četvrtak, 15. kolovoza 2013.

Mike Pelletier - Parametric Expression

Studija "kvantificiranih emocija" - kako nastaju facijalni izrazi digitalno-ljudskih ne/bića.

NAME: Parametric Expression
AUTHOR: Mike Pelletier, a Canadian interactive artist and technical director based in Amsterdam.
DESCRIPTION: In this “study of quantified emotion”, computer generated human figures go through a large array of facial expressions. From joy to anger, their faceted features slowly evolve according to their emotions to finally transcend the human kind and become a terrifying digital creature.
AMUSEMENT RATE: The pastel tones and the soft music might fool you at first but you’ll realize soon enough how weird this video is. The video was recently presented in Amsterdam at the Mediamatic Fabriek for the RVNG label night. I’m not sure this work is what I want to look when I’m out at night but I must admit that the video is as disturbing as it is great. - www.amusement.net/

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