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Video igra o ruševinama (In Ruins) i drečavoj šumi (Gaudy Woods)


Ima sve više video igara kojima nije cilj razvijanje ratničko-takmičarskih poriva, nego su meditativne, poetične, metafizičke. Ovdje predstavljamo dvije sa suprotnim predznakom - o ruševinama i šumskom obilju. Igru In Ruin volio bi W. G. Sebald, riječ je doslovno o putovanju ruševinama (igra se može besplatno skinuti), a Gaudy Woods pak omogućuje putovanje geometrizirano-nadrealnom, živopisnom, drečavom šumom.

In Ruins

The player is deposited on the edge of a procedurally generated island. The island consists of overgrown pathways ruined spires and broken ramparts. A central tower looms above the island beckoning the player towards it.
The world is generated procedurally each time the game is run, after the initial cycle is completed the player can access the generation parameters to play with. Although its not directly connected to Sir You are Being Hunted it shares some of the world generation techniques and might give some people a taster of the sort of tech we are messing with at Big Robot (Although ‘Sir…’ represents a much more detailed and advanced generation engine).
The audio is a generative mix of material by Jonny Pilcher. The text extracts are from a 1st century BC didactic poem “On The Nature of Things” by the Roman poet and philosopher Lucretius. The project was made in Unity. You can grab the executables below. You can find more information about the development process in some previous posts here , here and here. It’s reasonably bug free, and runs on a range of machines, if you have any questions or problems you can contact me on twitter @tomnullpointer.

Download: Windows 105mb
Mac OSX 105mb

Some Screenshots:

nullpointer's "In Ruins" (2012)

Nullpointer, "In Ruins", screen shots, 2012 (source)
Tom Betts aka nullpointer has just releaed a playable build of In Ruins for Windows and Mac platform. In Ruins is an
"[E]xperimental, ambient game examining the procedural construction of space. It’s part of an ongoing Phd research project to investigate ideas that connect games, permutation and the sublime. It’s part of a series of games inspired by artistic interpretations of the sublime, in this case the work of Romantic landscape painters (Thomas ColeCaspar David Friedrich etc). Its also heavily influenced by Fumito Uedas Ico series." (nullpointer)
LINK: nullpointer' - Submitted by Matteo Bittanti

Gaudy Woods

Thi Binh Minh Nguyen and Robert Frentzel's "The Gaudy Woods" (2012)

Developed by Thi Binh Minh Nguyen and Robert Frentzel, two students in the VR Design Program at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle, The Gaudy Woods is a real-time VR stereoscopic game that uses an innovative kinetic controller composed of four tires (!) to guide a series of bright colored spheres across various "natural" environments.
LINK: The Gaudy Woods - Submitted by Matteo Bittanti

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