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Lucy Claire - Suite (2013)

Vrhunska ambijentalna neoklasika. Perje i vrijeme stižu vlakovima.


It’s hard to be the standout on a 40-song compilation, but that’s what we said about Lucy Claire‘s “Paelistin” when we reviewed SEQUENCE6 and urged readers to check out her Soundcloud page. Fortunately Gavin at This Is It Forever also noticed and signed her for a two-track release.  Lucy Claire is one of the most promising performers we’ve heard in quite some time, and she has the potential to break big, a la Arnalds and Frahm.  The combination of her piano, John Garner’s violin, Lily Thornton’s cello, and a host of binaural recordings is achingly alluring.  Suite presents a surprisingly mature sound for such an early release, but she’s been building up to it for years through film work.  Claire already has enough material for an album, and as much as we can, we demand it ~ especially for “String Quartet No. 1″ and “If the Moon Could Frown”.
In the meantime, we’ve got “Paelistin”, which is a “name your price” download, and the wonderful one-two punch of “No. 1 Rituals In Dust” and “No. 2 Fantasia On Mildew” (plus a digital “Mildew” remix for those who make the purchase).  ”No. 1 Rituals in Dust” picks up right where “Paelistin” left off, with transit and light conversation.  As the train arrives, the listener is eased into Claire’s piano.  Soon the strings arrive, providing a soothing veneer.  One thinks of Joshua Bell’s performance in the DC metro, and imagines the trio performing this song live as passers-by mill around with coffee cups and rush to open doors.  The loudest segment (4:45) demonstrates that traffic can be an instrument of its own; the ensuing electronic crackle adds yet another layer.  A sweet tension is created by the contrast between the measured music of the trio and the swift inevitability of the transit system.

“No. 2 Fantasia In Mildew” is mournful and intense, framed by a recurring five note motif that echoes from strings to piano and back again: one two, one two, one.  Scuttling sounds are apparent throughout, as if someone is tidying up after a party.  For the first few minutes, the piece remains in the quieter range, like a warm-up, but breaks through in the third.  A harmonic shift at 4:12 provides the track’s strongest moment.  Freed from film constraints, Claire has begun to make her best music, and her career is only just starting.  Sign her to a long-term contract; she’s worth it. - Richard Allen

Lucy Claire is a contemporary classical composer and soundscape artist with influences from the likes of Satie, Nils Frahm and Julia Kent. Her music has a very organic heart to it with a style unique and diverse. She eagerly records her surroundings intent on modifying and embellishing those environments as a base for her delicate and thoughtful compositions.

film sounds

Music Composer/Producer specialising in classical and experimental electronic music for performance, the moving image, theatre, audiobooks, dance and art film. I have collaborated with and organized numerous musicians, writers and directors … composing, orchestrating, conducting, recording and producing music to enhance their creative vision.

Nominee for ‘Best Composer’ at The Underwire Film Festival 2012

Girl In The Woods Teaser from Blind Crow Pictures on Vimeo.

Dove, Natural Beauty from Jeongeun Choi on Vimeo.

A Fool’s Face from Ana García on Vimeo.


Bells and voices are often associated with music of religion and are present in nearly all the faiths of the world’s ceremonies of worship. With this piece I wanted to explore the possibilities of combining voices and bells, cross synthesizing and structuring them into rhythmic material whilst creating the cacophony found in unrestrained love and faith. The piece contains lines from a poem written in a moment of blind and unrealistic love. The lines are arranged and manipulated in a way that hides the meaning from anyone but myself allowing self expression without exposing the true meanings. 
The piece is also available for a quad surround set up. Although I am pleased with the results of the stereo mix, it was overwhelming and as soon as I began the process of converting it into Surround, the sound world expanded allowing all the intricacies I had developed to be fully audible. It was a wonderful experience. Both the stereo and the Quad mix is available. 
The sounds were largely created in a software set up called Soundloom, developed by the Composers Desktop Project. One of the main processes used on the sounds is cross synthesis, where the waveforms are manipulated in a way to make the bells have human voice qualities. And so the human voice sounds bell like. This is a process that alters waveforms. I did this several times, and further processed each sound, so everything you hear has been altered in several different ways. I am fascinated by the wealth of unusual sounds you can get from one source material, there can be no end of possibilities, only decisions based on personal tastes.
A million little pieces…
Is a sound world consisting of instruments found in Buddhist temples, in particular Tibetan singing bowls. It is inspired by the Novel, ‘A Million Little Pieces’; a personal and gritty account of the drug addict, James Fray’s life. 
Singing bowls have a large range of natural timbres that can be used in interesting and different ways. I created a piece of music based on rhythms, and recorded a mixture of patterns and scrapes. Although this was interesting, it lacked any tonal range, and this is where electronic manipulation was exploited. 
The piece consists of two movements, combining to tell of a drug addicts decaying body through the crumbling rhythms and evolving textures. It begins playful and takes you on a journey through the initial highs and hallucinations, to horror and disaster, the reality of a life of substance abuse. The second movement is darker than the first with sounds rushing together in a climax before dying away to the end with haunting human, yet animal like grunts.


Interference Excerpt from Nick Pilton on Vimeo.

After returning home from a Goddess empowerment weekend Pippa Cotton (Liz Finch) decides to invent a new type of psycho therapy ‘Fun Therapy’ in her spare room much to the surprise of her estranged husband Piers (Ben Gibson) a semi-retired television documentary maker and her recently traumatized daughter, Cloe (Claudia Barton) who has returned from her life in New York. 
Meanwhile in the Sussex hills and fields surrounding the isolated country house Tom, (Len Shelley) a simpleton bird watcher from the local village and Piers’ number one fan watches the ‘family’ through binoculars as they come to terms with living under the same roof once more. Piers avoids his annoying wife by experimenting with his new hobby of radio astronomy, which brings surprising results as he surfs the airwaves. 
Meanwhile Freddy (Chris Milton) a drug addicted, outdated graphic designer finds himself in Pippas therapy room, and this relationship spells disaster on every level. 
What follows is a tale of danger, looking for answers in the wrong places, drug induced paranoia and secrets that should never be heard!

Interference Recording Session


rise above

Rise Above_Trailer from Jeongeun Choi on Vimeo.

Leo Tolstoy said “All great literature is one of two stories; a man goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town.”

At the beginning of Rise Above, we follow Hyeoncheol, a young man who visits Jeju island and finds it is not welcoming to him. Later, we meet Yeongok, an older woman who lives in Jeju and has never met nor heard about Hyeoncheol. Together they make an ascent of Saraoreum, a volcanic mountain with a lake at the summit. As they climb, the tension between them grows and the reason for their awkward meeting slowly becomes clear. Rise Above is about two very different people who, despite uncomfortable circumstances, find affinity in one another in through a shared experience.
Rise Above is funded by The Korean Film Council and The Jeju Film Commission and also sponsored by Peerless Camera Company and Dragon DI.

lucy claire = soundscapes + strings

lucy claire + strings from Lucy Claire on Vimeo.

Delving into a world of musical mathematics she whimsically adjusts electronics. Exploring the waveforms of recorded soundscapes and string recordings, she manipulates them and arranges them into delicate pieces of music that are both quirky and playful, ambient, yet dark and sorrowful. This project allows her to explore her great love of string instruments, from solo cello to full string orchestras. Approaching composition from a classical tradition she melds these sounds with both natural and digital worlds to create fully immersive music.

A contemporary classical composer with influences from the likes of arvo part, steve reich, and Valgeir Sigurdsson. Her music has a very organic heart to it with a style unique and diverse.’

a day without olives is like a day

Book and audio book, published 25th January by Corporeal

‘a day without olives is like a day’ is the second book of poetry and prose from Jack Piers Scott and an audio version of the same work with the author in collaboration with Lucy Claire Thornton.

Written and compiled over the past few years, the texts range from the descriptions of voyeuristic well dressed gentlemen, to royalty in the throws of an existential crisis. This mixture of fact and fiction, of overheard conversations and character studies, brings together a vast array of truths, imaginings and absurdities, highlighting the shear multiplicity found within life.

The audio version narrated by Bill Milner (Son of Rambo, Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll), the author and Paul McCleary, continues this broad stylistic approach by combining manipulated audio, field recordings and electroacoustic composition, to produce a wild and meditative world of sound in which the spoken word exist.

Jack Piers Scott graduated from Leeds Metropolitan in 2010 with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art, he continues to write, design and make work.
‘ The audiobook was essentially a chance to work collaboratively and to experiment with how the texts could exist in another format. We didn’t know going into it that the musical element would become so expansive and really the whole thing developed through play, with what we thought worked best to lend support to the spoken word.’  Jack Piers Scott
‘I think I’ve always been a bit obsessed with the idea of being other people and so writing enables me to live vicariously through different characters for a time. Subsequently this often leads me to reflect on how another’s existence and experience of life is so entirely different from your own, and it’s these thoughts then get fed back in to the work’  Jack Piers Scott

a day without olives is like a day is available to buy here 

a day without olives is like a day, is on the move around the uk! 
  • 5th February 2012 – 12th February 2012 at GOOD PRESS  gallery, Glasgow
  • 16th February 2012  for one day only, X Marks the Bokship.soundproof - poster1

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