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Paul Nova - Trees without Leaves (1984) + Bizzarre Unit, Dancing & Away from the Screaming Car (1981)

Opskurni bend Paula Nove iz '80-ih. Minimal/coldwave-synth-pop. Gruba izrada, New Wave sound napravljen od smrznute zemlje, plastičnih vrećica, ostataka automobilskog sudara i izlizanih šankova.


Paul Nova's 'Trees Without Leaves' is a bona fide holy grail of minimal/coldwave-pop. Original (limited to 500) copies now fetch over £200 so there's much credit due to Vinyl-on-Demand for this pristine double LP reissue packed out with more than 30 minutes of recently discovered and previously unreleased tracks. It's all the work of one Paul Nova, who first cut his teeth with Bizarre Unit, who released a solitary 7" back in 1981. Not long after, in 1982, the group disbanded and Paul founded Exhibit One Records to release a series of 7"s leading up to 1984's 'Trees Without Leaves', an eight-track LP now expanded to 22 tracks. The original LP features on the first disc, with Paul's dry monotone delivery balanced by pop-wise synth melodies and guitar basslines bearing strong resemblance to early records from The Human League and Fad Gadget. The bonus material is stranger, less polished, comprising instrumental backing tracks and demo versions of a lonelier, late night nature and including a desiccated cover of Brian Eno's 'Baby's On Fire'. Another treasure unearthed from the mighty Vinyl on Demand... - boomkat

Drugi, raniji projekt u kojem je sudjelovao Paul Nova:

 Bizzarre Unit, Dancing & Away from the Screaming Car (1981)

Bizarre Unit recorded their second single in 1981 'Frozen Wastelands of Alaska' written by Paul Nova and Mark Fane - b side 'Lovers in Paris'. Unfortunately the single was never released, due to disagreements with the record company bosses over finance and the promotion of the record - nothing unusual there!!
So, here it is, first time ever on You Tube or anywhere. Brace yourself for another rare original recording from Bizarre Unit taken from the only surviving acetate in existence. Enjoy this period classic, and one of my personal favorite tracks that we recorded; that I still play a lot today.

 BIZARRE UNIT - A Strange Functional System (Album) image

Bizarre Unit, A Strange Functional System 1979 - 1982

More than 30 years ago ‘Bizarre Unit’ released their timeless and highly collected classic single ‘Dancing/Away from the Screaming Car’. Now for the first time ever, Bizarre Unit and VOD-Records have uncovered the lost treasure trove of their surviving recordings. These unique recordings have been digitally transferred, edited and carefully restored from the ¼-Reel-Recordings and Cassettes. Embedded crackling and background noise from the original surviving Acetates have been carefully processed to achieve the best possible sound reproduction.
The result is an audio collection consisting of a 20-Track Double-LP and a 5-Track EP with almost 100 minutes of 'A Strange Functional System'
Apart from their only single-release the 20-Track-Double-Lp contains their previously unreleased second single ‘Frozen Wastelands of Alaska / Lovers in Paris’ and their amazing first demo session containing 5 Tracks which have only recently surfaced from 1980 as well as 1979/80-Rehearsal and Demo-Tracks.
The 5-Track 12" EP features alternative versions of the Tracks from the Double-Lp. E.g. ‘Hot Like a Lizard“, ‘Ladytron’, ‘Not Saying Anymore’ and ‘Reinstate Domination’ plus the exclusive EP-Track ‘Wave my Hands and Say Hello’.
Paul Nova who is well known for his all time Minimal Synth/Wave-Classic album ‘Trees Without Leaves’, co-wrote and produced all the songs on this fascinating collection.
‘A Strange Functional System’ will prove to be an important release, that will satisfy every serious fan of early 80’s Wave and Minimal/Synth. Giving us a valuable insight into the unique talent and musical originality of ‘Bizarre Unit', and the musical beginnings of Paul Nova -

Vinyl-On-Demand return to the treasure trove of Paul Nova recordings, picking out his lone '81 single as Bizarre Unit, plus stacks of unreleased material, demos and alternative versions, digitally transferred and restored from original ¼ inch reels and acetates. The dark glam throb of 'Dancing' and the Ballardian sensuality of 'Away From The Screaming Car' appeared on Bizarre Unit's one and only single, recorded in Walsall circa 1981. It's now a highly collectable item (2nd hand would cost twice as much as this comp!), but that's not where their story stops. As V-O-D discovered, Paul Nova has a stockpile of entirely unheard gear from that era, which comprises the rest of 'A Strange Functional System 1979 - 1982'. Firstly, there's an unreleased 2nd single, the swaggering coldwave of 'Lovers In Paris' and the Joy Division-esque 'Frozen Wastelands Of Alaska', plus 'Video Age' from Paul Nova's 'Julie-Ann' single, comprising 'The 7" Recordings." Secondly, there's 'First Demo Session', dating to 1980 and featuring five remarkably accomplished and well dated cuts including the numbed eeriness of 'The Image Of You' and the odd byzantine groove of 'Factory Inamtes' - a clear forerunner to Gary War, anyone?! Thirdly 'Unreleased Recordings From 1982' shows another remarkable step forward, with cold drum machines, synths and pleading vocals strongly reminding of Soft Cell or Japan, while the final side of 'First Rehearsals 1979 & 1980' takes us back to their skinnier, rawer roots, mixing scratchy guitar and emaciated synth instrumentals with funky sequencer experiments and surreal electro-blues bits. It's still hard to believe there are so many buried treasures out there, but not for much longer if V-O-D have anything to do with it! - boomkat

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