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Kirit Her - Storm of Radiance

Kinit Her

Muzika iscijeđena iz suhih stabala, kamenja srednjovjekovnih tvrđava, poluraspadnutih gljiva, ranjenih oblaka, žiletom prerezanih rijeka, ručno napravljenih duhova... 
Stručni izrazi: psihodelični folk, gotički neofolk.

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Listen : KINIT HER "Mosaic Of The Hyacinths"

Madison, WI’s neo-folk brethren return with a special cassette only micro-edition on Paradigms. KINIT HER were formed as a trio back in 2007, now a duo of brothers they continue to explore a rich musical heritage of neo-classical and early music influenced occult neo-folk of ever deepening richness and sorrowful wonder. Their organic forest mantras and sacred sigils embrace a lush orchestration of horns, mournful strings, delicate twelve-string guitars to accompany the vocal incantations of woodland mysticism and a search for higher knowledge in conflict with the veil of the modern world. Something beautiful and arcane smolders here.
With several acclaimed releases to their name already, including a split album with Burial Hex and an upcoming new album on Pesanta Urfolk, KINIT HER continue to bewitch us with their intoxicating folk psychedelics that flow through blood and earth on “Mosaic Of The Hyacinths”. -

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Double LP 

released 28 August 2012
Recorded in Wisconsin 2011-2012.
Kinit Her was: Nathaniel Allen Ritter & Troy Allen Schafer

Lyrics adapted from aphorisms of Ludwig Klages

and the poem “Corybantic Dithyramb” by Alfred Schuler.

Featuring the artwork of Denis Forkas Kostromitin

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 released 30 August 2011
Composed, performed, and produced by
Troy Allen Schafer & Nathaniel Allen Ritter
At The Harvest Abbey - 2009
Illustrations by Sin-Eater
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 released 01 January 2011
Composed, performed, and produced by Troy Allen Schafer & Nathaniel Allen Ritter at The Harvest Abbey in 1431.
Gratitudes: Clay, Dani, Vincent, Eric, Jason, Graham, our loved, lived, and leave'd kin.

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Kinit Her's 3 tracks from collaborative/split LP with Burial Hex. Both "Dawn" and "Sky" feature the vocal assistance of Dani Dahlke and Clay Ruby.
LP version currently available from Alt.Vinyl - CD version to come soon from Aurora Borealis.

"an album that harks back to the darker days of wouldn't be out of place alongside sturmpercht or waldteufel..the woods are closing in and there is a dminishing chance of redemption. the a side naviagtes a strange epic drone folk but with uneasy chord combinations and an unsettling sense of ritual. side b is more apocalyptic..mumbled, distorted, half swallowed lyrics eat themselves in an epic 1st track whilst the resonant nass heavy end of the piano keyboard bears the weight of a repetitive and percussive hammer. melodic, atmospheric and hypnotic..this records winds branches of hitherto separate trees into a compelling whole.." - alt.vinyl

released 06 September 2010


This tape comes as close to being indescribable as just about anything I've heard in a long long time.  An airy recording places most of the instruments in a cloud of sound that envelops you, rather than just presenting music for your enjoyment.  The vocals were a bit off putting at first, falling somewhere between COCTEAU TWINS (the second mention of this band in two days) and THE CHIPMUNKS, but by the end of the first track I was mesmerized.  So many elements on As Magi just don't seem like they should work together, but they do so perfectly, and now I find myself with a new obsession.  Check  them out (here) after you download this Tuesday morning oddness.

What if ancient walls of medieval castles made music or told stories…they might speak the language of Kinit Her. This Midwestern band conjures up dense walls of blackened gothic neo-folk that creeps in & out of your wonderful pain. Kinit Her take wretched feedback & distortion then transform them into glaciers of dark enchantment. Imagine if hooded monks sung occult chants to you before you went into a dreamstate & then blindfolded you before taking you into their cave of torment. Kinit Her’s music evokes a sense of isolation that will take over your brain & guide you into a place where ghosts mediate. Their songs are filled with trap doors, & behind each door you will another story that you have never heard before. Kinit Her’s 2010 release, Divine Names, is a magical journey that crafts a black hole for all of us to dive into & figure out what this album means to you. When listening to this record, allow the guitars to be your wizards, allow the drone to be your raven messengers & allow your mind to construct a brand new normal. Kinit Her’s music is heavy & dark in way that the owls understand…I hope you will. -

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