba za nastup na svadbi dvojnice svoje nećakinje.
Gotovo događaj.


Ryan Olson, co-founder of Poliça and main brain behind Gayngs, also moonlights as one of the leaders of Minneapolis-based collective Marijuana Deathsquads. Co-headed by members Stefon Alexander (a.k.a. P.O.S.) and Isaac Gale, Marijuana Deathsquads are about to unleash their latest album, Oh My Sexy Lord, an 11-track LP that fuses jagged grooves, scratchy analog effects, and robo-warped vocals into a full-length, experimental freakout. The record drops on October 15 by way of Totally Gross National Product, but you can bask in its bizarre beauty right now. Stream Oh My Sexy Lord below, and scroll further for Marijuana Deathsquads' forthcoming tour dates.
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The album is action-packed from stat to finish, and boasts a huge list of contributing musicians. Aside form the usual mainstays like Ryan Olson (Polica, Gayngs), Iaac Gale, Stef Alexander (P.O.S.), and Ben Ivascu (Poliça), Oh My Sexy Lord also has appearances from Channy Leaneagh (Poliça), Justin Vernon, Har Mar Superstar, and many many more.

Mad assed album this, loved it for the last two weeks. The main thing that captures you is the brooding apocalyptic nature of their music which weighs in some place between Crystal Castles, Schizo Fun Addict and early Holy Fuck. Live pulverising drums, eerie electronics, vintage synths and nightmare-ish effects-laden vocals result in a strange alarming cacophony.
Bridging the fields of dark ambience, experimental electronics, improvised and blistering malevolent electro-rock, they're certainly not to everyone's tastes but are the most engaging and original act I've heard this January.
The main weapon they have on their side is "the groove" and this intermittent energetic pulse married with some kind of indecipherable mania. Songs will suddenly dissolve into dreamlike cosmic ambient interludes before creepy imaginings start to filter back in leaving you a little unsettled but nevertheless hugely engaged. It's Prog Ma, but not as the 70's "hairies" would have it.
A very strange and engaging record that will have you perplexed or delighted but hopefully both, this new sound of Minneapolis has no affinity with the old guard such as Husker Du. Theirs is a deranged futurist-overload world that has taken noise rock into ecstatic new realms that acts such as DD/MM/YYYY once attempted to coax us into.
If you want a bizarre ride into the unknown and enjoy the sound of abused synths, vocoder abuse and genuine creepscapes plunging your mind into a delightfully confused abyss then get involved. It's the most curious release Memphis Industries have ever put their name too and there's nary a dull moment in the often rhythmical chaos.
It's gonna turn some heads is this record but hopefully will excite enough folk to get the attention and kudos it deserves. Affection is probably an inappropriate term but I'm kind of fond of 'Oh My Sexy Lord as it holds no punches but has enough catchy shit going on to completely absorb you in an wild alien landscape in your mind for its demented duration.
All Hail the new weird Americana. - Norman Records

Marijuana Deathsquads is back again with their latest LP, Oh My Sexy Lord.  P.O.S trades in his eloquent flow for heavily distorted vocals. Alongside Ryan Olson, their voices battle for attention over the various computer chirps, schizophrenic drumming, white noise and whatever else fellow band mates in this experimental group have melded together to form a melody. Equal parts chaotic and cathartic, Oh My Sexy Lord lays any restraints to the wayside and lets pure instinct take over for these 11 tracks.
“Ewak Sadness” starts off like a first-time stripper– a little slow at first, barely showing any skin, but as it begins to find its rhythm and loses its inhibitions, you are left satisfied, smoking a cigarette after an amazing ear-gasm.   “Scheme” gives you some room to recover with almost three minutes of shuffling drums and distant vocals, letting you recharge your battery before diving into seedy soundscapes that follow.
Each track on the album flows perfectly from one to the other. At times, it’s hard to tell where one track ends and the other begins; remnants from one pop up in the next while not sounding recycled, but simply re-imagined. Oh My Sexy Lord ends with “Vibrant Beast” and if each track on this album is truly an exotic dancer, this would be the main attraction: glamorous but still dirty, the type of girl you’d spend a long weekend with but not necessarily bring home to meet your mother.
Oh My Sexy Lord shows that Marijuana Deathsquads are ready to unleash their sonic warfare on any insurgents who dare try and go toe-to-toe with them. This an album that any other band wouldn’t be able to create. Each track shows risks taken and, if not pulled off right, would land them face down looking like amateurs. - www.mxdwn.com/

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