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Albert Merino - The Trace of Salt / La Trace du Sel (2010)

The Trace of Salt

Iz udžbenika za pravljenje nadrealističkih filmova.

The Trace of Salt / La Trace du Sel is a short film which was directed by Albert Merino and was recently shown at the Athens Video Arts Festival, which ran May 20th through the 22nd. I will say that this film is a rather odd surrealist / postmodern dream and I am sure there are parts of it I did not understand completely nor understood in the vein in which the director meant for it to be contextualized.
This short film goes out to tell the story of the none-named city is depicts, the history of how the cities has come to be and where it will go. The idea of using “salt” or the idea of salt to trace this fictional history comes from the fact that salt is a very basic mineral that is important to the continuing survival of animals. There are images of large blocks of salt sitting in the middle of the streets as fish gets dragged around the sidewalks, which gives an indication towards a water heritage as most landmass has at some point in time been covered by water. Later there is even an exhibit of large, dead squids which people peruse, a kind of mockery to aquariums while also being a reminder of how in order to create something new something else is lost or modified or otherwise marginalized. Art is art because people say it is.
As for the people in animal heads, they are a kind of folklore aristocracy. Think in the style of Disney princess movies how everything is wonderful and everybody is happy and royal and all that stuff. Here the video is trying to show how that vision of the past is a falsification of truth, and thinking of the past in those terms is as an absurd a thing as believing that the aristocracy was composed of tea-drinking rabbits. In truth there were few people that had that life, and the rest were like the crabs in the library, massive swarms of people getting washed away on the whim of weather and illness.
The pomegranate of course is for humanities decent into the abyss, as soon after the consumption of the fruit, a black hole comes to take everyone away. As it is a pomegranate the regular ideas of hell and the Greek mythos come to mind, but it can also be the idea that the over consumption of goods ultimately results in the lose of either oneself to the cycle of consumerism or a lose of the stability of the city as a whole. lorishortfilm.wordpress.com/

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