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The Harvey Girls - Sidereal Time

Ekscentrični, barokni, bubblegum psych-pop.
Sobno prežvakavanje povijesti popa s mnogo eksperimentalnog mljackanja. Pijano upadanje u rupe i izvlačenje kroz vlastita usta.

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Recorded by Hiram at the couple’s house, Sidereal Time draws from a strangely beautiful array of influences—baroque pop, early Disney soundtracks, bluegrass, and country—to create placid and enveloping songs like opener “Moonrise.” A lucky $20 nylon-string acoustic guitar find inspired “Here’s to Hoping Your Heroes Are Real” and “Crows in Grass,” while friends Josh Millard and Cord Amato added banjo and saz (a Turkish stringed instrument) to the mix. Strings, horns, brass, saws, pianos, and glockenspiels ornament the arrangements; tight vocal harmonies warm them. Snippets of natural and artificial sounds subtly underscore each song’s otherworldly appeal.

I've Been Watching a Lot of Horror Movies Lately (straming ovdje)

Melissa Rodenbeek and Hiram Lucke of The Harvey Girls are a brilliantly eccentric husband-and-wife psych-pop band from Portland, Oregon. Their latest album I've Been Watching a Lot of Horror Movies Lately from Portland-based label Circle Into Square introduces songs created by live looping analog instruments (guitar, floor tom, keyboard, theremin) in real-time with the aid of a Boss RC-20 pedal. This intuitive, organic process of layer-on-layer creation results in a familiar but singular sound.
Recorded by Hiram at the couple's house over a 6 month period of painstaking effort, the album is a stunningly eclectic mix of songs typical of the band's off-kilter writing style. From the opening track "The Body Without Any Eyes" upbeat gospel sound to the epic and surreal closing track "Alpha Invasion on Delta Waves (Lullabye of Brueghel)" the songs incorporate alternately-tuned folk guitars, real and programmed drums, field recordings, intricate vocal harmonies, metal pipes, and cheap synths--sometimes in stark contrast and sometimes as a wash of sound. Musically, imagine Jandek crossed with Miley Cyrus chanting "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" while awaiting the arrival of the Old Ones. This has nothing to do with The Harvey Girls' album--we just want you to visualize it. The sound of I've Been Watching a Lot of Horror Movies Lately is actually akin to the works of groups like The Flaming Lips, Roger Waters-era Pink Floyd, the West African band Tinariwen, and too many gospel compilations to list.
Imagery from classic and modern horror movies informs lyrics starring the specter that right wing shitheads fear most: the recent immigrant. These are songs that sound like a sunny day with lyrics written by Clive Barker, Richard Matheson, or Neil Gaiman.
The Harvey Girls think that if you used to read Fangoria and Tiger Beat, you will like this album.

Declinate (straming ovdje)

When The Harvey Girls’ married pair Hiram Lucke and Melissa Rodenbeek left Kansas for Oregon in 2006, they made a record to say goodbye to the friends, family, and ghosts they left behind. Declinate’s waves of psychedelic shoegaze sound and passionate lyrics declare love, loss, and uncertain hope for the future. Originally released as a quieter companion to Nutate, the record features playing and singing from THG friends/bandmates Brent Piepergerdes and Josh Millard. The final song, 'Whispering Hope', was recorded by Hiram from a 78 rpm record of a haunting 1941 performance by his grandmother and her sisters, singing close harmony together in a Kansas country church. In later years, the youngest of these sisters would be killed by her abusive husband after making the courageous decision to leave him.
Although this EP is free, Hiram and Melissa ask that you give a donation to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) in honor of Hiram’s great aunt to help future abuse survivors reach safety and healing. Thanks to SVC Records for originally releasing the record in 2007; to Steve Squire, who mastered it; and to Tom at Circle Into Square for working so hard to share our music and message, and for being an excellent friend.  The lyrics for the album can be found here.







 The Prisoners of Candy Island (straming ovdje)

 The Prisoners of Candy Island by The Harvey Girls is more than an odds and sods collection of throwaway songs. The Prisoners of Candy Island drifts by on old drum machines and delayed guitars with snippets of conversation and liquid rhythms like a homemade dirigible over the Atlantic.  With minimal lyrics, 'Ocean' tells the story of a painter's obsession/addiction while 'Song XLIII' borrows its theme of rememberance from Edna St. Vincent Millay.


Nutate (straming ovdje)

Nutate is the culmination of two years’ worth of recording in three different cities by The Harvey Girls (with the help of turntablist DJ Sku and longtime collaborator and drummer Brent Piepergerdes). The album is a conscious attempt to move into electronic dance music -- hip hop, trance, and dub, among others -- but with a typical Harvey Girls' twist. “Don’t Go Stop” tells the story of an office worker who tries to talk the girl he loves into running away with him only to find himself alone on a nude beach. “Resh Day Lo,” where Eve recites a little D.H. Lawrence to seduce a handsome snake, features popular KC/SF rapper Approach as Satan. “Screech Beatle” contains the sounds of actual beetles as well as fighting catfish. “It’s Time for You to Go Outside” is made out of 8-bit keyboard lines and the shouts of the neighbors during a University of Kansas football game.
 As for Melissa and Hiram, you should know they both like The Beatles; one of them loves the band during their mop top period, the other when they started smoking pot.
Here’s what a few people have said about their previous efforts:
Best of all is that Melissa Rodenbeek and Hiram Lucke [on Blabber ‘n’ Smoke] sound like hungry, undiscriminating pop fans who’ve managed to mash up a couple of decades' worth of musical history and alchemize it into their own sound with hooks, humor, and a coziness that comes from finding your artistic niche and sharing it with your significant other. Songwriting team with benefits, if you like. - Chuck Zak, Delusions of Adequacy, June 9, 2006

an uncloudy day
1. i'll be your words
2. plastic deer
3. sherlock jr.
rar file
(right click and "save as" or click option to download; donations can be made to the left. Lyrics are here.)
Recorded in Portland, Oregon, July and August 2008 (tracks 1 and 2) and April 2009 (track 3). All sounds orchestrated, played, snipped, clipped, and/or recorded by Hiram. All guitars are tuned to a variant of open C. The title is from the hymn "The Unclouded Day" (also known as "Uncloudy Day"). The EP is dedicated to the memory of Shellie Rodenbeek and to her daughter, Melissa.

1. you're a real jackass
2. blue and green lawnmower
3. someone who looked a lot like them
4. don't answer me
5. rose of sharon
(right click and "save as" or click option to download; donations can be made to the left. Lyrics are here.)
Recorded at Open Arms Studio, Lawrence, KS, September/October 2003. Melissa and Hiram sang and played stuff under the pseudonyms of Missy Morrisey and DJ Digdug. All songs by the harvey girls except number 4, which is by The Alan Parsons Project, although it is not originally sung by Colin Blunstone.
Mr. Fat Planet wrote this about the ep: ... I use the phrase "off-kilter" here a great deal, and it's appropriate here again. And by that I tend to mean "familiar sound, nudged to the left accidentally, whereby something sounds terribly wrong and terribly right at the same time. Much like being at your parents' Sunday dinner wearing your girlfriend's knickers."

Na Vimeu:

  1. between the stars--the harvey girls
  2. a catnip-laced eyeball for mushi
  3. Only Apparitions on the Lawn (live)
  4. The Harvey Girls 'Puss' (live)
  5. Puss
  6. FWIW
  7. A Letter to the Bees
  8. I've Been Watching a Lot of Horror Movies Lately
  9. Smile Like Gwynplaine
  10. The Body Without Any Eyes
  11. Caerse Muerto
  12. Monster

  1. Ghost Loop, OR state fair, Sept. 09
  2. A Letter to the Bees @ Red Room, PDX, 110609
  3. caerse muerto by the harvey girls (live at kelly's olympian, 081409)
  4. Hey, Little Sprout!
  5. Mushi Mushi unwraps a gift
  6. Resh Day Lo
  7. Sea Lions in Astoria, OR
  8. on a plane
  9. Don't Go Stop
  10. Lazlo, Buddy
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