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Karel Doing - kratki film Liquidator & još

Film o fizičkom propadanju starog nijemog filma Haarlem. Međutim, kao da se rastapa mnogo više - ono za što mislimo da je iza onoga što (mislimo da) vidimo. 

While Senna may have become the darling of the archive industry over the last 12 months, Karel Doing's Liquidator project certainly blew a few minds in that time, definitely serving up the most talked about minute preview at the Focal Awards. Perhaps most interestingly the 8 minute film is soundtracked by Mical Osowski, who connected the filters and effects of the music to the levels of density in the film. The distortion of the image and what you're seeing directly changes the music.
The concept of the film is a bit hard to explain without biting the press info, but at it's core it's a project in deterioration and change, which starts with the restoration of a 1922 Willy Mullens film. Now referred to as 'Haarlem', the Dutch filmmakers shots of the city had been left to deteriorate presumably since they were recorded and shelved 90 years ago. The good folk at Haghe Film Laboratory were clever enough to make a short recording of the process.
On a relevant note a well known musician, who'll remain anonymous, remarked how searching for film archive has replaced 'record digging' for him and countless others. Arguing the the golden-era of record digging is over, film is still yet to peak, with unlabelled canisters turning out gold every month, while countless others remain unchecked and head to landfill.
The concept behind Liquidator is tied in to the loss these films suffer, showing how the deterioration of the physical product warps and morphs in to new images. There's something quite philosophical about that, that although they were designed to capture a period of time, without care the original meaning is lost. Conversely, is digital restoration a faithful (and fair) interpretation of what the creator wanted to capture on his analogue format, or do restoration methods lend too much to the input of the lab technician?
All getting a bit deep now, but you can check the press release below, and a short excerpt from the film.

via EYE Film Institute Netherlands

A project making innovative use of existing archive images of Willy Mullens’ silent film Haarlem (1922). The original film shows the city in straightforward shots and camera movements. Due to deterioration these images changed in a dramatic way. In the adaption Karel Doing zooms in on these effects with the aid of digital techniques like optical flow and morphing. Michal Osowski collaborated on the project with sound that is directely linked to the image, he used the changes in density of the film to control complex filters and distortion effects. - www.awkwardmovements.com/

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