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Histerični polaoroidi izmijenjeni tijekom razvijanja. Humoristična konceptualna golotinja.


Ralph Laurens Spring Line
Les Krims: Fictcryptokrimsographs (Limited Edition with Print!)

Several years ago, I worked at a major University library in one of the shitkicker roles. It was my job to do menial tasks like shelving their truly immense collection. This was always something I cherished because it allowed me to discover hidden gems that I wouldn’t have known about any other way. Being the sort of person I am, my preference was to shelf the 700s, which if you’re a dewey decimal nut, you’ll know is where all the art books are housed. The art books were actually a pain in the arse to shelf. Their fluctuations in size and width always made the shelves messy and really difficult to work with. But that was okay, as long as on occasion I discovered books like FICTCRYPTOKRIMSOGRAPHS by Les Krims. I was overjoyed a short while after discovering this book that it was deleted from the system due to no one borrowing it. This meant I was able to take it home and give it the kooky love it deserved.
FICTCRYPTOKRIMSOGRAPHS is one of those art books that I never endeavoured to learn much about until only quite recently. It was enough for me to enjoy it’s visceral oddity and slightly creepy world. What I did eventually learn was that Krims achieved his manipulative effect using a polaroid SX-70 camera. This camera allowed you to physically manipulate the undried photograph emulsion, which led to the effects you are about to see below. Les Krims is still at it. Check out his website.
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hicken Pisher Pitcher Picture. 1974  
Eye Olive Lasers. 1974
Floating Pairs. 1974
G.I. Joe Wounded And In Flames Fleeing The Giant Nude Monster. 1975
High Speed Red Shape Impact Image. 1974
Radiation Victim Holding A Rabbit And carrot. 1974
The Affect Of Kosher Pickles On A Gentile Woman. 1974
Untitled. 1975
Watermelons Aggressing. 1974

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