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Weirdest Band In the World

Black Pus

Blog posvećen čudnim, uvrnutim bendovima, od The Residentsa do nepoznatih ruskih bendova, od zanimljivih do jednostavno blesavih.


The Weird 100

The top 100 bands we’ve blogged about on TWBITW, ranked according to their page views over the past three months.
Winny Puhh
Winny Puhh
For the first time ever (as far as we can remember), a band debuts at No. 1 on the Weird 100 this month: Estonian WTF-rockers Winny Puhh, who continue to prove that while they may never get a chance to win the Eurovision Song Contest, they clearly have what it takes to win Weirdest Band in the World. So congrats, dudes…and tänu for all the new readers in Estonia. (“Tänu” means “thanks” in Estonian. Or so we’ve been told.)
Elsewhere on the Weird 100, French prog-metal freaks Pryapisme also score a strong debut, coming in at No. 6; Primus surge into the Top 10, landing at No. 9; and we have re-entries galore, as six near-forgotten bands storm back into the Weird 100, starting with Australian musical cycling team The Cycologists, who for reasons we still don’t really understand just shot all the way back up to No. 63. Maybe everyone’s trying to find new uses for that old Schwinn they found in the back of the garage during spring cleaning.
For a complete alphabetical list of every band we’ve ever blogged about (199 and counting), go here.
Updated monthly(ish). Last update: March. 10, 2013. Previous rank listed in (parentheses). Former No. 1′s noted with an asterisk. New entries in boldface.
1. Winny Puhh – how do you say “weird” in Estonian (NEW)
2. Igorrr* – breakcore + classical + death metal + ambient = WTFF? (1)
3. Professor Elemental vs. Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer – fear of a chap planet (3)
4. Mayhem* – murder, suicide, flying pig’s heads; just another day on the Norwegian black metal scene (2)
5. Max Normal – and you thought Die Antwoord was weird (6)
6. Pryapisme – a French prog-metal soundtrack to the 8-bit Catpocalypse (NEW)
7. Prussian Blue – the world’s most adorable white supremacist folk duo (5)
8. Iwrestledabearonce – weird even by grindcore standards (4)
9. Primus – sailing the seas of weird (17)
10. Parliament-Funkadelic – we want the weird; give up the weird! (7)
11. Compressorhead – putting the “metal” in heavy metal (20)
12. M△S▴C△RA (Mascara)* – weird even by witch house standards (9)
13. Whitehouse – the inventors of “power electronics”…no, not the kind you find at Best Buy (12)
14. Rick K. & The Allnighters – this drummer is at the wrong gig (8)
15. Attila – Billy Joel does proto-metal…nuff said (13)
16. Impaled Northern Moonforest – the world’s first (and still greatest) acoustic black metal band (15)
17. Crash Worship – neo-tribal/industrial/extreme audience participation insanity (16)
18. The Gerogerigegege – like an S&M Japanese GG Allin, only grosser (18)
19. Die Antwoord* – straight outta Cape Town (14)
20. Army of Gay Unicorns – totally gay for your ear holes…and they like it rough (19)
21. Hatebeak – spiking the bird seed with an extra dose of weird sauce (11)
22. GG Allin – putting the danger (and the bodily fluids) back into punk rock (26)
23. Ghostigital – something weird is happening in Iceland (29)
24. Little Women – Louisa May Alcott would not approve (27)
25. Barbara – schizo vocals and Eyes Wide Shut dance-offs (NEW)
26. Chimney Crow – aliens are just gnomes for our paradigm and other deep thoughts (41)
27. Cromagnon – weird even by 1969 standards (23)
28. Aesthetic Meat Front – sewing instruments into their skin since 1996 (28)
29. The KLF – what do Tammy Wynette, Dr. Who, acid house and wanton destruction of legal tender have in common? (24)
30. Cattle Decapitation – taking on the meat industry, one gory death metal anthem at a time (25)
31. Renaldo and the Loaf – songs for swinging weirdos (60)
32. Haunted Garage – the original punk-rock horror-movie circus freak show (50)
33. Mr. Bungle – confusing the shit out of metal fans since 1991 (36)
34. Shibusashirazu Orchestra – free jazz + butoh dancers = WTF? (48)
35. Here Come the Mummies* – making music even funkier than the smell of their rotting flesh (35)
36. Anklepants – the prosthetic penis-nose is the least weird part of it (40)
37. Autopsy Report of Drowned Shrimp – Japan’s funkiest crustacean-inspired trance/noise/jam band (38)
38. Metalachi – a mariachi metal band? only in L.A. (43)
39. VirginTurtleWhore – something weird is happening in Mexico (56)
40. Cardiacs – weird even by ’80s standards (51)
41. Laibach – Eins, zwei, drei, weird (10)
42. Tool – this just in: Maynard James Keenan is a weird dude (34)
43. Leslie Hall/Leslie & The LYs – the gem sweater collection is the least weird thing about her (55)
44. That 1 Guy – playing his Magic Pipe in public since the ’90s (39)
45. Fol Chen – it’s a post-apocalyptic hipster dance party! (44)
46. Blasted Mechanism – something weird is happening in Portugal (NEW)
47. Insane Clown Posse* – fucking weirdos, how do they work? (46)
48. Sun O))) – what if a bunch of druids started a drone metal band? (54)
49. Rancid Penguin Molestation – the only thing weirder than pornogrind is fake pornogrind (47)
50. Captured! by Robots – at least our future robot overlords like Journey (61)
51. H-Beam – pig lawyers, love pandas and useful boxes of hair (NEW)
52. Threebrain – pre-YouTube viral videos like Weeee! (49)
53. Sebkha-Chott – from France by way of the planet Ohreland (42)
54. The Misfits – happy Halloween, punks! (22)
55. The Vegetable Orchestra – it’s amazing what you can produce with produce (52)
56. Throbbing Gristle – the tranny lead singer is the least weird part of it (57)
57. The Tiger Lillies – the original Brechtian punk cabaret trio (30)
58. TISM – This Is Seriously weird, Mum (71)
59. The Upper Crust – you like hair metal? get ready for powdered wig metal (53)
60. The Shaggs – the unwitting godmothers of outsider music (66)
61. Klaus Nomi – because pop music needs more androgynous, operatic counter-tenors (59)
62. Lenny Pickett with the Borneo Horns – you know that sax player from SNL? yeah, he’s a weirdo (74)
63. The Cycologists – finding weird new uses for two-wheeled transportation (re-entry)
64. Otto Von Schirach – breakcore’s number-one weirdo…which is saying a lot (62)
65. Dir En Grey – Japan’s favorite metal band can beat up your favorite metal band (70)
66. Dirty Sanchez – trannies, Italian satanists and trashy electro-pop (31)
67. The Wet Spots – Canadians can make anything seem adorable…even taking it in the butt (73)
68. The Ass Orbiters – cheap laughs, catchy tunes, zero taste (68)
69. Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin – serenading frozen fish and Jumblies (58)
70. The Residents – hey, who took my giant eyeball mask? (45)
71. Red Shadow – workers of the weird unite! (64)
72. Caroliner – Bay Area freaks with a thing for blacklight paint, noise, bluegrass, and 19th century livestock mythology (82)
73. Bob Log III – he wants your weird on his leg (63)
74. Bum Sick – seriously weird shit…emphasis on “shit” (72)
75. Wolf Eyes – taking D.I.Y. noise to new heights (or new lows) (re-entry)
76. Trippple Nippples – weirrrd electro-pppop from Japppan (81)
77. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – sledgehammer dulcimers and Unabomber lyrics (80)
78. Buckethead – the world’s weirdest guitar god/nunchuck dancer/Viggo Mortensen collaborator (65)
79. Ghedalia Tazartes – a French nutjob with an accordion and a loop pedal (83)
80. Caninus – grindcore that’s off the chain…literally (78)
81. tUnE-yArDs – more fun to listen to than it is to type (re-entry)
82. Dread Zeppelin – Elvis + Led Zeppelin + reggae = mercy! (96)
83. Powerglove – turning videogame soundtracks into raw metal fury (re-entry)
84. The Amplifetes – the world’s frumpiest dance-pop band (69)
85. The Radioactive Chicken Heads – why is the lead singer a carrot? just go with it (79)
86. The County Medical Examiners – the world’s most anatomically precise goregrind band (76)
87. Tiny Tim – tiptoe through the weirdness (75)
88. Arrington de Dionyso Malaikat dan Singa – William Blake + throat singing + “trance-punk” = WTF? (93)
89. Dwarr – lo-fi stoner metal from South Carolina…need we say more? (91)
90. Author and Punisher – welcome, my son, to the Drone Machines (90)
91. Naked & Shameless – a drinking band with a music problem (88)
92. Miss Von Trapp – the hills are alive with the sound of screaming children (37)
93. Deerhoof – panda! panda! weird! (86)
94. The Books – turning thrift store junk into pure, weird gold (89)
95. Lightning Bolt – taking noise-rock to some weird, masked extremes (85)
96. Baby Seal Club – California wine country’s weirdest band (92)
97. Rockets – cosmic space-rock from beyond the stars…by way of France (33)
98. Beatallica – yes, even cover bands can be weird (99)
99. Magma – how do you say “weird” in Kobaïan (re-entry)
100. Vocal TrashStomp meets Glee in Texas, weirdness ensues (re-entry)
(Note: After they held the No. 1 spot on this list for about six months, we finally decided to retire Rammstein so other bands would have a chance at No. 1. So congrats, Rammstein! You’re officially too weird even for us.)


The Weird List

Every band we’ve ever blogged about on The Weirdest Band in the World, alphabetical by name. For a list of the top 100 bands ranked according to their page views, check out the Weird 100.
We add a new band to the Weird List every Wednesday. If you like us on Facebook, you can vote for which bands you’d like to see added. You can also suggest bands on our Submit a Band page. In other words, dear readers, you are the Renée to our Tom. You complete us!
Aesthetic Meat Front
Amplifetes, The
Army of Gay Unicorns
Arrington de Dionyso Malaikat dan Singa
Ass Orbiters, The
Atlantas, The
Author and Punisher
Autopsy Report of Drowned Shrimp
Baby Seal Club
Bang Camaro
Barnes and Barnes
Baseballs, The
Birdy Nam Nam
Blasted Mechanism
Bob Log III
Books, The
Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble
Bum Sick
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band
Captured! by Robots
Caring Babies
Cattle Decapitation
Chimney Crow
County Medical Examiners, The
Crash Worship
Cycologists, The
Dead Man’s Bones
Delhi 2 Dublin
Die Antwoord
Dir En Grey
Dirty Sanchez
DJ Nu-Mark
Dogs Die in Hot Cars
Dolchnakov Brigade
Dread Zeppelin
Edmund Welles
Edward Barton
Einstürzende Neubauten
Emotron, The
Evelyn Evelyn
Extreme Turbo Smash
Fabulous Downey Brothers, The
Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth
Flaming Lips, The
Fol Chen
Fool’s Gold
Frank Zappa
GG Allin
Gangpol & Mit
Gary S. Paxton
Gerogerigegege, The
Ghedalia Tazartes
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet
Haunted Garage
Here Come the Mummies
Hi God People
Hurra Torpedo
Impaled Northern Moonforest
Imperial Stars
Insane Clown Posse
Justice Yeldham
Klaus Nomi
KLF, The
Legendary Stardust Cowboy, The
Lenny Pickett with the Borneo Horns
Leslie Hall (Leslie and the LY’s)
Lightning Bolt
Little Women
Locust, The
Loutallica (Lou Reed & Metallica)

Martyn Bennett
Max Normal
MC Frontalot
Metal Shakespeare Company, The
Mini Band, The
Minstrel Cycle, The
Misfits, The
Miss Von Trapp
Mission Man
Mo Wolpert
Mojo Nixon
Moog Cookbook, The
Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer
Mr. Bungle
Mutaytor, The
Naked & Shameless

Naked City
Nous Non Plus
Otto von Schirach
Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin
Pink Project
Polyphonic Spree, The
Previously on Lost
Professor Elemental
Prussian Blue
Quintron & Miss Pussycat
Radioactive Chicken Heads, The
Rancid Penguin Molestation
Red Shadow
Renaldo and the Loaf
Residents, The
Richard There
Rick K. & The Allnighters
Rudely Interrupted
Señor Coconut
Shaggs, The
Shibusashirazu Orchestra
Sir Ivan
Skull and Bones
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
Social Climbers
Sunn O)))
Super Geek League
Superions, The
Sxip Shirey
That 1 Guy
Throbbing Gristle
Tiger Lillies, The
Tinted Windows
Tiny Tim
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players
Trippple Nippples
Upper Crust, The
Van Canto
Vegetable Orchestra, The
Vocal Trash
Wesley Willis

Wet Spots, The
White Mice, The
Wild Man Fischer
Winny Puhh
Wolf Eyes
Your Fuzzy Friends
Zambonis, The
Zayde Buti

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