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Seaming - Mermaid EP

Seaming - Mermaid EP cover

Glasovni pelud otprhnut s umjetno stvorene tišine. Tišina se epileptično trese, tišina je simultani prijevod nekog izvanzemaljskog botaničkog epa.

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“Absolutely astounding four track EP that is totally original and will take you to places you’ve never been before. Her unique voice and musical arrangements create a sense of wide eyed magical wonder. Seaming To is going to be a star for all the right reasons”.  Dean Thatcher ZZUB CHART
Composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Seaming To was born in London and comes from a family of concert pianists. She studied opera at the Royal Northern College of Music and during her time in Manchester began performing and releasing albums with supergroups Homelife (Ninja Tune) and Graham Massey’s Toolshed. She has appeared on BBC Radio (Radio 3′s Mixing It/LateJunction/Radio 1′s Breezeblock show/6 Music) and performed and toured the UK, Europe and the Far East.
She has been seen to perform and record with Robert Wyatt, Jean Claude Vannier, Herbaliser, Punchdrunk Theatre, James Ford (SMD), Leila on Warp records, electronic outfit Funckarma, Michael England, Forkbeard Fantasy Theatre, Leon Michener, Bordeaux Symphony Orchestra, composer Larry Goves, pianist Matthew Bourne and Mayming, an experimental duo with cellist Semay Wu.Seaming has composed music for film and theatre which includes Stormbringer at the National Theatre, Jenna Collins’ film More Real Than The Every Day World (of which toured numerous venues in the UK last year), Forkbeard Fantasy animations and theatre productions of Invisible BonfiresRough MagyckThe Colour of Nonsense; soundtrack for Maya Deren’s At Land (performed at the Barbican) and Deren’s Meshes of the Afternoon, performed live, last year, at the Queen Elizabeth Hall for Birds Eye View’s Sounds and Silents, Latitude Festival and also for Opera North Howard Assembly Rooms in Leeds.
She has released an EP of Sodaslow on For Us and her album ‘Seaming’ and Mermaid EP is out soon on Lumin.
“When she sings, puts the rest of the band in the shade. A tiny woman with a pixie haircut and euphoric smile, To only has to open her mouth for her astounding, operatic voice to float out…Her singing is beautiful enough to make you wish the rest of the musicians would drop out of their groove for a moment.”  The Guardian
“…an extraordinarily beautiful voice and a real leftfield approach to her music” The List Festival Magazine, Edinburgh
“…the voice of the 21st century…”   Radio One


Seaming, Seaming

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