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World Picture Journal


Zastrašujuće dobar teorijski časopis.


Table of Contents
Zach Barocas

Eugenie Brinkema
e.g., Dogtooth
Robert Cavanagh
Contact Sport
Alexander García Düttmann
The Worst, or The Lesser of Two Evils
Barbara Hammer
in Correspondence with John David Rhodes
Film is Thinking: A Conversation Across Distance
Barbara Hammer
Bent Time
Phil Solomon
in Conversation with Brian Price and Meghan Sutherland
Mediating the American Idea
Keston Sutherland
The World and John Wieners


Table of Contents
Mark Andrejevic
Estrangement 2.0

Bishnupriya Ghosh
Governing by Wrong
Sam Lipsyte
in conversation with Brian Price and Meghan Sutherland
Acategorical Imperatives
Hugh S. Manon and Daniel Temkin
Notes on Glitch

Daniel Temkin—gl1tchw0rks gall3ry
Brian Price
A Theory of Regret
Lucy Raven
Tech City


Table of Contents
Eugenie Brinkema
Burn. Object. If.
Tina di Carlo
Excess Sustainability, Sustainable Excess:
A Dossier of Statements on Architecture and Sustainability
Statements by Stefano Harney, Geoffrey West, Rem Koolhaas, Jeffrey Inaba, Bjarke Ingels, and Tomas Saraceno
Michelle Citron
in conversation with Brian Price and Meghan Sutherland
The Ambiguous Archive
Alexander García Düttmann
The Life and Death of the University
Ian MacKaye
in conversation with Brian Price
Timothy Morton
Karen Pinkus and Cameron Tonkinwise
Want Not: A Dialogue on Sustainability with Images
Rebekah Rutkoff
The Splatter Technique


Table of Contents
Peggy Ahwesh
The Color of Love
Maya Deren
Four Unpublished Poems
Ken Jacobs
About Myself
Ken Jacobs
Berkeley to San Francisco
Selections on the Theme of Arousal
Meghan Sutherland
About Opsis


Table of Contents

Adam Phillips
in conversation with Jane Elliott and John David Rhodes
The Value of Frustration
Brian Price
On Compromises
Keston Sutherland
Happiness in Writing


Table of Contents
Derek Attridge and Henry Staten
Reading for the Obvious: A Conversation
Sandra Gibson + Luis Recoder
David Farrell Krell
The School for Stupefaction
Scott Krzych
Kino Ex Nihilo
Ernesto Laclau
in conversation with Brian Price and Meghan Sutherland
Not a Ground but a Horizon
Jeffrey Sconce
Circuit City Unplugged


World Picture Conference
November 8-9, 2013
University of Toronto
With keynote addresses by:
Linda Zerilli (University of Chicago)
Davide Panagia (Trent University)

The theme of this year’s conference is willing, a term that raises questions about how we might conjugate a more nimble understanding of the relation between any number of ideas typically opposed to one another, and burdened with no small share of history: will and submission, intervention and compliance, purposiveness and purposelessness, manipulation and naiveté, among others. We take the question of willingness to be pertinent now in part because of the mediate qualities that increasingly seem to inhere between the terms that gather around it in the social, political, and aesthetic environment of digital culture, where critical theory often casts modes of participation, exchange, contact, and collaboration in terms of immaterial movements, processes, and relations. But the equivocations opened up by this question overflow any one conceptual framework or historical moment. We welcome papers that address the question of willingness—or its constituents—from any number of different theoretical, philosophical, or material perspectives.

Please send an abstract of no more than 250 words, along with a five-entry bibliography and a brief bio, to by June 22nd. 
Past Conferences:



Brian Price (University of Toronto):
John David Rhodes (University of Sussex):
Meghan Sutherland (University of Toronto):
Assistant Editors
Sam Cooper (University of Sussex)
Chelsey Crawford (Oklahoma State University)
Advisory Board
Sara Ahmed (Goldsmiths College, University of London)
Peggy Ahwesh (Bard College)
Linda Austin (Oklahoma State University)
Sara Jane Bailes (University of Sussex)
Olga Blackledge (Karkhive National Academy)
Richard Cante  (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Evans Chan (Northwestern University)
Angela Dalle Vacche  (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Kay Dickinson (Goldsmiths College, University of London)
Richard Dienst  (Rutgers University)
Scott Durham (Northwestern University)
Tessa Dwyer (University of Melbourne)
Jane Elliott (University of York)
Rosalind Galt (University of Sussex)
Elena Gorfinkel (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)
Roger Hallas  (Syracuse University)
Scott Krzych (Colorado College)
Ernesto Laclau (Essex University/Northwestern University)
Michael Lawrence (University of Sussex)
Vincent Leitch (University of Oklahoma)
Sam Lipsyte (Columbia University)
Hugh Manon (Clark University)
Karen Pinkus (Cornell University)
Todd McGowan (University of Vermont)
Tracy McNulty (Cornell University)
Laura Mulvey (Birkbeck College, University of London)
Ara Osterweil  (Muehlenberg College)
Angelo Restivo (Georgia State University)
Stephen G. Rhodes
Jeffrey Sconce  (Northwestern University)
Keston Sutherland (University of Sussex)
Amy Villarejo  (Cornell University)
Martin Wallen (Oklahoma State University)
world picture will appear twice annually/we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts           

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