četvrtak, 22. kolovoza 2013.

Moon Duo - High Over Blue (2013)

Svemir je sačinjen od mnoštva jurećih kontinenata koji si međusobno grebu leđa.

Moon Duo, the pairing of former Shjips man Ripley Johnson and his partner Sanae Yamada, have announced a string of UK dates to follow their jaunt around their continent this summer, and to celebrate they’re dishing out a free download of a mind-warping 20-minute freakout titled ‘High Over Blue’, previously only available as an iTunes bonus track. - www.factmag.com/

This behemoth of a song is long enough to get high, trip balls, realize you’re hungry, forget that you’re hungry, trip balls some more, stare at the ringing phone paralyzed in fear of answering it, finish tripping balls and stand listlessly in front of the open fridge long enough to sour the milk before deciding that you need buck a slice and should probably get high before going out to get it. This is absolutely not what I did while listening to Moon Duo’s new twenty minute opus High Over Blue. Nor should you. Wasting milk is never a good idea. Unlike Moon Duo. Moon Duo is always a good idea. Always. Quit calling me. - brickbackground.wordpress.com/

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