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Madrugapha & Ø+yn (Omasin) – Golden Rain Pope (2013)

Čudesna šamanska teorija urote.

Córdoba is a city that lies at the heart of northern Argentina, in the foothills of the Sierras Chicas mountain range. If you were to be wandering around said cluster of mountains in the dead of night (or in the middle of the day), you might just stumble upon what would appear to be a bizarre musical ritual. Flutes, bells, and other sonic oddities would call to you, and when you arrived at the source of the sound, you’d find a collection of conjurors, extracting unnameable spirits from their instruments. Among the group would be Salvador Cresta, the man behind the Salvador Records imprint and a member of the mysterious Madrugapha. For Golden Rain Pope, this band of shamans has teamed up with Ø+yn (pronounced ‘Omasin’), another enigmatic combo who have released a handful of releases on labels such as Winebox Press and Ikuisuus, to venture into the mountains for a late-night trance-out. The vibe here is early 2000′s American out-psych, in the vein of the nascent Sunburned Hand of the Man, Davenport, and Australian psychonauts Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood. Oddly enough, given the deluge of this sort of music that was released in the few years following 2003, Golden Rain Pope sounds surprisingly fresh. The recording is clean, the music isn’t at all sloppy, and spirits appear to have been very high during this marathon recording session.
Getting back to Mr. Cresta, the man has numerous releases available — for free digitally, or you can buy handmade CD-Rs — on the Salvador Records site. Each of his projects is a unique take on experimental psychedelia. Open your ears, and let the sound surround you.


“Some images of the meeting (at night)”

Madrugapha’s Videos

  1. Kimaar, "Mazmorri Thaa"
  2. Mardipouses, "Excerpt from Side A", from the album: "Verano en Leukelunia" (Salvador Records)
  3. Madrugapha & Omasin, Live from the mountains of Chord-Doughl-Vahhh 2013
  4. M. M. Peres, "Púrpura Dust" (Salvador Records)
  5. The Mystic Refrigerator, "I Have a Cell Phone Made of Tears"
  6. M. M. Peres, "21 de Diciembre de 2139"
  7. Historia de la Formación del Flamenco Rosado en el Ojo Humano
  8. Excerpt from: The Salvador Cresta´s Home-Videos Vol. 8: "Hotel Detroit"
  9. The Mystic Refrigerator, "Floripondio Touch"
  10. Madrugapha, "The No Mathemathical Hole Exists... It´s You!" (Salvador Records)
  11. Madrugapha - "Try To Sketch My Mental Enciclopedia" (Salvador Records)


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