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Księżyc - Księżyc (1996)

Księżyc by Księżyc

Izvrstan minimalističko-vokalni eksperiment u Poljskoj devedesetih.

 Penultimate Press is proud to re­issue the defining statement by Polish outfit Księżyc (Moon).  
Księżyc was a project from Poland, active in the 1990s. Members included Agata Harz (vocals), 
Katarzyna Smoluk (vocals, piano), Robert Niziński (wind instruments, keyboards), Lechosław Polak (accordion, keyboards, synthesizers) and Remigiusz Mazur­Hanaj (lyrics, tapes).  The spirit of Księżyc captures early and late music with a medieval sound,  rooted in Slavic tradition combined with elements of minimalism and vocal experiments of the 20th Century.  The alchemy of these constituent parts results in a breathtaking original music, both delicate and sinister.  The surreal fairy tale inspired lyrics (written by Remigiusz Mazur­Hanaj) add to the inherent beauty, sadness and madness within.
Originally released on 10" vinyl on Obuh records this has been remastered by Piotr Nykiel at Nykiel
Audio and cut on 12" allowing for vastly improved sound quality.  An elegant reworking of the artwork introduces lyrics including English translations for the first time. 'Księżyc' comes in a beautiful gatefold with printed inner sleeve. -

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