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Tyler Spangler - Maximalist Exploration

Slike i riječi nisu slike i riječi, nego način kretanja.
Značenje je način kretanja naših misli u vodi i po travi.

Tyler Spangler’s work focuses on the formalist relationship between images removed from their original context. He explores the connotations of color, form, and photography through the medium of digital collage. His designs are colorful and unabashedly chaotic. Over the last two years, Tyler has created five 440 paged books filled with his own designs and worked on countless collaborations internationally. 


  • These (5) 440 page books are experimental books in image making. I have compiled these books over the past 2 years. I forced myself to create 5 design pieces every day investigating form and contrast. Aside from coming up with concepts, I love moving things around and placing them in unusual positions. I spend most of my time experimenting. Here are some of my favorite pages out of the books. 

    • Class: Typography 2
      Instructor: Chesley Nassaney
      Assignment: Contruct a book containing 9 weeks of typographic exercises
    • This book contains weekly typographic exercises. Each week a new set of restrictions are applied or released and an emphasis is put on captivating layout. I chose to include mainly the last few weeks (experimental type, type and image, and any size any weight) since they are the most exciting.
    • Perfect bound with hot press hard cover onto cloth wrap.

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