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Kenny Segal - Kenstrumentalz Vol 1: Look What I Found Under Kenny's Couch (2013)

Instrumentalni pucketavi hip-hop jazz snimljen u staklenoj kocki iz '70-ih i rukom uklesan u vinilnu ploču.


Hip-Hop is the one of the most misunderstood ‘genres’ in music today; the irony in that statement is that it so far from a ‘genre;’ it has a heart and it’s pulse beats at 90bpm. Hip-Hop is a culture. Hip-Hop is a way of life. Hip-Hop, for lack of a better statement, ‘don’t stop.’ It is what our older brothers played while they taught us the value of earning our way. Its what our uncles listen to at the bar-b-q. It is what draws in music lovers, dancers, and artist to kick it under one roof for one common cause, ‘peace.’ Kenstrumentalz Vol.1 is not only an instrumental beat filled EP, it is an acknowledgement of the past, present, and future.
“Blue Dreams,” a perfect example of the wonderful journey one can experience through the eyes of Hip-Hop. The pairing soft guitar tones with loud horns that demand your focus suited each other nicely. The underlying bass line suits the elements and glues the different lead patterns. The beautiful percussive hits and rides help the track along the wonderful journey.
“As Is [March 23, 2002]” pulled me in by its bass line’s gravitational orbit. When the drums kicked in, the timing in my mind changed and I immediately felt the groove. Just another wonderful trademark I see Kenny using a lot. The break beats matched with a jazzy baseline is almost something impossible to not bob your head to.
“Into It,” featuring Ryan Crosby, starts with that familiar crackle and ended up being my favorite track on the EP. The sound created when the needle hits the dusty grooves of a record is the kind of calm every hip-hop producer knows very well. The baseline was as calming as a rainy day’s auditory hug to your soul. The beautiful crashes decayed perfectly without the help of major reverberations.
Kenny Segal not only blew my mind, he reminded me that there might be some hope for the hip-hop culture we once had. The Hip-Hop culture my generation only knew in passing. I hope that my generation of beat producers takes a note from Kenny and dusts off those old magnetic inscriptions.
Kenstrumentalz Vol.1 is a smooth vehicle of vintage style hip hop production, releasing with the ever expanding beat cypher collective TeamSupreme. This is just one side of his multitude of musical abilities and it’s the side that we have connected with the most when looking at the releases he has touched. The album has a few guest appearances that include label mates Penthouse Penthouse, Ryan Crosby and Mark Parvizi. Kenstrumentalz Vol.1 is one of those albums where every track hits in that superb fashion and a sense of unstoppable groove overcomes the senses.
Thank you Kenny.
Congratulations on a wonderful release. - Nick Abitia

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