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Floris Kaayk - Metalosis Maligna (2013)


Kratki pseudodokumentarac o bolesti zbog koje mentalni implantati stječu vlastti život i divlje rastu. Tsukamotov Tetsuo u žlici pileće juhe.

Metalosis - An Extraordinary Disease

For decades, metal has played an important role in the medical field. Whether it be used for artifical hips, steel rods, braces, or surgical screws, doctors and surgeons have used implanted metal, to help mend and repair our broken bodies.
A few years ago, something very strange and bizzare occurred. It was documented by medical professionals and here is the Video. The very metal implanted in our bodies can actually start to grow out of control. As the bone, muscle and tissue start to recede, it is replaced by this growing metal. The result is a grotesquely disfigured, part human, part mechanical form. This medical condition is referred to as Metalosis Maligna.
Humans are not the only victims of Metalosis Maligna. This disease can attack animals who have had metal surgical implants as well. Doctors and scientist world wide are racing to find a cure, before it reaches epidemic stages. -


The Order Electrus - by Floris Kaayk

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