nedjelja, 1. prosinca 2013.


Skidanje prepucija naoštrenim riječima. Hip-hop raketnih galebova.

Improvised and Loop-based electronic soul music. Drum machines, synths, pedals, microphones, lyrics, no songwriting. Spontaneous and noisey, a distorted blend of hip hop, techno, noise and jazz, prone to melodic excursions and tempered with sizzling white noise.

Podcast: The Modern Ass Jazz Singers Podcast #2

I have a love/hate relationship with podcasts. I love the idea of a constantly refreshing stream of content, but I hate the idea of trying to fucking keep up with it all. But when I come across a good locally sourced one, I try to take some time with it, such as this fantastic mix from the Portland outfit known as the Modern Ass Jazz Singers. Listen for some fucked electro beats, wandering hip-hop, something that sounds like synthesized seagulls, and a lot of far gone noise and beauty. - : 

TMAJS Podcast #3

New musics for y'all.
Seth and I have been working on a number of projects that we are both really excited about. We have another full podcast on the way, just wanna give people time to download the first two before we have to take them down. At some point I'll try to archive all podcasts and releases to Meanwhile here is 14 mins of#ELECTRONICFUNKSOULDUBINDUSTRIALCRUNKHOP


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