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Arvo Fingers - The Delirious Insomniac: radio-kompilacije za ljude u deliriju

Htjeli ste znati sve o glazbenim deliričarima i čudacima? Ecce weirdo...
Arvo Fingers je vaš vodič kroz pakao i čistilište.

The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show has haunted the airwaves of WLUW into the wee hours of dreary Monday Nights since 2008. Host Arvo Fingers uses his lengthy experience as a sleepless madman to wield surrealistic songs and sounds into a slithering swath for 4 hours a week. Presently, "Delirious Insomniac" harbors occasional interviews, virtual guest installations, ghost hosts, and radio art.

Home Evasion

Blue Meanies - Star Strangled Banner
Groovy - Inventing Zeros
Vertonen - Hands Up, 1974!
Nurse With Wound - All of Me
Excerpt from Andy Ortmann's mix tape "Narcissism is The New N Word"  Side A
Minotaur - Blurred By the Violence Pt 2
Birth!-Blood In  The Water
Dhampyr - Figure-dusted Luminal (Meeting of Vedic Energies) / Narthecium Coppice
Kapustin Yar - Antipalus Maleficiorum
Streights - Meaningless Existence
Adam and the Ants - Physical
Diamanda Galas - Double-Barrel Prayer
Crash Worship - Night Shoe
Rodental - cantannaemore
Missing Foundation - A Hunting We Will Go
Coughs - Track 10 from Bent Babies CDR
Bastard - MUD (Live in Lyon)
Skree - I Am Evil & Must Be Stopped (excerpt)
Forrest Friends - excerpt from "At One With The Savage" CD
Dr. Rhomboid Goatcabin - excerpt from "Black Glass" (side B of cassette on Atheist Foxhole)
Layne Garrett - Who Sleeps Below Me Propels My Dream (from District of Noise Vol. 5 Compilation CD, artists from Washington DC)
ONO - Excerpt from Side B of cassette on Teen River
Dolores Dewberry - Eerie Sequins in Cocaine
Winters In Osaka - Excerpt from "Red Tooth, Red Claw" CDR
Astro & Winters In Osaka - Excerpt from "Reverberating Forest" CD
CAN - Blind Mirror Surf
Boyle - Excerpt from S/T Cassette (self released) *with*
dave phillips - field recordings live radio set at radio majjem, venlo/NL, March 25th 2009 (excerpt) *with*
PIG - Inside
Larry Clinton and his Orchestra - Music For Tired Golfers (LP Side A)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

with guest dj Mike Krause

Merzbow & The Haters - Jopa (excerpt)
FM Einheit & Caspar Brotzmann - Solingen
Konstructivists - Shadows of White Sand
Locrian & Christoph Heeman - Loath The Light
Skin Graft & Collapsed Arc - excerpt from "Shadow Self" cassette
Tetsuo Furudate - track 2 from "Othello As Noise Opera" (featuring Leif Elggren as Othello)
ITHI - NoWHere (excerpt)
The Lonely Procession - excerpt "Murder Hauntings" CDr
Vertonen - excerpt from "Deteriorated Broadcast" CDr
*Set by Mike Krause*
Mayhem - Silvester Anfang /Death Crush
Triptykon - Goetia
Treponem Pal - Sometimes
music from the soundtrack to Rosemary's Baby  -" Rosemary's Party"
Male Slut (Thurston Moore) - Thoodblirsty Thesbians
Blitzoids - I called the Witch doctor
Elvis Dust - Highway hot dog star
Culturecide - Industrial band
Cabaret Voltaire - Dead Mans Shoes
Mark Stewart + the Maffia - As the Veneer Of Democracy Begins to Fade
Das synthetische Mischgewebe - Works P.2
Gino Robair - Thrift Store Opera
Idea Fire Company - Pure Joy
Gregg Turkington -Recipes and Reflections
Chop Shop - 4x4
Luxurious Bags  - Filling station fix
Function Disorder - Never Bled Oasis Time
Deviation Social - She Wants to Be With Manson /We Declare War
Kleistwahr -   Myth P.4-6      (excerpt )   from the Broken Flag boxset retropsective  1982-1985
Blut Aus Nord - Procession of Dead Clowns
Abruptum - Dodsaparraten

Friday, August 31, 2012

The Delirious Insomniac 5th Annual Live Event has been set into motion.

Celebrating the 5th year of The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show, Arvo has put together yet another live event with a line up of some of his favorite artists to reflect an extension of his radio show, on into the context of a performance venue. Surprises can be expected to occur. The first 5 paying customers will receive a copy of the CD compilation "Delirious Music For Delirious People", and the event is free for those who RSVP at with "Delirious Insomniac Live Event 9.22" i

n the subject header, along with their name. 






Sun Splitter ostensibly write doom metal tracks in a practice space that used to be a slaughter house. When they first started out, they seemed to only find solace within Chicago's experimental scene, being somewhat alienated in the metal scene, from what I understand, because they use a drum machine instead of a live drummer. Since then, they've gone from releasing their curiously catchy and dynamic dread on CDRs in hand made tins with numerous hand screened and cryptic circular inserts to incorporating vocals, melodic elements, and other surprisingly fitting but undeniably obtuse compositional approaches into their style, not to mention graduating to dazzling vinyl releases on Bloodlust! and Bastard Sloth. 

Michael Esposito & Vertonen
Michael Esposito is a paranormal researcher and experimental sound artist who molds his compositions around the axis of electronic voice phenomena, or otherwise "ghost voices". His work is anchored in, and influenced by the anamolies that come from various field recordings, often in terribly haunted locations, and his work reflects that. His somewhat rare solo recordings put a strong emphasis on directional acoustics, space and echo. They come off as more of an imprint that exists in itself rather than a composition. Esposito has worked with Leif Elggren, CM Von Haussworff, Brent Gutzeit, Francisco Meirino, and Per Svensson, among many others.
Vertonen ("set to music") is the nome de plume of Blake Edwards, a Chicago English teacher, Crippled Intellect Productions label owner, and member of Chicago metal band Anatomy of Habit. His experience is comprised of nearly two decades of work, most recently focusing on heavily processed field recordings of factory machines, Russian synthesizers, and shortwave radios. He has been released on such labels as Ground Fault, Roccoco, SNSE, and Power Silence. 

Active in Chicago since 2001, Zelienople "mixes ghostly song structures with ambient drones", and has been referred to lovingly in such capacities as post rock, space rock, shoe gaze, or otherwise "drone survivors". Needless to say they have crafted a sound of their own and are known to pioneer new territory on each recording. They have done music for films and have been released on Type and Digitalis, among others. 

Alejandro Morales is perhaps best known as the drummer of the punk band RUNNING, or one half of the drum/electronics duo PISS PISS PISS MOAN MOAN MOAN. For his solo project, "Phallus Morales", he performs magic with what seems like "lo fi" or largely low budget, (circuit bent?) consumer electronics and pedals. Synth drones permeate delicate, gritty interweaving loops that cascade and ascend, forcing the listener into some kind of rhythmic malt liquor trance.

EaViL is largely unknown, perhaps partly due to their highly concentrated concept of performance, and sparse inclination to exhibit it. The project is a duo of one writer and videographer, where costumes, concepts, and subject matter tightly overlap. It's a body of work that is cut from the cloth of dark wave / synth pop / minimal wave, noise at times bordering on early TG mannerisms, and more than a little of their own brand of makeshift Prince. EaViL has opened for Glass Candy, and at one time were both members of the defunct Chicago band The Electric Set. They have performed at Version 06 & 07, Select Media 05, and Artec Festivals, as well as Chic-Go-Go, and this show will be their first performance in at least 3 years.

1035 N. Western Ave
Chicago ILL, 60622

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

With Guests Lidia Vomito & Bryan Chump Change

Lulu - Morning Dew
The Hollies - Long Dark Road
Brenda Lee - I Want To Be Wanted
The Dixie Cups - People Say
The DeCastro Sisters - Teach Me Tonight
Janie Grant - Triangle
Sugar Pie DeSanto - I Want To Know
The Impressions - Little Girl
Willie Nelson - Permanently Lonely
Inner Sanctum OTR interlude
Meat Puppets - Reward/Love Offering/Blue Green God
Adolescents - Wrecking Crew
Abrasive Wheel - Vicious Circle
M.O.D. - Get A Real Job
Dr. Know - El Salvador
Eske - Terrified
Exodus - Brain Dead
Wendy O. Williams - Ain't None of Your Business
FLotsam & Jetsam - Iron Tears
Black Sabbath - Sabbra Cadabra
Motorhead - On Parole
Girl School - C'mon Let's Go
Rose Tattoo - Scarred for Life
More - Blood & Thunder
Manowar - Wheels of Fire
Acid - Hell on Wheels
Voodoo Child - Voodoo Child
Angel Witch - Angel Witch
D.R.I.- God is broke
Ludichrist- Last train to Clarksville
Riot- Riot
Poison Idea- Plastic Bomb
Cro-Mags- Hard Times
Master- Master
Rigor Mortis- Mummified
Fang- Landshark
Samhain - All Murder, All Guts, All Fun
Agent Steel - Agents of Steel
Hellhammer- Horus/ Agressor
Battalion of Saints- Beefmaster
Broken Bones- Decapitated
Iron Maiden- Another Life
Autopsy- Charred Remains
Gun- Race with the Devil
Queensryche- Queen of the Riech
Bad Brains- Sailin' On
Jello Biafra- New Feudalism
Goodblood- Battle of the Flesh
DeathStrike- Pay to Die
Abscess- Naked Freak Show
Macabre- White Hen Decapitator
Cenobites- Wrong from Right
Disrobe- Shut up and Play
Cianide- Funeral
Accept- I'm a Rebel
Tank- Shellshock
Jaguar- Dutch Connection
Ramones- I'm not Jesus
The bam bams- yah yah
Judas Priest- Metal Meltdown
Suburban lawns- Gidgit goes to hell
The Adicts- Odd Couple
Savage Grace- Into the fire
Razor- Evil Invaders
Venom- In league with Satan
Slayer- Evil has no boundaries
Mercyful Fate- Come to the Sabbath
Misfits- Vampira
Metallica- Trapped under Ice
Suicidal Tendencies- Possessed
Exciter- Heavy Metal Maniac
Bloodfeast- Blood lust
Death- Zombie Ritual
Dead Boys- Sonic Reducer
Count Five- Psychotic Reaction

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Edifying Capillary Gurgulation w/ Dolores Dewberry and Garland Villanova

Nurse With Wound - Black Is The Color
Psy231 - Fear To Faith
Scorn - Suck and Eat You
Drug Honkey - Death Threats
Gnarly Sheen - The Lullaby
Chris Connelly - Ghost of A Saint
The Legendary Pink Dots - Goldilocks
Decapitated Hed - Electromagnetization of Dancefloor Dirt
Celluloid Mata - Ultra Wasted Motion
Skinny Puppy - d0wnsizer
PIG - Saved (Locust Remix)
Ambassador 21 -  Golod
Richard Devine - Freeze Fracture
DEVO - Golden Energy
Young Gods - Excerpt from Heaven Deconstruction
Foetus - Kreibabe
T. Hannum - Obelisk
Mikreh - Chytrids
Freezerghost - Track 2 from "Star Eater" CDr (unreleased?)
Marlo Eggplant - Romanticizing The Doppler Effect
NAMANAX - Cascading Waves of Electronic Turbulence (not included in the archive)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ATTN: Bleeding Chimera of the Grinding Moon

RUNNING - Asshole Savant (excerpt)
Mortistork - Track 3 from demo CDR
Regression - excerpt from "The End of The Day" cassette
Zack Kouns - How did you  learn not to hold onto your body
KILT - excerpt from track 3 of Kitchen Sorcery CD
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer / Pig Heart Transplant - track 2 from untitled CD
Marlo Eggplant - Mastication
Dolores Dewberry - Plutonian Placenta
Garland Villanova - They Say, In Dreams...
CM von Hauswolff / Bryan Lewis Saunders - N2 Collection (excerpt)
XX Committee - Prayer Wells
Pacific 231 - excerpt from "Onanism 657Hz" cassette
Le Scrambled Debutante - excerpt from "Research Material" CDR
Hali Gali Halid - Mirela / Ne pitaj me
ONO - Veil
Thee Dudesses -  Excerpt from live performance July 18th 2012
Lavas Magmas - Into The Void
Alice Cohen - Color of the Sea
WORKDEATH - excerpt from "Mulberries Ripen and Rot" or "What I have Trampled on In Order To Stay Alive"
Diaphragm - Phantom Romantics
Bjerga/Iversen - excerpt from "Recovering Tiny Clumps of Truth from the Junkyard of Lies"
Guggenheim Doppelganger - Maniacal Trepidation
Sterile Garden - excerpt from "Composite" cassette
J. Soliday  - No Clock Solution
Developer - excerpt from split cassette with Mannequin Hollowcaust on Factotum tapes
Nundata - excerpt from "Red Moon" (from "Cold War" CDR)
Panther Modern - excerpt from "Cancer" off of "Sex Murders" CDR
Machismo - You Weren't Born Innocent
Maussade = excerpt from side B of "À JAMAIS, J'Y SERAI TOUJOURS" cassette

Marlo Eggplant, Garland Villanova, and Dolores Dewberry on Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show August 21st

The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show is on from midnight central to 4 AM Monday Evenings (Tuesday mornings) on or 88.7 FM in Chicago.  It is also syndicated at 
On Monday night there will be 3 solo sets from Marlo Eggplant (Portland, soon to be moving to the UK), Dolores Dewberry (Minneapolis), and Garland Villanova (Chicago).  

Active for several years, instrumental in the formation and maintenance of Corpus Callosum Distro and formerly Spleencoffin, Marlo Eggplant  "Uses a minimal set up which includes an autoharp and few effects,  enjoys using sparsely structured notes and layered static textures in an improvised drone style."
"Dolores Dewberry been making music since 1999, when she submitted a track for Susan Lawly’s “Extreme Music From Women” comp. Her sound is defined by heavy low-end drones and rhythmic noise, sometimes with vocals. Using analog instruments, effects and editing software, she generally samples only her own sounds, which are then further manipulated. Influenced by metal, bombastic classical, psychedelia, and true experimentalism, she has created a unique sound all her own. "

"Sound and visual artist Garland Villanova has performed and exhibited extensively in her native Twin Cities and well beyond. While insisting on making her art permeable to everything she encounters, she primarily plumbs her own subconscious for inspiration, employing glyphs, sigils, and notes from dreams as shorthand maps for sustained excursions into unexplored psychic regions."

w. Guest DJ Michael Krause (Death Factory, ex WZRD)

Kim Fowley - Underground Lady
The Frogs - Satan's In The Manger
Bruce Haack - National Anthem To The Moon
Linda Perhacs - Parallelograms
Gandalf - Can You Travel In The Dark Alone
Iron Butterfly - Gentle As It May Seem
Don Hinson & The Rigamorticians - Monster Jerk
The Ran-Dells - Martian Hop
The Hollies - Bus Stop
Oppenheimer Analysis - Subterranean Desire
Death In June - The Enemy Within
Death Factory - Shatter The Glass Tower
Proiekt Hat - Shabesh
Haus Arafna - Lucifer (Between You and I)
*Guest DJ set by Michael Krause*
The Laughing Record Number One
White Noise - Here Come The Fleas
Chrome - Wings Born In The Night
Bushido - The Final Cut
SPK - Berufsverbot
Linekraft -Yugou
Smersh - Jack Your Metal N. 2
MB - Belzec
Un - Kommuniti -Mindretch
Le Syndicate - Black Blood
Cosmonauts  Hail Satan - Pittsburgh Voodoo Satellite
Antonius Rex - Non Fiat Voluntus Tuo
Horrific Child -L'estrange Mr. Winster
Goblin - Deep Shadows (film versions 1-2-3) , Death Dies (film version p.3)
Hellhammer -Triumph of Death (Satanic Rights version)  
Hikashu History - ?
De Fabriek - untitled excerpts from RRRecycled tape
Psychic TV -Shango and Come Back (live 1984 in Berlin)
Mauthausen Orchestra - excerpts from "Conflict"
Jean  Paul Mirouze -Sexopolis 
Terry Teene -Curse of the Hearse 
Manfred Mann - Broken Glass Lives
Controlled Bleeding - Side One of "Curd" LP

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Signs of Infertility Behind The Shadows of Their Eyes

Harry Nilsson - Everybody's Talkin'
Alexander Sigman - detritus I (for countertenor, ensemble, and electronics)
Einsturzende Neubauten - excerpt from "Der Hamletmaschine"
Robert Normandeau - Anadliad
Dense Reduction - Soft Sheen Piercing Field
dave phillips - live in lyon, france september 27th 2003
J. Soliday - consider yourself dissolved
Dolores Dewberry - Humid Fur
Like Kisses of Thread - Plasma
Postcommodity + Magor - Podzim 1
Chris Pottinger - Moist Membrane
Illusion of Safety - Quell (excerpt)
Maurizio Bianchi - excerpt from side B of SFAG cassette
 Emil & Friends (Emil Hagstrom with Panicsville) - To Whom I Devoted
Jliat - HN 12/11
Knot of Fire - Ascent
Gnarly Sheen - Transit of Venus
Minotaur - Her Blood Was Fire
High School Confidential - excerpt from "Demon With A Duck's Ass" cassette Side B
Wolfeseule - mir gehts ganauso
Filth - Automatic Flesh (excerpt from side b of "Winter Mind" cassette)
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and Pig Heart Transplant - Track 4 from Untitled CD on Phage Tapes
Velehentor - Metakosm — Ritual Of Annihilation (excerpt)

Normal Police - excerpt from cassette, split 2XCS with Earth Chaos
M.A.Z.K. (Masami Akita + Zbigniew Karkowski) - In Real Time (excerpt) *with*
Night Vision - excerpt from side b of c30 on GNS
Panther Modern - track 3 from "White Light Power Electronics" CDR
Slob Donovan - No Comment
Bryan Lewis Saunders & Wehwalt - Life Is A Runaway Semi Truck (excerpt)
Trenton Willey live in the studio doing stream of consciousness (listen to this bit by itself here) over Nurse with Wound's Chance Meeting On A Dissecting Table of A Sewing Machine And Umbrella (Side A) 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This evening I played the nearly 3 hours of Big Univac City Orchestra Index, a dozen synthesizers set on frappe from 2003...

Then I played this archive for the rest of the night...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Violet Flame/guest DJ Brian

**denotes time missing from switching discs on the burner
 Sesso Violento - Sexual Carcinoma 
Aelter III - Clarity II (excerpt) 
Locrian - Ghost Repeater 
Xela - Gilted Rose (excerpt) 
Wormsblood - Hollow Cost Money 
Angelblood - Edward's Call 
Zeni Geva - Nah Ha 
Dissecting Table - I Get My Slogan 
T.O.M.B. - Dead Choir Radio (pre release) Live set from Violet Flame 
Anthrax Leprosy Mu - Infernal Engravement 
*Neige et Noirceur - excerpt from side b of Philosophie des Arts Occultes cassette 
Murderous Vision - Omnipath Godflesh - Like Rats
Controlled Bleeding - excerpt from side b of Body Samples cassette reissue 
Winters in Osaka - Impalement 
Husere Grav - excerpt from cassette on Ghetto Naturalist Industries side b 
*Barrikad featuring Kriminaaliset Metsanhaltijat - Black Hammers 
Wilt - She Walks The Night
Michael Esposito & Chris Connelly / Phantom Plastics - The Phantoms of Purgatory Souls
 Oakeater - excerpt from "Molech" 
Guest DJ set*  
Josh Lay - I'll Kill Everything You Love 
Black Seas of Infinity - thy Secret Shall Stain Stain The Heart Of The Ekstasis (Aleim Edam) 
Burzum - Gebrechlichkeit II 
Nortt - Doden Moevot - Oraison 
Abruptum - de Profundis Mors Cousumet 
Moth Drakula - Live at Il Corral 
Prurient - Spins The World's Wheel 
Menace Ruine - Bonded by Wyrd 
S.V.E.S.T. - The Black Art

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No Cavities!

Entirely 45RPM singles, mostly of the bargain bin gravel variety. 
Wendy Rene - What Will Tomorrow Bring
Barbara Lynn - You'll Lose A Good Thing
James Brown and His Famous Flames - Just Won't Do Right
The Temptations - You'll Lose A Precious Love
The Intruders - Me Tarzan, You Jane
Sunny & The Sunliners - Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Delfonics - think it Over
The Miracles - Save Me
Timi Yuro - What's A Matter Baby
Little Eva - Just A Little Girl
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - My Baby Loves Me
The Young Rascals - Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
The Spinners - It's A Shame
The Marvellettes - Playboy
Jackie Wilson & Count Basie - Funky Broadway
Fantastic Johnny C - Cool Broadway
The Larks - The Jerk
The Capitols - Cool Jerk
The Essex - Easier Said Than Done
The Four Tops - 7 Rooms of Gloom
The Honey Cone - Take My Love
Clyde McPhatter - A Lover's Question
The Rivingtons - Papa Oom Mow Mow
Brenton Wood - The Oogum Boogum Song
Huey (Piano) Smith & The Clowns - Snag-A-Tooth Jeannie
Phil McLean - Chicken
Boyd Bennett - Boogie Bear
Pigmeat Markham - Here Comes The Judge
Clarence Carter - Mother-In-Law
Larry Williams - Bony Moronie
The Orlons - Wah Watusi
Jimmy Castor - Hey Leroy, Your Mama's Callin' You
WAR - Cisco Kid
Diana Ross & The Supremes & The Temptations - A Place In The Sun
Ruby & The Romantics - My Summer Love
Joe Simon - Long Hot Summer
The 5th Dimension - Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures)  Medley
Sly & The Family Stone - Hot Fun In The Summertime
Brian Hyland - Summer Job
The Scotties - Popscicles and Icicles
Connie Francis - Among My Souvenirs
The Crystals - I Love You Eddie
The Paris Sisters - Dream Lover
The Chordettes - Just Between You and Me
Paul & Paula - Hey Paula
Dion & The Belmonts - That's My Desire
The Platters - The Great Pretender
Santo & Johnny - Sleep Walk
The Commodores - Easy
O'Jays - Back Stabbers
Dramatics - Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
Johnny Nash - Midnight Moonlight
The Capris - There's A Moon Out Tonight
Johnny & The Expressions - Shy Girl
Pieces of Eight - Lonely Drifter
The Drifters - When My Little Girl Is Smiling
Jerry Butler - He Will Break Your Heart
Ronnie Dove - Baby Put Your Arms Around Me
The Contours - Move Mr. Man
Mickey Murray - Shout Bamalama
O.V. Wright  - Love The Way You Love
The Persuaders - You Must've Put Something In Your Love
The Chi-Lites - Trouble's A Comin'
The Bar Kays - Holy Ghost
Rufus Thomas - The Breakdown Part 1
The Ohio Players - Funky Worm
Otis & Carla - Tramp
Clarence Reid - Nobody But You
The Flaming Ember - Why Don't You Stay
The Coasters - I'm A Hog For You Baby
Jumpin' Gene Simmons - Hey, Hey Little Girl
Four Jacks and A Jill - I Looked Back
Brenda Lee  - He's So Heavenly
Booker T. & The MG's - Groovin'
Cliff Richards & The Shadows - Your Eyes Tell on You
Ray Godfrey - Ten Silver Dollars
Patsy Cline - Lovin' In Vain
 Slim Harpo - I'm Gonna Miss You (Like The Devil)
Willie Mitchell - Soul Serenade
Gordon  Jenkins and his orchestra and THE WEAVERS - Goodnight Irene

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Violet Flame on Delirious Insomniac July 16th

On the evening of July 16th (the morning of the 17th at midnight CENTRAL), The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show will feature a live performance by VIOLET FLAME, featuring one of the minds behind T.O.M.B. and PANTHER MODERN.  Streaming on or on 88.7 FM in Chicago.  

A little Requiem for all the Boys and Girls

I played entirely music from the WLUW library on this show
Iron Butterfly - Inna Gadda Da Vida
Cave - Gamm
Butthole Surfers - One Hundred Million People Dead
Hella - Headless
King Crimson - Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With
Swans - My Birth
Ministry - Impossible
Slayer - Cleanse The Soul
Ruins - Uskilsdos Zaimm
The Flying Luttenbachers - Dance of The Lonely Hyenas
The Stooges - Death Trip
New York Dolls - Frankenstein
Captain Beefheart - I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby
Rope - Love  Without The Illusion of Permanence
NEU! - Lieber Konig
Roky Erickson - True Love Cast Out All Evil
Lisa Germano - Into The Night
Laurie Anderson - The Day The Devil
Thinking Fellers Union Local #282 - Entoloma
People Like Us - Dolly Pardon
Evolution Control Committee - Rocked By Rape
Foetus - What Have You Been Doing?
Negativland - An Actual Attack (from Ikebana: Merzbow's Amlux Rebuilt)
Aphex Twin - At The Heart of It All
DJ Shadow - Give Me Back The Nights
Pink Anvil - Unmerry
T. Rex - Ballrooms of Mars
Darlene Love - Strange Love
David Lynch - I Know
The Residents - I Hate Heaven
Windy & Carl - btwn you + me
David Bowie - Sense of Doubt
Lene Lovich - Lucky Number
Klaus Nomi - Simple Man
Suicide - Johnny Dance
Silver Apples - Oscillations
Serge Gainsbourg - Requiem Pour un c...
Francoise Hardy - Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles
Zola Jesus - Night
Indian Jewelry - Dirty Hands
The Vanishing - Princess Poison
Adult. - Paranoid Vision
The Normal - Warm Leatherette
Ohgr - Minus
Pigface - She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
Otto Von Schirach - Lumpy Crawlers
Ramones - I Don't Wanna Be Learned/I Don't Wanna Be Tamed
Grinderman - Worm Tamer

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

  The cassette player didn't work and the burner didn't record!

Barrikad featuring Kriminaaliset Metsanhaltijat - Black Hammers
Putrefier - track 3 from Trace Elemental Syntax CD
(tried to play a Government Alpha tape but the tape player is not working)
Pope Joanna - Station XIII (Thorns)

Plastic Boner Band - Track 4 from The Way of All Flesh CDR

Andreas Brandaal - Break The Spell
Panther Modern - Sleep Machine

Damion Romero - Missed Offerings (excerpt)
Zenith - Chain (excerpt)

RSP - Deeds Not Words
Torturing Nurse - ChePet (excerpt)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nascent Provenance

Charles Marie Widor (Organ By E. Power Biggs) - Toccata in F Major, from the Fifth Organ Symphony 
Cultus Sabbati - Walls of The Abyss (excerpt) 
Nyodene D - I Know That I Am Fighting A War I Cannot Win 
Merzbow & Genesis P. Orridge - Flowering Pain Give Space 
Genocide Organ - wintergewitter (from White Eye of Winter Watching 2XCS Comp) 
Ramleh - baikal tableau Big City Orchestra - Not All There
NON - secret track from God & Beast CD (skips near ending) Jason Crumer - Subterranean Forces Blind Grinding
Wilt - excerpt from "She" cassette Side B 
Lab Report - The Act (from TERMINAL OST) 
Lustmord - Zoetrope End Titles 
David Bowie - I'm Afraid of Americans (Nine Inch Nails Remix V4) 
Aurist - Dekindling
Robert Turman - excerpt from "Spirals of Everlasting Change" DVDr 
Vertonen - Track 1 from "Le Couer Mecanique" CDR ("half ton presses, plating, stamping, chain belt") 
CEMENTIMENTAL - Abstractor Abutted Symplectic Pilgrimage Flask (from split CS with My Lovely Figment) 
Redglaer - excerpt from track 3 of "American Masonry" CD 
Controlled Bleeding - excerpt from Knees and Bones cassette reissue side A *long crossfade into* 
Knot of Fire - Beyond Destination 
audio from E. Elias Merhige's Begotten
Komissar Hjuler - Separationsaengste cassette side A excerpt 
audio from Alejandro Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Delirious Insomniac back on in Croatia

The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show was syndicated in Split, Croatia on RadioKL for a couple of years, until the station had to merge with other stations to stay afloat. After some time, the consensus became to become a top 40 station, and so the staff at radiokl broke off and restarted as an online station. The website is still under construction, and the Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show is happy to be a part of it. More details to follow.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Road that runs through the Enchanted Forest to Electric Disconnect Sex is Directly Inside All of Us and Everything

Illegitimate Electric Klonopin Skin

Cock E.S.P. - Excerpt from Side B of "Taking Meds To Make Music To Take Meds To" cassette
Future Blondes - East/West
Excerpt from Neon Marshmallow Fest 2011 compilation cassette
Nick Sondy - The Questioning Condition
Oranj Punjabi - MJ's Discreet Anti-Semitism/Large Flies in  Loudun
Lucho Pelucho y Bjorn Erlach con Los Soldados De La Coca - I Put A Spell on You
Al Qaeda - Excerpt from split cassette with DA/AD
Terminator II - Excerpt from Side b of self released (self titled?) cassette
Kissy Kiss A Lots - Excerpt from "If you buy this album you are a fucking idiot.  Seriously idiot, don't buy this album.  Fuck you.  Yes. this is the name of the album" CDR
Excerpt from "The Last Mopery Show" DVDR featuring Sun Splitter and Unmanned Ship
Maladroit - Night of The Brain Insectoid Rhythm Section (From Hell)
Liver Cancer - Anti Vacuum
Steel Hook Prosthesis - Willowbrook Building 6
Bereft - Live at Dead Audio Fest 2010 (from DVDR)
Skin Graft - Excerpt from "Drowning In Obsidian" cassette
Chefkirk - Excerpt from "Overcoming Computer Anxiety"
Mesa Ritual - excerpt from "Voltaic Processions" CD
Roxanne Turcotte - Delirium*
Christian Bouchard - Impasto Finale*
Pierre Alexandre Tremblay - Les trois petits c...*
* featuring material from the empreintes DIGITALes label
Sterile Garden - excerpt from "Composite" cassette side A
Le Scrambled Debutante - Excerpt from "Omelette Douche from Mars (Live)" CDR
Nundata - Excerpt from "Semen Papaveris" cassette side A
Isaac Linder and Married In Berdichev - excerpt from live set at Denver Noise Fest 2010
Syphilis Sauna - Excerpt from live set at Denver Noise Fest 2011
Dental Work - Atheist Rhumba
The Shock Technician - excerpt from split cassette with My Lovely Figment
Novasak & Kuxaan Sum - excerpt from "Loud Kings" CDR
Hari Hardman - vessel
excerpt from the movie "I EAT YOUR SKIN"
Marlo Eggplant - scraping.up.and.out (from "crisis as opportunity" cassette)
Tuluum Shimmering - Khual Yaang (excerpt from DVDR)
Leif Elggren - sleeptalk (excerpt from "death travels backwards" DVD)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Guest hosts Kenny Kicks and Rock Bottom Crew DJ's Lidia Vomito and Bryan Chump Change

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When Two Left Feet Fly Straight

Little Fyodor - Death Wish
Trespassers W - Do The Don't
Ralph Gean - Hey Doctor Casey
John Trubee - Babylon (Throw Your Children To The Fire)
Johanna Went  - Excerpt from "Live on Broadway" 08/21/82" Cassette
Glands of External Secretion/Prick Decay - Speaking of Feathers
Michael Esposito & Francisco Meirino - Excerpt from "Ghosts of Case File 142" CD
Michael Esposito & Leif Elgrenn - Track 4 from "Fire Station 6" CD
Elainie Lillios - Stumbling Dance
@C + Gintas K - K./85
Illusion of Safety - 11-5-00 dead tech part 2
OHNE - Untitled 18 from OHNE 1 CD
HeadBoggle - X's
Bryan Lewis Saunders & Z'ev - Philosophy of the Hole and The Anti Hole
Crawl Unit - Holy Static
Neil Jendon - Staggers and Folds
Dog Lady - Excerpt from self titled cassette
Wraiths - Excerpt from live cassette on Land of Decay
Thomas Bey William Bailey - Excerpt from "Progressive Lycanthropy" cassette
Hari Hardman - MOHORK
Panther Modern - Excerpt from "Satanic Logic" cassette
Skin Graft/ Murderous Vision - Untitled Collaboration (Track 6 from "Corpse Abuse" CDR)
Developer - excerpt from "PPBR004" Cassette
Los Heraldos Negros - Excerpt from "Vivir Mejor" CDR
Fatale - Les Peaux
Zack Kouns - Excerpt from cassette on Bum Tapes
Panicsville - excerpt from "Live In Hannover Germany (1985)" track on "Dedicated to John Olson's Right Fist" CDR
Black Leather Jesus - "Ty's First Time (Resized Version)" excerpt (Stiff Discipline)
MAAAA - Excerpt from "Sampo Distortion" CD
Merzbow - Excerpt from "GMAN" Cassette *with*
PCRV - Excerpt from "Mother / Child" CDR track 2
Government Alpha - excerpt from "Overcast Sky" on "Gradual Erosion" cassette
Marlo Eggplant / Dental Work - Excerpt from "Binge & Purge" CDR
Cock ESP - "pursuit of crappiness"
Novasak  - Excerpt from "Acoustic Trauma" CDR

Monday, April 23, 2012

Michael Esposito CD Giveaways tonight on The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show

Tonight some time after midnight central time, there will be CD giveaways of material by Michael Esposito. Listen to The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show, streaming from after midnight central time for more information.

Michael Esposito was born 1964 in Gary, Indiana. He is an experimental artist and researcher in Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). An ancestor of Alfred Vail, who invented the Morse Code and several early telegraph devices with his partner Samuel Morse. Another ancestor, Jonathan Harned Vail was office manager and assistant to Thomas Edison in his later years when Edison was attempting to develop a device to communicate with the dead. Michael studied communication theory at Purdue University, University of Notre Dame, American University in Cairo, Egypt and Governor's State University.

 Over the years, under the Phantom Airwaves institution, Michael has participated in hundreds of paranormal investigations all over the world. He has conducted extensive research at many active locations and has developed a great deal of unique theory and devised many unique experiments within the field of EVP. Focusing primarily on EVP research, he has collected tens of thousands EVPs and video. Michael has appeared in numerous television, radio and newspaper features. Working extensively with EVP's relationship to experimental music, Michael combines EVP with field recording and related frequency tones of research sites to provide an audio-archeological picture of both sides of the veil. Michael is currently published by Touch Music[MCPS] UK.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Arvo's interview with Dave Phillips at WFMU

Read an interview that I did with Dave Phillips at WFMU, in cooperation with Special Interests Magazine

Walking around with a mask on, breathing into remote loop pedals, and triggering various sounds of animals screaming over string samples, Phillips chiseled together a dizzying miasma of tragically unnecessary pain, graphically unrelenting death, and the intrinsically cruel nature of human condition, who in its “civilized” state, refuses to tend to the ugly corners of reality. It was still the most effective exhibition I have ever seen, and I think that Dave Phillips will be remembered as a shining example of someone who transcended academic circles and noise or music scenes alike.
As much as a call to action “message” is usually an added “bonus” to the experience that I prefer to pass on, Dave Phillips creates something that is larger than life, and leaves the audience member feeling cauterized, thinking that a mere art gallery, theater, or music club is dreadfully inadequate and insulting in its lack of scope unless it is in the middle of an inclement rainforest or a haunted slaughterhouse.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Vacuum of Infinite Privacy

the first half hour consisted of a sound collage of dogs barking, online radio, goats mating, multiple layers of streaming harsh noise from jliat, and drone from Bull of Heaven.

the following hour of the show consisted of live radio feedback manipulations and experiments with the 5 live studio mics vs. room sounds.

After that, Coast to Coast AM was aired from 5 different radio stations across the country at the same time, so as to use differing delays in streaming and varying programming schedule (advertising especially) to create a muffled jumble of inarticulate words during breaks, among other things. Coast to Coast is no longer aired in Chicago on terrestrial radio, so I intended to air it while also not giving merit to their advertisers (as I think I am legally obligated to avoid).

reptans caelestis effervescentia

Manorexia - Krzystl
Illusion of Safety - Live at No Fun 2008 Side A Excerpt
Le Scrambled Debutante - That Ole Devil Music
Forms of Things Unknown - Shave 'Em Dry 'Til The Cows Come Home

Sudden Infant - Joke Hallo
Dat Politics - Food
Sarah Weis - Heavens / Makes No Sense
Squarepusher - Plaistow Flex Out
Andrew Quitter - Vestron - Get In My Hearse (Dub Mix)

Marchus Schmickler - Metorillo 9
Quattrophage - Youch
Ruby - Pine
Sow - Blood Sucking Bitch
Women of the SS - Sexbite
Sasha Grey - Efrom (the Retarded Rabbit)
Cunting Daughters - Age of Entitlement

Zack Kouns - Track 1 from "Peasant Girl's Crotch Full of Stars" CDR
Zack Kouns - Track 3 from "A Woman is Not a Sphinx" CDR
Masaoka/Chen/Grusel/Nagai - Absence of Territory *with* Bryan Lewis Saunders - Bed Bugs

Startless - excerpt from "Voiceless, Aeration" CD
Lychgate - Phobos (excerpt from Tour EP '09 CDR)
Eric Lunde - My Atom Bomb Pianl (For Chris Sienko)

Boyle - 18 November 2011 *with*
Failure - S/T cassette excerpt Side B

Robert Turman & Aaron Dilloway - Track 3 from "Blizzard"

Jason Soliday - "Disquiet" cassette Side A excerpt

Nundata - track 2 from "MRSA"

Kommissar Hjuler und Frau (with Bryan Lewis Saunders) - Red Bugs (excerpt)

Monday, April 2, 2012


artist link

Goatlab - Sevigny
Pharmakon - Cast Into The Crowning Point
Megaptera - Research of Epileptic Attacks
Everything But The Gargoyle - Sleeping With Ghosts
Ilitch - Le sofa Rouge

Murderous Vision & Fascist Insect - Blood of the Tyrants (Excerpt)
Wilt - Keeper of Lanterns
Winters In Osaka - Alone In Norilsk (Smog and Ghost)
Michael Vallera - Arm of The Sun

Bile and Horseman - excerpt from The Tenant Night cassette
Tertium Quid - Abyss
Per Svensson & Michael Esposito / Phantom Plastics - The Ghosts of Ogilvie Station flexidisc

Corephallism - Medford Rape Bridge
Redrot - Choke
Hydroze Plus - Overcoat
Lobisomem - Oxbow Remix by Bundy K. Brown
Cut Hands - Stabbers Conspiracy

Rudolf's Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock - excerpt from side A of Besensitzen/Zaunreiten cassette
Richard Kamerman - I Stayed In The Apartment for Thirty Two Days without Leaving (excerpt from micro cassette, may have had incorrect content on tape)
Lupus Sol - Requiem for Punch Press
Crown of Cerberus - Watching Her Majesty Sing As She WadesLink Through A River of Her Enemies' Blood

j simpson - Housecleaning
Zack Kouns - excerpt from "he must have contemplated his death during those long drives on the bypass at night" cassette side A
Neil Jendon - Static By Static

Opera Mort - Minuit Cerceuil
Abortus Fever - Hyperplastic2 (excerpt)
Throbbing Gristle - Hamburger Lady (Request)
Marc Broude - Muerte
Little Fyodor - Won't Somebody Fill The Void?
Christopher Ilth - B2 from Tarantismo Summit Vol. 2 LP
Bryan Lewis Saunders - Near Death Experience (music by Spastic Dementia)
Lechuguillas - Misrule
Shaved Women - Think for Me
Mac Blackout - Do It Like Dogs Do It / Bully
The Fuckin' Bone Shakers - Kill Kill Kill

Bryan Lewis Saunders / Love, Execution Style - The Severed Head (excerpt)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Amateur Night in Hell

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Monogamie, Kannibalismus

Little Peggy March - Teasin'
Diane Ray - Please Don't Talk To The Lifeguard
The Shirelles - Boys
Toys - Can't Get Enough of You Baby
Dusty Springfield - I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby's Face
Geraldine Stevens - Billy, I've Got To Go To Town
The Fascinations - Can't Stay Away From You
Dolly Parton - You're Gonna Be Sorry
Dara Puspita - Irama (?)
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch - The Sun Goes Down
The Search Party - Speak To Me
Gerry & The Pacemakers - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
The Reynettes - Rescue Me
Jamo Thomas - I Spy For The FBI
The Honeydrippers - Impeach The President
Dick Dale & The Del Tones - Night Rider
Sunny & The Sunliners - Put Me In Jail

Danny & The Dreamers - Think Nothing About It
Asobi Seksu - Thursday
Nara - Dream A Little Dream

Cthonic Force - Solitary
Chris Connelly - What's Left But Solid Gold
David Bowie - See Emily Play
The Poppy Family - There's No Blood In Bone
The Sharades - Dumb Head

Asha Bhosle, Mohammed Rafti - Chura Liya
The Murmaids - Popsicles & Icicles
Mistinguett - Mon Gangster
Brenda Lee - This Girl's In Love With You
Jocelyne - Nitty Gritty
Chaino - Rockin' Bongos
Christine Pilzer - Dracula
Desi Arnaz & His Latinos - Un Poquito De Tu Amor
Danyel Gérard - Sexologie
The Pebble Episode - Tripsy
Serge Gainsbourg - Comic Strip
Greek Fountains - An Experimented Terror
Peggy Lee - Siamese Cat Song

Lucia Pamela - Walking On The Moon
Pasquale & the Lunar-Tiks - Moon Madness
Waring's Pennsylvanians - I Scream, You Scream
Burl Ives - I Know An Old Lady
Myron Floren - Laughing Polka
Joe Thompson - Pirates In The Bathroom
Dickey Doo & the Dont's - Nee Nee Na Na Nu Nu
Troy Hess - Please Don't Go Topless, Mother
Arkey Blue - Too Many Pills
John Brown's Bodies - Out Of My Mind
The Imps - Uh Oh
James Duncan - I Got It Made (The Shade)
Idle Race - Imposters In Life's Magazine

People In Control - When It's War
The The - Flesh and Bones
H.N.A.S. - Hannelore
Blurt - Man To Fly
Gerechtigkeits Liga - Voelkermord Part I & II
SPK - Wars of Islam
Premature Ejaculation - Frightened
Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - Ehsthn Eéihsm

Die Todliche Doris - Haare im Mund
Die Verspannten - Komm Besuch Mich Heut
Die Unbekannten - Radio War (Live)
Der Eiserne Vorhang - Hassen
Die Radierer - Angriff auf´s Schlaraffenland
Die Heteros - Monogamie, Kannibalismus Unser Zeit
Die Doraus & Die Marinas - Kleines Stubenmädchen
Das Kabinett - Amok

Die Atlantikschwimmer - Der Tunnel
Der KFC - Letzte Hoffnung
Der Plan - Robot Bolero
Der Künftige Musikant - Kain Und Abel
Der Fluch - Ich bin Ein Junger Werwolf

Der Blutharsch-Deutsch Nepal - Apocalyptic Climax II IV

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Delirious Music for Delirious People reviewed at Fake Dimensions

Delirious Music For Delirious People reviewed at Fake Dimensions:

The first time I came across the name Arvo Zylo was sometime last year, a week or so before Halloween I guess. Somewhere on the web I read the announcement of a two-part live radio set by Michael Esposito and Jason Soliday, to be performed/aired on Halloween night during Arvo's "Delirious Insomniac" radio show on WLUW, Chicago. Said night I tuned in of course and ended up listening almost the full 4hrs long transmission. Delirious Music has been released in celebration of the 4th anniversary of said radio show on Arvo's own "No Part Of It" imprint and reached me along with another CD by himself early last week. Actually I meant to review both disks in one entry but after close consideration I decided that this one easily deserves its own. 20 or so contributions on here, some of them by bigger names such as Controlled Bleeding, Big City Orchestra, Boyd Rice (with Little Fyodor, whom I remember from his 20 seconds collaboration w/ The Haters in the late 90's) or Jarboe, most of them by lesser known artists and even some - and this is the most charming factor - by acts I would have never expected to be featured on this compilation. There's Gary Wilson for instance, whose influential "You Think You Really Know Me" LP dates back three and a half decades! Wow! Then there's Rancid Hell Spawn, the infamous british lo-fi noise punk unit, one hasn't heard of for ages, with a hell of a contribution! This is amazing. The range of contributions and styles represented on this disk is wide-ranging and the melange of Garage, Psych, Noise, Pop, Weirdo whatever certainly doesn't always work. This selection however is, beyond all doubt, very well-conceived and there's hardly any tracks that made me skip to the next one. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the appearance of Irene Moon, which was a special treat for me.
"Delirious Music For Delirious People" has been released in two versions, digipack --> CD // jewel case --> CDr, which is a bit cheaper I think.

Monday, March 12, 2012

La danse de la mort voyous de l'univers

400 Lonely Things - The Light Hurts My Eyes
dave phillips - kelelawar (excerpt from side b)
Francisco Meirino & Michael Esposito - Excerpt from "Ghosts of Case File 142" CD *with*
Wraiths - "Black Tape" excerpt *with*
Chicago Police CB Radio with unknown ambient synth music *with*
Coast to Coast AM streaming on KGNC in Amarillo Texas *with*
j simpson - housecleaning / strange angels *with*
Hastas - Spilt Milk *with*
Forms of Things Unknown - Errant Bodies

Nature Morte - Affaibli
Robert Turman - The Depth of Neon (excerpt)
Andrea Borghi - Medulla
Mass Marriage - No Feelings
Demonologists with Beeping Sleauty - Hex Hymn
Pacific 231 - excerpt from "9 minutes 59" (tape eaten)
Regosphere - Slab City
My Lovely Figment - Excerpt from "Well fuck, I can't think of a goddamn thing!" track from split cassette with Cementimental

Sarah J. Ritch - Sonata de Kinor - 1st mvt
John Boyle - 14 November 2011
Last King of Poland - Follow Lonely Roads Part 2 Excerpt
Controlled Bleeding - A Love Song (In Two Parts)
Richard Ramirez - Excerpt from "Hard Trainer" cassette
Novasak - Excerpt from Track 2 of "The Exploding Sorority Machine" CDR

Custodian - Excerpt from Side A of "Destructive Resonance" cassette
Le Syndicat MMX - Faked Up Limits [Session XIV Extract - 2010/10/13]
Ekunhaashaastaack - La Mort Danse Sur Les Perdants

The Sleeping Room - Tonight (excerpt)

"Delirious Music For Delirious People" reviewed in Roctober Magazine

Thanks to Roctober for the kind words!

(Delirious Insomniac) Freeform radio is a misunderstood concept. Non-commercial stations that let their DJs play what they want are considered by many (including Wikipedia I just learned) to be practitioners of the art, but I recall smoky conversations with grey ponytailed jocks of yore that claimed that in its original form it was really about a kind of rejection of genre, and classical and hippie and prog and country would intermingle. But the fact is, that is a better concept than a reality. What you really want is someone like Arvo Fingers having the freedom to play whatever they want and NOT feel obligated to mix it up. On this compilation culled from his Loyola’s WLUW radio show we get to hear a melange of weirdness, some genuinely strange, evil, dark, kooky, crazy sounds, seemingly from all over the map, but incontrovertibly argued here as to be cut from the same cloth. Who knew Boyd Rice, Mac Blackout, Gary Wilson, Jarboe, Haunted George, and Hans Grüsel were in the same musical bed? Arvo!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dissecting Table review by Arvo at Heathen Harvest

Thanks to Heathen Harvest for having me as a guest contributor.

Here is a review of Dissecting Table's "The Universe Is Only An Object" on Danvers State Recordings

Monday, February 27, 2012

Interview with travis from ONO

February 27th/28th: travis (legally removed last name, lower case) from band ONO in existence since 1980, artist, 1960s veteran

travis - A wide ranging and highly biographical interview, travis talks about his childhood in rural Mississippi and how that may have influenced his general distaste for conventional music early on, his time in the navy, cross dressing and practicing kundalini, and everything else that has culminated into what he is like present day.
Please note that this is the unedited interview, apparently I accidentally saved it over the edited version somehow...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Boyd Rice Interview reappropriation

On or after the 13th, the suppressed 2nd interview with Boyd Rice on The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show will be available at the following places. More dates and times will be added as they become available. Many thanks to those who offered their support!

Radio Valencia with Ferrara Brain Pan"NO Such Program" February 18th at 4pm, *2 hour special on Boyd Rice) LISTEN HERE
Zeid's Insides on (some time on February 18th around 9 or 10 pm Pacific Time *2 hour special on Boyd Rice)
Douche Froide (France) LISTEN HERE (Commentary in French is also included)
Radio Kali Yuga (Chile)
Aural Apocalypse Wednesday the 15th
J's Heaven
Saturday March 3 @ 12:00 am EST, meaning Friday March 2, 9:00 pm PST/11:00 pm Central). 88.3 FM Ann Arbor (WCBN)

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Voice of a Mother's Dream, "You Are Not Here"

Death In June & Boyd Rice - Boyd's Gift, An Ancient Tale Is Told
Controlled Bleeding - A Love Song (In Two Parts)
Teatro Satanico - Hymn To Lucifer (Excerpt)
Rowland S. Howard & Lydia Lunch - I Fell In Love with A Ghost

Boyle - 11 November 2011

Death Factory - Demitri's Dillemma
Danzig - Hint of Her Blood
Jean Cocteau - Les Voleurs d'Enfants
Henry Mancini - Experiment In Terror
Lalo Schifrin - Rampage Of The Driver Ants
Serbischer Leichenschmaus - Eigenaufnahme

Konstruktivists - Nostalgia
Steel Hook Prostheses - The Invokation Of Merihim
Konstantin Raudive - Radio Stimme + Microphone Stimme
Phantom Aiwaves / Michael Esposito & Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau - Der Platz Meine Mutter Wohnt
Geronimo Arafat - A Lick At The Cunt of The Ages (Excerpt) *with*
Yugen - Pandrogeny (excerpt) *with*
Mnemonists - Excerpt from Side B of "Horde" *with*
Soup Purse - Live In San Diego 3" CDR on Lewcid Jooseboxx *with*
Moth Electret - Cygal *with*
William Castle - The Deadly Orchid *with*
Wolfskin - Thornapple
Yaz - Winter Kills
Wiseblood - Someone Drowned In My Pool

Nathan Carpenter - Sleeping Giant
H.N.A.S. - Hunsrück
Holger Hiller - Ein Ganz Normaler Kuss
Wazmo Nariz - Deeply
Knife Lust - Shrivel Up
Haus Arafna - Paranoia

ELEKTRIČNI ORGAZAM - Bejbe, ti nisi tu
Arch Oboler - Catwife

Monday, February 6, 2012


101 Strings Orchestra - Danke Schoen
Gunilla Thorn - Go On Then
Blacky Vale - If I Had Me A Woman
Jean DuShon - How Long (Can I Go On)
Gary Shelton - Stop The World
Jean Chapel - Welcome To The Club
The Intruders - I'll Go On
Annette Funicello - I Can't Do The Sum
Lonesome Drifter - Honey Do You Think of Me
45 Grave - Evil
Alien Sex Fiend - I Walk The Line
Amanda Lear - She Wolf

Bo Diddley - Mummy Walk
Bain Wolfkind - Big Black Train
Amon Düül II - Sleepwalker's Timeless Bridge
CM Von Hausswolff and Erik Pauser/Phauss - Eternal Love #3

Marc Broude - Bury Me In Plains of Silent Plants
nothingisttrue - SP0000
John Duncan & Michael Esposito - There Must Be A Way Across This River (Excerpt)
Regosphere - Nervous Reaction

Nick Sondy - Looking Out with Eyes Closed *with*
Dissecting Table - Second Agitator (excerpt)

Smegma - Stereo Action
Head Boggle - Excerpt from Heldentenor And Saloon Set Solos cassette
*Dave Phillips - Excerpt from "Recycling" *with*
*Howard Stelzer - Excerpt from "Spindel" *with*
*Lionel Marchetti - Excerpt from "Natura Morta"
*from the Zelphabet series

GX Jupitter-Larsen - Expanded Slam (Excerpt)
Wilt - Excerpt from "She" cassette
Reverse Baptism - Excerpt from "Street Business"

Death Sick Cunt - Bored To Life (excerpt)
So Boring - Furthest Life-Changer (excerpt) *with*
Josh Lay & Teeth Collection - Excerpt from Side A of Untitled collaborative LP *with*
Winters In Osaka - Excerpt from "Contact Established"

The radio shows shared here are intended for entertainment purposes only. If you like an artist featured on one of these programs, it is encouraged to support them by buying their material.

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