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eMMplekz - Your Crate Has Changed (2013)

Ekoplekz i Baron Mordant: spoken word i brain-dub u mračnim zečjim rupama uvezenima iz 22. stoljeća. Ambijentalno ludilo.

As the musical collaboration of Ekoplekz and Baron Mordant, eMMplekz on paper and in practice is right up our alley. There's a new album titled Your Crate Has Changed, marking the 67th release on the Baron-run Mordant Music label.
The best introduction to the circuitry and spoken word rabbit-hole existence of their music is shown, not described. Luckily, a full two hour show appeared online - live eMMPlekz in all it's glory.
Their first LP - IZOD Days - dropped last year and caught most of us off-guard. As stand-out as it was, it somehow ended up becoming more a side-piece in a year of top-notch Ekoplekz records as opposed to the adventurously unique offering it is. Having revisited it recently, I don't doubt that in time it'll be drawn on as the rough and rugged beginning to something special.
A few months back came a stunning vinyl (or at least a b-side) release of a 21 minute live recording of eMMplekz, joined by Vindicatrix and Zeke Clough on stage. Around the release time of 'No Show (Live 2012) ' a new full-length studio album was heavily hinted at. Been waiting nervously for the tracks to drop, and on early listens it just seems that Ekoplekz and Baron Mordant are just getting more and more in sync with their work together.
The new LP is brilliant. Baron Mordant has unexpectedly hit stride as a story-teller / toaster / ranter of sorts over Nick Edwards analogue electronics. Who would've thought? His voice and incredibly dry nature of his observatory spoken-word has evolved from bizarre humour to something more powerful. We were still getting used to it as a bit of a quirky novelty to compliment Ekoplekz's beats with IZOD Days, but here his vocals are given centre-stage. Even just the sounds of him playfully chatting with a child take on an edginess after being run through the echoes and distortion.
Ekoplekz aka Nick Edwards has remained one of our favourite sound-crafters over the last few years. His ability with machine music is as individual as it is consistently mind-blowing, and projects with Ekoclef, Nochexxx and even on remix work we've seen how beautifully hectic he can make a track. Through eMMplekz, we get a chance to see him in composition mode for shorter, lyric based works, where restraint and more consistency from start to finish are given equal parts. It's a quality listen.
eMMplekz offers much more than the sum of it's parts. Bizzare music deisgned to get you shook, at the same time not as an abrasive listen as it could've been and oddly emotional. No idea where this project will end up taking us in years to come (possibly in to some form of mental illness) but there's not a thing I don't like about it.
No clips yet but the record will be out soon enough, and in the meantime you can check the no-nonsense press-release below.

via Mordant Music
eMMplekz return server after 'IZOD Days' semi-beguiled local sorting offices…'Your Crate Has Changed' takes up that diarised baton & legs it to Rymans for future remnants…take a dose of plagued Pepys, a demijohn of Ekoplekz's masterly live voltage and siMMer…switch to classic...BM/EZ

Mordant Music and Ekoplekz reconvene their eMMplekz duo with the incisive observations and blue dub noise of 'Your Crate Has Changed'. The Baron continues to gain confidence as the dark interpreter of a twisted English psyche, making hilarious and cuttingly bleak commentary on everything from syrups to the postal service, sh*t pubs and wi-fi, all set to some of Nick Edwards' craftiest electro-dub backings. - boomkat 

Proper nutty action from this UK weirdo tag team following their wicked ‘IZOD Days’ LP and a 12” both of which also appeared on Mordant Music. For the numbskulls out there, this is of course the one and only Ekoplekz working with Baron Mordant.
Individually their output is nothing short of outstanding but when they get together they really elevate things to another level. BM’s lyrics ooze an eccentric English charm and black humour which on several occasions are simply laugh out loud funny. If I was to quote all the genius phrases on this record I’d be here all bloody day. This man has quite a way with words to say the least. Having said that, as fun as the record is this is serious business.
Ekoplekz knocks out some sounds that will turn your brain inside out and then some, his sci-fi dubbed out dystopian electronics providing the perfect backdrop for the Baron’s bleak tales. If you’ve been diggin’ the first album then this is a no brainer. Clock that live video of them in action and all - Phwoooarrrr! - Norman Records

Cover art - Emmplekz: Izod Days

IZOD Days (2012)

Rumoured since late spring, Ekoplekz and Baron Mordant successfully secrete their eldritch esoterica with the stunning fusion of eMMplekz. Blogger-turned-abstractionist sparky, Ekoplekz, weaves his wires with bass guitar, organ and "tenancy agreements" below beguiling monologues, "vernac, gerund-processing & shellfish" from the Baron in a torrent of morphing art-pop enigmas recalling classic work by Robert Wyatt, Conrad and Gregor Schnitzler, Alan Vega, Maurizio Bianchi or Years On Earth. It's the most structured and melodic output we've yet heard from the Ekoplekz, refining 14 salty beatoffs thru Baron's impenetrably mazy mind-sieve to manifest what is likely one of 2012's most compelling missives from the under side. Unless you were privy to one of their sporadic live convergences this year, we can assure you that you've not heard either artist sound quite like this before. - boomkat

This dream team collaboration finally sees the light of day, and I'm pleased to report it has been worth the wait. This is of course a collaboration between Mordant Music and Ekoplekz and is indeed everything I'd hoped for and then some. What's particularly striking about 'IZOD' is that you can hear shades of each artists distinct sound although it doesn't particularly sound like either of them, rather they have created a third sound which is essentially darkside experimental electronic future pop, occasionally reminiscent of TG's foray's into synthesiser pop.
'IZOD Days' is most amusing with the dialogue talking about a users (presumably Baron Mordant) favourite cash point in Hastings. With fourteen tracks spread across around forty seven mins there really is tons to absorb with this record. It's one of those whose subtleties become more apparent over repeated plays. At various points too I'm reminded of all-time classic electronic music from The Future / early Human League and this can only ever be a good thing. Mind-bogglingly brilliant gear.
- Norman Records

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