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Alan Kwan - Bad Trip: uđi u moj um

Bad Trip Interactive Memory

Virtualni mentalni krajolik u kojem su pohranjena sjećanja i snovi Alana Kwana. Istovremeno video-igra i instalacija. Navigiranje tuđim umom nije nikad bilo ovako implozivno. Izvrstan mračan ambijent.

Alan Kwan's "Bad Trip" (2012)

Alan Kwan, a fresh graduate from the City University School of Creative Media in Hong Kong, shares with GameScenes his latest project, Bad Trip, "an immersive interactive system which enables people to navigate my mind using a game controller". Bad Trip combines elements of lifelogging, personal tracking, and gaming. As Kwan writes,
"Since November 2011, every moments of my life has been logged by a video camera that mounts on my eyeglasses, producing an expanding database of digitalized visual memories. Using a custom virtual reality software, I design a virtual mindscape where people could navigate and experience my memories and dreams. The mindscape grows continually as fresh memories and dreams come in."
Kwan conceived, designed and coded the entire game. Cosmetically, the game mixes organic and geometric shapes and has an oneiric look-and-feel. Steve Mann meets Inception. The player navigates an vector-likemonochromatic world and access the creator's memories by running over blocks. Interestingly, the memoryscapes are in color - "interestingly" because in film flashbacks/memories are often depicted in black and white. Bad Trip features ambient music from Robert Rich ("Vertigo"). Memory and the everyday experiences are two themes that recur in several Kwan's projects. Consider, for instance, Memory Palace (2011), "a software application that allows users to construct their own memoryscape digitally. It is designed to work with life-logging video cameras that entirely capture users’ daily experiences." The game was designed with Quest 3D. - Matteo Bittanti

Alan Kwan na Vimeu

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