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BBJr [Bob Bucko Jr.] - How to Fuck All Your Co​-​workers in One Sitting (2013)

Grubo pravljenje ekstatičkog piva kvascem lo-fi kaosa. Liječenje pingvinske gripe helikopterskim propelerima. 


Bob Bucko Jr. (BBJr), hails from Dubuque, IA and is inspired by the honesty of free improvisation, the band Refrigerator, ecstatic musics from around the world, and pre-war American folk traditions.  - captcharecords

So this Iowan guitarist+ floats like a butterfly (Ignatz 
style power drift on the lead off track) and can sting like 
a bee (Sonny Sharrock moves I shit you not on the closer 
while nodding towards Albert Ayler). You want screamo 
flail-out that ends up in soothing sax balm. Blammo, 
track #3. Harmonic pinching banjoesque country? Try 
“I Can’t Live At Home In This World Anymore.” How about 
one track that goes from Guided By Voices rattle ballad 
right into tweaked out electronic helicopter popcorn 
funk with the television on? That would be “Love Psalm/ 
Luv Psalm.” Definitely feel love/luv on this whole release 
KFJC loves its weirdos, especially the chameleons, and 
this release from Bob Bucko Jr nails the home-spun 
heart-felt bizarro as well as anything we’ve added this 
year. He also goes by the name Nitetrotter as he announces 
on some of the latter live tracks here. Captcha has done 
us all a kind treat (they also mention a nasty accident 
in which Bob apparently severed tendons in his hand, 
no doubt music will overcome that, but sure hope he gets 
full strength back, as he knows how to use it!)???? 
-Thurston Hunger

Some recordings can’t be confined to a cassette. BBJr’s How To Fuck All Your Co-Workers in One Sitting tape rolled out last year and sold out as so many random cassettes on hottt labels do, and by all rights that coulda/woulda/shoulda been it. But NOOOOOO! Captcha went and pressed 250 clear-as-day LPs for the (not-so) new year to spread the word even further into the nooks and crannies of the underground. I can hear why; How To Fuck is overflowing with extremely crude lo-fi cockiness, exuding the dirt-folk chops of Inspector 22 and the experimental know-how of a veteran noise band. It’s one of those albums you have to get to know. You can’t listen to the first few songs and assume you’ve heard what BBJr have to offer. They’re dirty enough to shock you, yet they also know their way around ye olde pan flute. Dig, brother; dig. Shit’s like that hatch from Lost so turn back now if you don’t have the time to break out the torchlight and explore. (If you turned back just now you’s a bitch.) Extra points for “Luv Song,” which whirrs and slices through the rest of the album like a helicopter propeller care of Panicsville. - Gumshoe

BBJr - Trilogy + Addendum image

Trilogy + Addendum (2012) streaming


Tearjerker 2011 streaming

“Our buds at Captcha Records dug deep into the cornfields to find native Iowan gonzo experimenter BOB BUCKO JR., BBJr, has graced us with Tearjerker, an album full off chaos, strangeness and accidental beauty. Largely improvised, Tearjerker weaves in bombastic drumming, dissected guitar noodling, melodic keyboard drones, whispered mantras, entrancing loops and a little sax skronk thrown in here and there. Where side A of this LP is at times frightening and unnerving; full-on frantic free jazz bug-out, Side B comes around to a lulling, hypnotically melodic and engrossing listen. This is the kind of record that one finds something new on each repeated listen; the kind of record where the time of day or night when one is listening could influence what one hears. For fans of outsider patch-worked improvised stumbled upon genius.”—Permanent Records. Edition of 100 copies.


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