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Élg + Reines D'angleterre + Opéra Mort

Mil Pluton album cover

Luda strana francuske elektronike. 
Elektronička botanika, izvanzemaljska lingvistika, sintetička ljubav, tuneli transa,  proto-tehnoidni ples, procesuirani glasovi zla, intimnost čarobnjaka, umjetne džungle, podvodni zoološki vrtovi i tibetski industrijski kompleksi.

Élg = Laurent Gérard.
Reines d'Angleterre = Ghédalia Tazartès, Laurent Gérard i Jo Tanz.
Opéra Mort = Laurent Gérard i Jo Tanz.

streaming ovdje + streaming starijih stvari ovdje

Èlg is Laurent Gérard. Since 2004 Èlg has made a name for himself in the experimental underground performing solo in venues across Europe and the USA and also in the trio Reines D’Angleterre with Ghédalia Tazartès and Jo. Over the years he has built a complex body of work which has been spread amongst reputable labels such as Kraak, SS, Lal Lal Lal, Taped Sounds and Nashazphone. Now, four years since his debut ‘Tout Ploie’, Alter and Hundebiss present ‘Mil Pluton’, the second Èlg album on vinyl. In that time Gérard has knuckled down with a bunch of new gear and built a fresh sound which is difficult to categorize but still carries many of the characteristics of his previous work. One can hear EBM-esque rhythms, Musique Concrète style editing, dense layers of swampy electronics and a unique knack for songwriting and composition, creating the same hypnotic spirals the Èlg of old did. Vocally, Èlg has evolved beyond conventional language and now works with an Esperanto-like form of alien linguistics to front the sonic mass. If your musical interests sit within the realm of outer limits electronics and have been drawn towards the work of Bernard Szajner, Coil , Tazartès and Robert Ashley then look no further. ‘Mil Pluton’ also features musical contributions from Jo, Jean-Philippe Gross, Bill Kouligas (PAN), TG Gondard and Jan Anderzen (Tomutonttu / Kemialliset Ystavat).
All tracks were composed, recorded and mixed by Èlg in Brussels in 2011, then mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin in December of that same year, and pressed lovingly onto 150g vinyl by Alter and Hundebiss in September 2012. - hundebissrecords.bigcartel.com/

Milan's brilliant Hundebiss Records link with Luke Younger's London-based Alter to present an otherworldly side by Élg - a member of Reines D'Angleterre with Ghedalia Tazartes. He's got some of his mates on board, too. The likes of PAN boss Bill Kouligas, TG Gondard (NNF), and Jan Anderzen (Tomutonttu/Kemialliset Ystavat) all contribute to a kaleidoscopic episode of micro-fine concrète, avant-garde electronics and dynamic EBM rhythms adding up to one of the maddest records we've heard this year. the likes of Throbbing Gristle, Coil and indeed ÉLG's bandmate Tazartes are all strong reference points for this sound, pointing to a diffuse and considered sound which occupies a space on the very limits of modern electronics, while retaining an engaging use of structure, rhythm and space that should make it comprehensible to more than just super niche heads. Highly Recommended! - boomkat

My word what is this? My ears are being both spoiled and destroyed by this bonkers Elg record which is officially the craziest thing I’ve heard all week! Elg is Laurent Gerard and he’s also in the trio Reines D’Angleterre with Jo Tanz and Ghedalia Tazartes. So there’s your facts!
Do you like crazy electronic sounds, bizarre rhythms and mental vocals? If so then look no further. Listening to this is an adventure as you literally have no idea what is going to happen. There are predictable records and unpredictable records and this falls into the latter category by a long stretch. The vocals have some crazy effects on them which make them sound demented, there’s a crazy (yet hypnotic) rhythm, alien like electronic noises and so much more. That is just one of the tracks! The whole album is full of the most inventive and bizarre sounds I’ve heard in a long time. If, like me, your ears are wanting to hearing something new then look no further as this is a new thing. Sure it’s influenced by the likes of Throbbing Gristle and Coil but this is some serious next level shit. - www.normanrecords.com/

Èl G: Pepper On the Fig & Cat Pee On the Banana

When experimental musicians use pop elements in their music, it most often sounds melancholic, retro or, even worse, cynical.  Èl G, a French experimental musician living in Brussels, does not fall for that and so makes smart, relevant, authentic contemporary pop music.  Mil Pluton, his new album, is proof of this.
How´s Brussels for a Frenchman?
Paris is like a precious city-museum where every corner is conceptualized, cleaned and sublimated. Brussels is more like a grey scale mess: all the architectures are mixed together. You can find a lot of abandoned buildings, urban absurdities and amazing retro-futuristic metro stations.
I used to live in a building in Schaerbeek in a district full of different communities and languages. The view from my window was huge: you could see all these red brick houses, the offices buildings of la Gare du Nord, the planes taking off from a very nearby airport, flying very low above my head. You could also see the Atomium and the Japanese tower of the Laeken garden. I’m sure all these visuals and sonic aspects had some effect on the music while I was mixing the record behind my window.
Why did you move from Paris to Brussels in the first place?
I used to come to Brussels for about ten years before I lived there because my brother Mim, who also plays on the record and sometimes does the mixing on other records, lived there for a while. We had really nice friends there. At a certain point I was in Brussels more than in Paris so I decided to move to Brussels. I’ve never regretted that move.
What is funny is that since I live in Belgium, I discovered a lot of the French countryside… really beautiful landscapes in Aveyron, Haute-Loire and Morvan, inspiring and refreshing places. Belgian areas like Hautes-Fagnes are impressive too, looking like a Corbucci western on the moon.
Maybe I´m asking you this because I know you live in Brussels, but was Front 242 an influence on Mil Pluton?
I remember friends playing me some Front 242 tracks one or two times these past few years. It was nice but I don’t know anything about Front 242. I have never bought or played any of their records, so logically I’ve never thought about their music during the long process of this album: Mil Pluton started from improvisations recorded on multi track. Then I re-worked and overdubbed these recordings.
I know that you and I would be very good at the game of unlimited name dropping but I’m not sure if this would be interesting.
What I can say for now is that I felt I had to dig deeper, or at least continue the adventure, into psychedelic music through more-oriented electronic sounds and rhythm circles by using tools I could really improvise with, meaning: using the possibility of playing with several different sources at the same time. Besides that, I was also interested in using my voice as a more flexible and impersonal material.
So you see what you do as psychedelic music. What makes your music psychedelic?
I use the term psychedelic for any music that can be peeled and sliced and eaten like any complex fruit. The fig is psychedelic, the banana is pop. The more you go into this tunnel, the more you discover gentle or creepy sub-landscapes.
I also love figs in bananas, by the way.
This album is indeed creepy at times, and confusing.
I don’t really see the confusion because for me, it has its logic. But I like contrasts between different ingredients, like using soft and hard. If you add pepper on the fig and cat pee on the banana, it creates a reaction into the mouth of the eater.
You say that you felt you had to dig deeper into music through electronic sounds.
The first band I played in was a band called TUN in the early 00′s. We were three fellas and we used to play mostly electronic instruments. After years of solo music mixing up electric, electronic and acoustic sounds, I had a love/hate relationship with the guitar and felt the need to go back to keyboards first and then to a cocktail of electronic devices and dive into a more fun and more enjoyable control of sound.
Music changes as life changes. I know I will include acoustic instruments in future recordings again. Working with a small choir would be really exciting too. And there´s the desire to do ÈL G as a band too.
I’ve also been inspired by a DJ friend in Brussels who played me other kind of electronic music I didn’t know well besides Kosmische and IDM, like minimal acid techno, which can be supremely psychedelic .
I also want to be able to play the kind of music on stage that I improvise at home and do smaller and more spontaneous releases as I did before Mil Pluton.
Mil Pluton sounds like a big trip. This is what you call ‘psychedelic,’ I guess.
The whole process was very empirical: I started each track with basic improvisations, just playing solo. From these improvisations on I continued editing and mixing. Like this, I discovered other things that made me want to improvise in a new way; that made me want to edit and mix and then improvise again until I slowly entered in a sonic sphere that was brighter and that was developing a world in itself. Then I had a more precise idea of the global trip. Then I asked friends and my bro to play on two tracks, it brought very fresh propositions that helped to complete the compositions. Thinking about the Pluto planet was helpful at one point too.
Mil Pluton is, as you said, one big trip but it also includes songs, let’s say songs from Pluto.
Is this what the title refers to?
Pluton means Pluto in French, this faraway cold planet that is not part of the solar system anymore. As a kid, I was fascinated by this mysterious planet. I guess I also associated it with things like flying or time travelling. Mil means some kind of big cereals, but I didn’t want to make any specific signification with this title.
Not even as a joke on Mille Plateaux?
Not even as a joke on Mille Plateaux.
The song titles are a mix of invented phonetic words from different languages.  Maybe you can recognize Italian, Greek, Spanish, Turkish, French, Arabian or English sounds, but it’s all constructed language. It gave me more possibilities while singing. And to be honest; I was not interested in singing any words with sense.
At the very beginning of these recordings, I was obsessed by creating certain color trough percussion and electronics sounds. I actually play a lot of percussion on this record. I play the cuica, the African log drum, the rototom, etc.
I also had, somewhere in my mind, this idea of unknown people from an unknown culture, delivering a coded message to the listener, which is sweet and naïve, isn’t it?
The cover art reminds me of Throbbing Gristle’s Part Two The Endless Not. A coincidence?
I guess you should ask this question to Simone from Hundebiss who did the whole crazy artwork. Strange you talk about Throbbing Gristle though because people already told me that some parts of what I play live sounds like Throbbing Gristle. But I have to admit I don’t know much about them, only the cover of 20 Jazz Funk Greats, some scattered tracks and some videos. Nevertheless I really like Coil.
In about two weeks time, you will play at a PAN label night in Brussels. Does this mean that your next LP will be released on PAN?
I really don’t know what the future will bring.
I’m writing you all this while being in Bretagne. A friend just taught me how to fish at sea. I would love to spend most of my lifetime doing this.
Picture of Tout Ploie

Élg, Tout Ploie (streaming ulomaka ovdje + download ovdje)

We first heard the music of Paris-based Laurent Gérard (El-g) when he forgot a demo-cdr in the tourvan of Jack Rose last year, and directly became one of our favourite French acts of the moment. Mastered by Harris Newman and featuring Phil Todd on guitar, Charlène Darling on vocals, Foxy De Man, and Ignatz. Vinyl LP on Kraak. - www.infinite-limits.com

El-g makes a strange mix of French ballads and avant-garde
song-writing. A pig-headed approach of the French language and
ingenious arrangments are the core business of this dude. Tout Ploie is
a compilation of both the best tracks from previously released cdr's
and new work. El-g appears as a sort of modern day miniature version of
Serge Gainsbourg on this debut-lp. The female singer, Charlene Darling,
who accompanies him throughout the most part of the record only makes
this comparison more apt. Gérard has never been affraid to buy records
of Lee Hazlewood and late Fleetwood Mac. He extracted the right
ingredients from those records and added some genuine French
sensuality. "Tout Ploie" is the pop album that had to be made for a
long time and doesn't fear experiment with guest appearances of e.g.
Ignatz, Phil Todd, Mim and Foxy De Man. -Kraak

Picture of Scenes D'Hypnose a Trois

Élg, Scenes D'Hypnose a Trois

A new tape cassette title by èlg, the Paris-based Laurent Gérard, whose most recent vinyl LP was released on the Belgium-based Kraak label and who's also one third of the Ghedalia Tazartes-led Reines D'Angleterre trio. Gérard's discography also includes titles on the Memoirs Of An Aesthete, Ruralfaune, and Taped Sounds labels. Scenes D'Hypnose a Trois is released in a limited edition of 100 copies on the Finland-based Lal Lal Lal label. The tape is housed in a traditional cassette shell with striking artwork by label owner Roope Eronen. The tape features two (extended) live recordings by Jussi Ahonen and Romki from shows in Tempere, Finland, and Geneva, Switzerland.- www.infinite-limits.com

Picture of In Coro

Élg, In Coro

'In Coro', a new album on cassette tape (C32) from El-G (Laurent Gerard), features a weird mix of French pop, drones, cut-up, psyche-folk, and dreamy experimental sounds. Electronics breaking on nightmare-ish voice samples, and rhythms which emerge and then succumb to pseudo ambient dilation. Limited to 100 copies worldwide. No Fi Recordings.- www.infinite-limits.com

Élg, Der Prediger (streaming ovdje + download ovdje)

Élg, Live at Cave 12 - Geneva - December 2011 (streaming ovdje

+ download ovdje)

Reines D'angleterre:

Reines D'Angleterre - Les Comores image

Reines D'angleterre, Les Comores

Reines d'Angleterre is the fantastically far-fetched collaboration between fascinating outsider musician Ghédalia Tazartès and two young Parisians, El-g and Jo aka Opéra Mort. The group have reputedly disbanded now, but this 2010 LP serves testament to the alluring alchemy of their time together, mixing the improvised and unimpeded vocal ecstasies and wild imagination of Tazartès with the duo's hallucinatory and darkly affected electronics. Their music is mysterious, magical; an antidote to stale pop forms and stultifying academic discipline, instinctively experimental and instantly transporting. The record opens to severely darkside synths and brooding death march percussion with Ghédalia scraping the lower registers searching for lost souls, to be joined by stranger voices in an cloud like opera of banking synths and wheezing accordion. Thusly a weird carnival of midi melodies, squawks and whistles ensues, accumulating wrenched yelps and what sounds like Tibetan throat singing. Into the wilds of the B-side the second act and the madness is gripping; sound poetry collides with jabbing folk instrumentation and dynamic electro-acoustic synth designs; excerpts of live shows reveal a miasma of urgent incantations and slashing strings, sweeping us far out to sea and their strange island of f**ked up esoteric sound and "inexplicable ethnic residue". Unimaginable stuff. Well recommended! - boomkat

“Ghédalia Tazartès, born in Paris 1947 to Turkish parents, raised in the Bois de Vincennes area of France and as much affected by Beethoven as the Sex Pistols of which he has referred to as 'the last great pop band'. Tazartès found himself in the 20th Century, that loose canon of ideological leap frog where the individual of a particular temperament could find their voice amongst the increasingly homogenized treacle which garnished the mass. The acquisition of a tape recorder helped him find comfort in creativity and with some encouragement from French experimental musician and writer Michel Chion saw him record of a series of records that sit high in the glorious pantheon of 'fucked music of the 20th Century': 'Diasporas', 'Tazartès' Transports', 'Une ?clipse Totale De Soleil' and 'Tazartès' all resound in a whirlpool of mind dissecting outsider audio curiousity. This is no Tazartès record, this is Reines D'Angleterre (Queens of England). A band made up of Ghédalia Tazartès and a couple of hyperactive young Parisians upstarts Jo Tanz and El g. Both of these characters are steeped in subversive operations covering grounds of psych folk and 'toon-psych' films (El g)
and theTanzprocesz label (Jo Tanz). They also both perform under the moniker of Opera Mort and have made work under the name of Lö Jengi , a recording witness to Reines D'Angleterre colliding with Finish artists Islaja, Amon Dude and The Hoopo.  To the public, they first surfaced playing a live set at the esteemed Colour out of Space festival in Brighton, a welcoming bed for all idiophonics. Reines D'Angleterre made friends with a damaged conglomeration of live concrete, sound poetry, faux ethnicity and sincere eccentricity. Subsequent shows allowed the outfit to explore and refine their discovered terrain as it unfolded. A recording session resulted in the unique concoction 'Les Comores' (a reference to the island off the eastern coast of Africa which France still administers as an 'overseas collectivity').  Reines D'Angleterre is comprised of inexplicable ethnic residue, the prince of all taste, a stripped back smear on the blight of genre. Reines D'Angleterre, may your queen take such birth. The music of Reines D'Angleterre feasts on duality: chaos and order, narrative and anti narrative, erection and destruction, dread and comedy. The voice rides in tandem with electronics: cracked beaten, weathered and bruised. It’s a gloriously unstable affair but not one devoid of emotion as these merry lads invoke the question once posed by Rev”. – Mark Harwood

Reines D'Angleterre - Globe et Dynastie image

Reines D'angleterre, Globe Et Dynastie (soundclips ovdje i ovdje)

Bo’ Weavil is totally psyched to have the opportunity to release the second album by Reines d'Angleterre. This time a thoroughly studio affair. Reines d’Angleterre is a fascinating collaboration between avant outsider musician Ghédalia Tazartès and two electronic botanists, èlg and Jo aka Opéra Mort. This LP covers more of the wild ground the band started with on “Les Comores” released back in 2010, but going further into a musical terrain that defies definite description…a slow trip into wizards intimacy, synthetic jungles, underseas zoos and tibetan-industrial complexes. It feels like one has stumbled into disturbing dreams from a different realm. A quality of mystery, trickery and halucinatory movements slip and shift across the recording. This is out there music, experimental music with no fixed abode with a unique quality that defies most things today. Bo' Weavil Recordings.- www.infinite-limits.com

Utterly engrossing, sometimes terrifying second album from Reines d'Angleterre - a collaboration between the mighty Ghedalia Tazartes and "electronic botanists" èlg and Jo aka Opéra Mort - new on Bo Weavil. Where to begin with this, the group's first full studio recording? It cuts its own very eccentric, hallucinatory swathe through the undergrowth; the Fourth World spiked with the most evil, breakdown-inducing acid on the market.Tazartes seems to act as a lightning rod for spirits beyond the reach of human perception, his multi-tracked vocalisations crossing boundaries of time, geography and culture, but the backdrops painted by his collaborators are just as important: ranging from deep crusts of industrial noise, via grinding, static-strafed 4/4 structures strangely reminiscent of Pete Swanson's recent work. It's genuinely hard to do justice in words to how unusual and fucked-up this record us, and we'd recommend it not only to hardened Tazartes disciples but to any head seeking something stronger than the norm. Have a go if you think you're hard enough.- boomkat

"The second album by Reines d'Angleterre. This time a thoroughly studio affair. Reines d'Angleterre is a fascinating collaboration between avant outsider musician Ghédalia Tazartès and two electronic botanists, èlg and Jo aka Opéra Mort. This LP covers more of the wild ground the band started with on "Les Comores" released back in 2010, but going further into a musical terrain that defies definite description...a slow trip into wizards intimacy, synthetic jungles, underseas zoos and tibetan-industrial complexes. It feels like one has stumbled into disturbing dreams from a different realm. A quality of mystery, trickery and halucinatory movements slip and shift across the recording. This is out there music, experimental music with no fixed abode with a unique quality that defies most things today."-Bo Weavil


Opéra Mort:

Opera Mort live in Paris at Instants Chavirés na Vimeu

Opéra Mort + TG + 20000 Punks Big Band in Berlin at Raum18 na Vimeu

Opéra Mort live at Sonic Protest / Paris / Aprile 2010 na Vimeu

Opéra Mort,  Des Machines Dans Les Yeux


Opéra Mort, Le Tour De L'Oubli (streaming ovdje +download ovdje


Opéra Mort, Live Series Vol.3 (streaming ovdje + download ovdje)


 Opéra Mort / Smegm, Opéra Mort / Smegma

Jo Tanz:

French musician that runs the [ tanzprocesz ] label.

Élgova web-stranica:


él-g in Paris here
él-g live in Brooklyn here
él-g live in Providence here
Opéra Mort live in Oakland here
Opéra Mort live in Paris at Instants Chavirés here
Gérard Lavender ( Steven Heatsick Warwick and él-g ) live in Berlin here

---  èlg
--- In Coro ( cassette - 2012 - No=Fi Recordings )

( artwork francesco de figueiredo )

---  Opéra Mort / Damien Schultz
--- Split tape ( cassette - 2012 - Tanzprocesz )

schultz und OM
( artwork tanzprocesz )

opéra mort side is live recordings in san diego, paris, praha and a short track with smegma recorded in portland.
damien schultz side is damien schultz talking about damien schultz wondering about damien schultz.
raw vocal assaults. no effects. no machine. just his voice as a machine.
real sound poetry.

---  él-g
--- Der Prediger ( cd-r - 2011 - Young Girls Records )
( artwork Blaise Harrison )

electronic spirales under melted preacher voices influences. all tracks recorded live in bruxelles in october and november 2011


--- Opéra Mort
--- Minuit Cercueil ( Split 7" with Decapited Hed on Spleen Coffin )
OM DH spleencoffin
( artwork Tim Coffin )

---  él-g
--- Six études sur des objets à priori morts mais sexuellement aimables ( Cassette cs54 - 2011 - Taped Sounds )

él-g on taped sounds
( artwork Taped Sounds )


--- él-g
"Armelle" song ( firstly released on Le Vilain Chien label 7" ) has been reissued and remastered on the compilation "domestic pop deux" on Lo(af) recordings. You can find that here and here

domestic pop deux

---  Opéra Mort
--- Des Machines dans les yeux ( LP - 2011 - Bimbo Tower Records )

(( Artwork Jo )

( Recorded in 2010 in Bruxelles by Jo and él-g

--- Σου Είναι Ο Πατέρας ( Cd-r - 2010 - Phase Records )

(( Artwork Phase Recs )

Η ΜΑΝΑ ΣΟΥ ΕΙΝΑΙ Ο ΠΑΤΕΡΑΣ ΣΟY is a collaboration between Patrick Lombes (Placenta Popeye), Jo Tanz (Placenta Popeye, Opéra Mort) , John Laux (Slicing Grandpa) and él-g. Recorded in studio, February 2008 in Paris by Cyril Harisson

--- Smegma / Opéra Mort
--- Split ( Cassette - 2010 - co-released by Scumbag Relations and Sleepy Cobalt )

OM / Smegma)
( Artwork Jonas Delaborde)

Industrial pro dubbed cassette, 125 copies


---Lö Jengi
--- Dans les toilettes du Paradis / Eläköön mummo ( 10" - 2010 - Fonal )
( Artwork Islaja )

Label comment: The French trio Reines D´Angleterre (Ghédalia Tazartès, Jo and él-g ) performed in Finland in 2009 at Mental Alaska's 10 year anniversary. At some point during this visit someone had an idea of recording music which led to a random group of people playing in a small basement room with absolutely no plans or discussions whatsoever. The album was Recorded at Katajanokan Pommisuoja, Helsinki, by Asko Kananen on March 30th 2009 and edited by él-g and mixed by Mim in Brussels. Lö Jengi is Reines D´Angleterre, Islaja, Amon Düde and The Hoopo.

--- Damien Schultz et Laurent Gérard
--- Un Fort Beau Bruit ( Mp3 - 2010 - Los Emes Del Oso )

Sound Poetry master Damien Schultz and his hidden brother Laurent Gérard aka él-g gave a live spoken performance on Brussels Radio Panik, now available on Oso El Roto netlabel here

---él-g on Les Joyaux de la Couronne CD compilations covering the Burt Bacharach

released by Le Vilain Chien , All infos here

---Opéra Mort
--- La nuit, tes cheveux sont cool ( Cassette - 2010 - Tanzprocesz )
( Artwork Jo )
third volume in the tanzprocesz live series.

synth screams.
concentric spirals
recorded at mains d'oeuvres, saint-ouen, september 2009 .
Pro-duplicated tapes.

---Opéra Mort
---Je suis parmi les cinq cents personnes que tu préfères au monde ( One-Sided LP - 2010 - Tanzprocesz )

Opera Mort Live LP
( Artwork Jo )

Post-industrial art for post-industrial music.
Live recordings.
Beats and sines and hidden love.
You can almost dance.

Co-released w/ Galerie Pache.

---Reines d'Angleterre
--- Les Comores ( Lp - 2010 - Bo Weavil / Sidra Editions )

Les Comores
( artwork Damien Beaton )
Reines d'Angleterre are Ghédalia Tazartès / Jo / él-g
Four tracks recorded in Tazartès Palace
Two others recorded live in Bordeaux and Helsinki
Mix by Mim

A Side Track 1 here

---Capitaine Présent # 5 ( One-Sided LP - 2009 - Nashazphone )
caitaine present 5
( artwork Hicham Chadly, Jonas D. and él-g )

Fifth episode of the Capitaine Présent released on this amazing egyptian label.

Guest Voice: Nour Pamela Mobarak


------Tout Ploie ( LP - 2009 - Reissue / SS-Records )

tout ploie

Re-issue by the US Sacramento label of Scott Soriano SS-Records. Same as the original, just a slightly different artwork on the back, a different insert and a new mastering by Paul Gold

---Opéra Mort
---Le Tour de l'Oubli ( Black cd-r - 2009 / Tanzprocesz )

Digipack black cd-r including beats, evil love, spiral nightmares, radio recordings, hits and satanic dance floor. Two different artworks.

With guests Ghédalia Tazartès and John "Slicing Grandpa" Laux


---Comme Les Américains ( Recycled Cassettes - 2009 / 30 Copies / Athletic Duddes )

( Artwork Athletic Duddes )

This cassette is a mix of old unreleased tracks and new tracks linked together in a 22 minutes trip.

With guests TUN, Charlène Darling, Vinz Crashnormal, D. Schultz and Nour PM.

---él-g & duncan
---él-g & duncan ( Cd-r 2009 / 69 copies / Ruralfaune )
( artwork Jonas Delaborde )

Three Cosmical Tracks recorded live and edited in Paris in 2007
With Phil "Ashtray Navigations" Todd and Steven "Birds of Delay" Warwick
Mastering by Richard Pinhas

--- él-g, sus et jakob
--- One track (Forgiftad Gava) on V/A "Err On The Good Side" ( LP - 2008 / 504 Copies / Three Four Records )

( Artwork Zeloot )

W/ Ilitch - Amen Dunes - Steve Gunn - Ben Nash - Duane Pitre - Hellvete - Mike Wexler - Sir Richard Bishop - Liberez
Curated by Ali-Fib

--- él-g & duncan
--- One track on V/A "Nous Déjouons Vos Machinations" ( Cassette - 2008 / 100 copies / Tanzprocesz )

nous dejouons vos machinations
( artwork Jonas Delaborde )


---Tout Ploie ( LP - 2008 / KRAAK )

( Artwork Jonas Delaborde )

With Mim, Charlène Darling, Ignatz, Phil Todd, Foxy De Man
Produced by él-g, Mim and B-Ner
"L'homme à la thérapie" ( Side B Track 3 )

Orders available at Kraak

---Armelle ( 7'' - 45T 2008 / 300 copies / Le Vilain Chien )

( artwork Leylagoor & Ann Guillaume )

With Charlène Darling & Ann Guillaume
Guest strings "Bertrand Belin"
Produced by Mim, él-g & B-Ner

--- Heatsick & él-g & duncan ( cd-r 2008 / 12000055 copies / Alcoholic Narcolepsy )
---Liquid Turtle Collection / Lava Steppes

( artwork Heatsick )


---Capitaine Présent # 4 ( Dvd-r 2007 / 100 copies / Tanzprocesz )

( artwork Jo )

20 minutes long futurist didactic movie made with stolen images from Google.
Dvd includes audio Capitaine Présent # 1-2-3
Dvd menus by S.

---One Track on V/A Reynardine The Visits Of Mister Fox ( Cd-r - 2007 / Larkfall )

Order, Infos and Distro at Larkfall

---L'Echelle ? ( Cd-r 2006 / 60 copies / Memoirs Of An Aesthete )
( artwork Jonas Delaborde )
Guests "Charlene Darling & Phil Todd"

---CAPITAINE PRESENT # 3 ( Cassette 2006 / 33 copies / Luisance Sonore )
( artwork Sylvie P & S. )
Guests Charlene Darling, mim, 5Khz, Schultz!, Grands

---él-g & Charlène Darling
---AU GRAND DAM DU JOUR ( Cd-r 2006 / 128745 copies / Self-Released )
(artwork S. )
Guest Bakarne Jorge on accordion


---él-g & Charlène Darling
---LIZ ( Cd-r 2005 / 100 Different Copies / Self-Released )
( artwork Jonas Delaborde )

---Le Prototype de l'homme bébé ( Cd-r 2004 / 200 copies / Self-Released )

( artwork LeYlaGoOr )

---EL-G/J_FF_KKK ( 3'' Cd-r 2005 / 50 copies / Self-Released )

( artwork Jonas Delaborde )
With Hess ( AH Kraken )

---CAPITAINE PRESENT # 1 ( 3'' Cd-r 2004 / 80 copies / Self-Released )

( artwork S. )
With Sing-Sing & Ann Williams

---CAPITAINE PRESENT # 2 ( 3'' Cd-r 2005 / 80 copies / Self-Released )

( artwork Hendrik Hegray )
With Ivan Gruselle & Helene Gehin
---TUN, LE DISQUE ( LP 2002 , Creacked Records, Namskeio Records / 350 copies ) Band is Blaise Harrison, Bernhard Zitz & él-g

( artwork Florian Javet )
Order and infos available here


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